TGIFriday Faves.

Cheers to Friday! Hope you are having a wonderful day so far. I’ve got lots of fun planned this weekend – some trail running at this race, brunching and a whole lot of kicking back!! Simply cannot wait.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Simple southwest tofu scramble. I had something similar to this at our trail run breakfast last weekend (one of the vegan runners made it) and I was instantly hooked. Did not miss the eggs at all! I may have to do some experimenting and make some this weekend.

-My ‘happy camper’ coffee mug. Just because it is cute and colorful and makes me blissful.

This ‘Everything But the Bagel’ seasoning from Trader Joe’s. Seriously, put it on everything. Veggies, potatoes, the possibilities are endless.

4 practical tips for powering through a long run. Good stuff here. Appreciate the journey.

-My unicorn bracelet! Yes one of my friends had a unicorn birthday happy hour the other day and it was the best. I think the bracelet is giving me all kinds of superpowers and good mojo.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there!! Happy Thursday. It’s time for another episode of random thoughts and rants in Chelsea land. You know you love it! Here we go with a few things that have been going on as of late.

I am running a trail 50k this weekend. Actually I won a free entry after running Piney Woods not too long ago! So totally not running it for time and totally running it really chill and all zen like. Because that is what ultrarunners do! HA. It should be a good time. Really if I can be honest I am running it because it’s an Oktoberfest race so there will be all kinds of festive fun & food. Simply cannot wait.

Last night I went to a birthday party and left my cell phone by accident at the restaurant. No worries, I have it now! The super fun part is that someone found my phone and proceeded to take selfies and call people on my contact list. Lovely! Hey, at least they didn’t steal it I guess? I got to valet and realized it was still there. But yeah, opening my phone this morning after my run and finding random stranger selfies was quite the hoot.

I’m taking a half day today at work which is kinda fun except for the fact that I have a dentist appointment and then I have to teach a spin class tonight. So it still kinda feels like I am working.

This is the last weekend of the State Fair of Texas which makes me kind of sad. I feel like it should last at least another month, right? I mean I kind of want to go again just to take a big bite out of a smoked turkey leg. So yummy.

Speaking of the fair, I’m cracking up at the cutest, least claimed items at the fair. Love the kids shoes in the window.

Is anybody still watching Dance Moms? Don’t tell me about the latest episode with Cheryl Burke because I will be watching tonight. But, I have a feeling she would be a great permanent Abby Lee replacement. I think Lifetime has been going back and forth on whether they are cancelling this show? I have been watching super old episodes lately. Those kids were so cute when they were little. Also I kind of miss Dance Mom Kelly and her hot mess self.

What are your random thoughts for the week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there! I have not 1 but 2 spin cycle playlists for you today! These songs are perfect for running, spin class and high intensity workouts!! I still have a few spin cycle instructors & enthusiasts that read my humble blog-o-thing so I’ve included energy packed spin workouts for them as well. Hope you enjoy!!!

And if you’re local be sure to check out where I’m teaching spin class next in the Dallas, TX area!!

Also, find me on Spotify: thedancingrunner 

Let’s go for a ride!

In This Party- Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder: Warm up
I Get The Bag- Gucci Mane, Migos: Hill climb
Bubblin Anthem- Henry Fong: Sprints
Deja Vu- Beyonce, Jay-Z: Seated/standing run
Party Monster- The Weeknd: Rolling hills
Creepin- CID: Jumps
Would You Ever- Skrillex, Poo Bear: Tapbacks
Put Your Drinks Up- Kardinal Offishall: Accelerations
Livin It Up- Ja Rule: Hill climb
My Love Is Like…Wo- Mya: Jumps on a hill
The Fever- Bassjackers: Sprints
High End- Chris Brown, Future: Active recovery
The Mack- Nevada: Tapbacks
Mi Gente- J. Balvin: Rolling hills
My Way- Calvin Harris: Sprints
Lean Wit It Rock Wit It- Dem Franchise Boyz: Hill climb
Bam Bam- Sister Nancy: Cool down

Feels Great- Cheat Codes, Fetty Wap, CVBZ: Warm up
Fancy- Iggy Azalea: Standing run
Dollars- Crankdat: Accelerations
Get it Shawty- Lloyd: Tapbacks
Not Letting Go (Troyboi Remix)- Tinie Tempeh: Jumps
Shake Ya Tailfeather- Murphy Lee, Nelly, Diddy: Hill climb
Wheels in Motion- TWRK, Lady Bee: Active recovery
Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Rolling hills
Impossible- Jax Jones, Lion Babe: Sprints
Give it 2 U Remix- Robin Thicke, 2 Chainz: Hill climb
#thatPOWER- Rolling hills
Drop That Low- Tujamo: Sprints
Little Bad Girl- David Guetta: Tapbacks
Yella- Smookie Illson: Sprints
Day and Night- Majid Jordan: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workout playlists lately?

Highs and Lows of Life and Running.

Hey there! Hope your day is off to a swell start. Yes, I said swell. I am going to bring that word back from the ancient times. I swear it will be a thing again. One day.

So I know of a few blogs that do the ‘highs and lows’ of their day or what have you. I thought it would be fun to do the highs and lows of life- and running. Because, clearly this is a running blog. And that is what we discuss.

Here are a few highs and lows of running that I have experienced lately in no particular order.

High- Finishing a 16 mile run before 7 something AM on a Saturday. Feels oh so good. Brunch was definitely earned that day.

Low- Having to get up at 4:30 in the morning to complete said run. On a Saturday. I love my early morning runs don’t get me wrong but on a weekend – yeah, I definitely took a late morning nap that day.

High- Teaching a spin class full of people. As an instructor that always gets me so pumped and fired up! It’s totally like a dance party on the bike. All I need now is disco lights.

Low- Having the sound system/stereo go completely OUT on you while teaching a spin class full of people. Yes, teaching indoor cycling without music is like watching paint dry.

High- Running 70, 80 and sometimes up to 100 miles a week during ultra training – and feeling like a super strong badass ultrarunner. It has taken me literally YEARS to get to this point. Feels so good to maintain that kind of mileage. You feel kind of like a superhero machine of sorts.

Low- Um, being hungry like ALL THE TIME. Gotta keep healthy snacks around to keep the engine revved up all day long.

High- Being back on the dating scene. I actually enjoy it and knowing exactly what I desire at this point in my life I feel is key. It was funny, when I was in my early 20s I put up with a ton of stuff and now my tolerance for B.S. Is just ZERO. I could write a book actually. LOL.

Low- The pickup lines some of these guys deliver. Like, really fellas. Does that work on women these days? Freaking hilarious.

High- Cooler weather (Hallelujah, Texas is catching on with the crisp cooler fall weather this week), festive fall beverages (you MUST try this Trader Joe’s harvest blend tea it is incredible), and the changing leaves. No doubt fall is my favorite time of year.

Low- Adjusting to said cooler weather on the run. It has been so warm and incredibly humid this year in Dallas and my body was actually starting to love the summertime temps. Now, I have to adjust the body back to being cold again. HA. Plus I am always cold especially inside buildings & at work. Yes, I keep a blanket permanently in my office.

What are some highs and lows in running (and life) for you lately?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! Hope you are having a great Monday so far. Let’s recap some miles, shall we?! I was able to get in a little over 80 miles of running last week! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.11 lunchtime miles. I am enjoying the sunshine breaks on my lunch break. It was the most perfect day to be out and about. Still pretty tired from the runs over the weekend but I managed to get it all in.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles before teaching class at the gym. I needed a bit of an energy boost after a long day at the 9 to 5.

Tuesday AM- 10.06 miles after the early morning rain. It definitely cooled things off a bit and we had a nice sunrise.

Tuesday PM- 3.21 miles in the evening around the lake. Love running along the lake path.

Wednesday AM- Another 7.11 miles on hump day. Loving me some lunchtime runs lately.

Wednesday PM- 4.05 miles because I had time to kill in the afternoon since I wasn’t teaching a class.

Thursday AM- Back with my run club! IRC run and then some. I started this run early and then met up with the club. 11.2 miles done.

Thursday PM- Got off work a tad early, more time to kill. Running is clearly my happy hour. 4.31 miles in the PM.

Friday- Running on my rest day. 5.11 miles before kind of a crazy work day.

Saturday- 16.11 morning miles before a busy Saturday.

Went to the fair with my homegirl Natalie. It is our fall tradition. So much fun and so many people! But we had a great time people watching.

Sunday AM- 5.12 trail miles for breakfast. Love my trail run crew. They are like my 2nd family.

Sunday PM- 4.22 miles after taking a nap and straight chillin. Beautiful miles in the city loving the sunshine.

Oh and I finally made a trip to Trader Joe’s for my fall harvest blend tea. Hallelujah. The holiday tea collection begins. Now I need some Christmas tea.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What is your favorite fall/Christmas/holiday beverage?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday, TGIF, good vibes and all of that jazz! Hope you had a marvelous week. This weekend will be a good one as I’ll be running, brunching, and YES the State Fair of Texas!! I am so flipping excited. Let’s do a secret handshake to celebrate. This one’s just between you and me.

Perfect. Let’s get to this week’s faves!

14 hilarious spectator signs to make for race day. 6, 8 and 13. Hands down.

-Dried kiwi. I have a feeling these may become long run fuel. A coworker let me try these this week and now I’m obsessed. Must track them down pronto.

11 surprisingly chic Halloween décor ideas. Pineapple jack o lantern? Genius.

The absolute best gifts for introverts. The ‘go away’ welcome mat LOL. I think I’m a little bit of both introvert and extrovert since I’m an only child. But that welcome mat is a must have.

-Spiced butter rum coffee. I have been obsessed with this coffee post run at Java Me Up. Gotta get more soon.

Yes! It’s funny because it’s true.

Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you carved a pumpkin yet?
It’s on my to do list.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday you all! I really wanted to say YA’LL there, so the ‘you all’ was for my readers up north. You are welcome. It’s almost Friday!! It really feels like this week has kind of flown by for some reason. And of course I’ve got some random thoughts and rants for this week! So herrre we go.

Did anybody watch ‘Martin’ back in the day? I swear that was the best sitcom EVER.

Speaking of cheesy 90s sitcoms, I have been really into 90s pop music this week. Like running while rocking out to my tunes like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I listened to both Ace of Base and the Backstreet Boys this week. Absolutely no shame at all.

For some reason I am feeling like I am not seeing enough pumpkin/fall things in the stores lately. I went to Whole Foods specifically for fall flavored tea and what did I find y’all? Absolutely NOTHING. Whole Foods, you are letting me down. Time to go to Trader Joe’s. I know they will have my back.

We are back to summer like temps the next few days and it is putting me through an emotional rollercoaster. It will be in the 90s on the day I go to the fair this weekend. Why, Texas – just why? I have a feeling I’m going to have to make Friday afternoon a pool day though. Hey, at least I can get one more pool day in before the cold snap comes back again.

I am too excited about getting me some cotton candy and doing all of the fun things at the fair. It only happens once a year, folks. Oh and you know I will be stopping by the WINE GARDEN. Praise Jesus.

This is how excited I get about the State Fair of Texas and fair things.

Runners (mostly talking to my single readers, but married folks chime in too) how do you feel about dating non runners vs runners like yourselves? I think there are pros and cons to both. For instance it’s awesome when you both share the same type of sport and can go on and on talking about it without sounding like a complete douche. But sometimes it’s nice to have different hobbies. Hmm…so yes, being back on the dating scene has been interesting lately.

How is your week going? Any rants to share with the group?

Weds Spin Playlist.

I’ve got some hump day jams I am sure you will love today! Hope you enjoy. Be sure to check in as I post updated spin cycling workouts on my blog and playlists on Spotify on a weekly basis!

Also check out where I’ll be teaching spin class next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!! It is great cross training for runners and triathletes alike!

Let’s go for a ride!

Get Lit- Will Smith: Warm up
Kissing Strangers- DNCE, Luis Fonsi, Nicki Minaj: Hill climb
Toma- Lil Jon, Pitbull: Sprints
Read My Lips- Anton Liss, Andrew Rai: Tapbacks
Good for You (Remix)- Selena Gomez, A$AP Rocky, Yellow Claw: Rolling hills
Back to Back- Drake: Seated/standing run
Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller: Hill climb
Look at Me Now- Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes: Jumps on a hill
Flick of Dat Wrist (Remix)- Kyle Edwards, DJ Bake: Accelerations
Light it Up- Major Lazer: Active recovery
Make My Love Go- Jay Sean, Sean Paul: Rolling hills/Standing run
Telephone- Lady Gaga, Beyonce: Tapbacks
Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)- Michael Jackson, Steve Aoki: Sprints
What The Funk- Oliver Heldens, Danny Shah: Hill climb
Problem- Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea: Sprints
Luxury Cococure- Maxwell: Cool down

What songs are rocking your playlists this week?

My Favorite Running Weather and a Fall Bucket List.

Hello there! Hope your day is off to a good start. I was able to get in 10.06 miles this morning with some pretty luxurious cooler weather! We had a nice little cool front come through overnight and this morning temps were in the 50s. IN THE 50s YOU GUYS. I have to say temps in the 40s and 50s is really my favorite type of running weather. Yes, I was just complaining about it being 90 the other day. It is short lived since Texas weather is bipolar but at this point I will take what I can get.

So I thought with the arrival of cooler weather and fall that I would create a lovely fall bucket list! This is without a doubt my most favorite time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. So here we go in no particular order.

Buy some new cozy fall boots. I honestly feel like you can never have enough! Really around here we don’t wear the boots hard core until winter rolls around (blame bipolar Texas weather again) but I really do need to stock up.

Make a pumpkin fall treat. I am eyeing these healthy-ish pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Go to ALL of the fall festivals (headed to the State Fair of Texas this weekend! Woo-hoo)

Purchase an abundance of cozy smell good candles. Marshmallow fireside from Bath and Body Works is actually one of my favorites.

Run through the amazing fall leaves. We are starting to see some leaves change color here, little by little! Very soon I will running in an autumn wonderland and it will be lovely.

Run a fall-themed race. Oktoberfest 50k is very soon!! Can’t wait to run and then partake in the festivities after.

What is on your fall bucket list this year?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to you! Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend. I’m here to recap last week’s running – 75.3 miles last week! Let’s do a quick review on how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.21 early miles. Last week was rather warm, can’t believe we still have temps in the high 90s in October! I am looking forward to cooler temps this coming week though. Should be just perfect for all of the the lovely fall festivals coming up.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles, warming up before teaching a class at the gym and getting a double run day in.

Tuesday AM- Back with the Irving Running Club crew. 10.15 miles total that morning. Love knocking it out early with my breakfast club.

Wednesday AM- 8.21 solo miles. The humidity was rather intense I must say. Legs were pretty tired too. A little residual tiredness left over from the 100k probably, ha. So this was some nice and easy miles.

Wednesday PM- 3.03 miles at lunch because it was simply a gorgeous day out. I’m trying to get all of the heat training in that I can before it cools off.

Thursday AM- Back with the run club. 10.27 miles and then some much needed coffee after. It started to cool off towards the end of the week though so this run wasn’t so intense and didn’t feel as much like a sauna. Nice easy relaxed pace.

Thursday PM- Quick 3.23 miles, killing time before I taught my spin class.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday AM- 18 miles at White Rock Lake. Love doing loops around this lake. There are a few fall and winter races coming up for me so I’m working on building back up. I had a buddy meet me out there to join in for a few miles along my second loop. So nice to have a friend to chat with as the miles went by. There was also a race going on out there so I saw a few of my running friends from back in the day. Gotta love that. I felt good and really strong on this long run.

Saturday PM- I had an early dinner date so I decided to lay low and be low key on Saturday evening. Hey, plus that means more time to get some more miles in! 4.03 miles around my ‘hood. I really enjoyed this evening run after running long. Lots of folks out on the lake so I did some night time people watching.

Sunday- 8.11 miles before heading out to the new Dallas Cowboys practice/training facility! Guys, this place is absolutely gorgeous. Like if you come from out of town to visit me I am going to have to take you one day. They even have a Nike specialty store and the brand new gym is immaculate. I did a workout out there with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors.

Then, of course refueled with mushroom flatbread with goat cheese and arugula. Oh my goodness. Heaven on a plate.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Who ran the CHICAGO MARATHON or another race?! If so, congratulations!!!