Random Thoughts Thursday.

Okay so y’all we had some rain and a teeny tiny baby cold front the other morning. And can I just say that the morning run was everything! It was 70 something degrees and I was in sheer heaven. Thank you baby Jesus for allowing that to happen.

But of course today we are back to hellish Texas heat + humidity. I’m just trying to survive at this point.

Oh goodness I am so very ready for all of the fall things. Pumpkin. The fair. Cooler mornings. Less humidity. Boots!! It will be a while before I bust the boots out. But boy am I ready.

Tomorrow I am heading out towards H.town for the Habanero 50k!! And for those of you that aren’t familiar- the Houston area (all of that part of Texas really) is like the hottest of the hot and the most ridiculous humidity in the universe. Race is Saturday. IT STARTS AT NOON. I know it will be hot. But I feel ready. I am trying not to freak out too much.

I am kind of looking forward to this solo road trip. I have a lot of friends actually running this race (some crazier than me running the 100 miler! Sheesh) but I have decided to rent a car, ride down there and enjoy the alone time 3-4 hour road trip. I just feel like I am needing to be alone with my thoughts lately.

Do you ever feel like that? My solo time has been everything to me lately. I think it is because I’ve been doing a lot of group runs and social running things. I love it but the only child in me is craving time. To just get away. It is a good time for me mentally…to do this race.

50k here we come. Pray I don’t burn up and die.

Well that is all for this week ya’ll! Catch you on the flip side.

Have a great weekend!

Any fun plans this weekend? Summer fun? Are you ready for fall as much as I am?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there and happy hump day! I’ve got some hot tracks and throwbacks for your workouts today!! Plus of course a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors!

Be sure to check me out on Spotify where I post workout playlists on a weekly basis! You can also find my teaching schedule here. I’ve added some classes also where I’ll be guest teaching in the next few weeks!

Let’s go for a ride!

Snack- Ms Banks, Kida Kudz: Warm up
Loco Contigo- DJ Snake, J Balvin, Tyga: Accelerations
Pure Water- Migos: Rolling hills
Put Your Drinks Up- Tony Junior, STUK: Tapbacks
Goin’ In- J Lo, Flo Rida: Seated/standing run
Grapevine- Tiesto: Hill climb
The Anthem- Pitbull, Lil Jon: Tapbacks
Side to Side- Ariana Grande: Hill climb
Simon Says- Megan Thee Stallion: Sprints
Werk- CID: Active recovery
I Got Love- Don Diablo: Rolling hills
Alright- Kendrick Lamar: Jumps on a hill
Wait a Minute- The Pussycat Dolls, Timbaland: Rolling hills
Addicted to a Memory- Zedd, Bahari: Sprints
No Limit- G-Eazy, Asap Rocky, Cardi B: Hill climb
Easy (Unplugged)- Danileigh: Cool down

What songs are on your workout playlists this week?
Tell me something about your day that is RANDOM today!!
This black coffee that I’m drinking at the current moment is absolute perfection.

Surefire Ways to Push Past Doubt While Running.

Doubt. We all have it, especially during a hard run or workout! Or even a race. What are some ways to push past the doubt, the funk, the FOG…those thoughts? Because let’s be honest, our thoughts can either put a huge block on things…or help us push past our limits. So, here are some things I like to do to help me push past negative Nancy thinking and finish strong.

When you are telling yourself you just cannot move any faster- pump your arms harder. For some reason this really works when my legs are super tired and I definitely end up running faster. As a matter of fact when I was running hills this morning I did just that. It definitely helped make things more manageable and I finished that hill feeling stronger than before.

Break your run up mentally in your head. Don’t look at a run as 10 miles, 20 miles (or for my ultrarunners 100 miles HAHA) etc. Just knowing you have a big run in general (especially in the summertime) can be a little daunting. So instead of a 10 miler- I will say I’m doing two 5 mile runs. However you can break it up in your head.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

When you are tired, take time to assess how you are feeling and listen to your body. Can you not run another mile- OR are you actually in need of adequate fuel/water/hydration? Simple things like that surely make a massive difference in the quality of your runs.

Simple mantras you tell yourself sometimes are just what you need to take another step. “Mind over matter”, “Finish strong”, “Make it do what it do” – haha. Whatever you can tell yourself to get it done! I talk to myself a LOT on runs especially when I’m rolling solo. I talk to myself a lot though in general. It is the only child in me.

Reward yourself. It is always nice to have something to look forward to after a long run. Whether it is a dip in the pool, or even a ice chocolate milk you stashed in the cooler. All of these things will help push you past that negative thinking and finish feeling great.

What are some other ways you push past doubt while running or racing?

Weekly Running Report.

Happiest of Mondays to you! Hope you have some fun things in store for this week. I am gearing up for my next race, the Habanero 50k!! This one for me will be all abut survival – as it is one of the HOTTEST trail races in Texas! I am excited to take on the challenge.

Let’s recap some miles from last week!

Monday- 5.32 miles in the morning – temps were already soaring towards 90 degrees! I really have been enjoying getting out when the sun is out for running. And of course I have been working hard on my tan. I think things are coming along nicely.

Tuesday AM- Lunch time miles. 5.02 miles done. It was super hot at lunchtime with a little less humidity than in the morning which was nice. Still tough but I’ve been enjoying these hot runs lately. It is something about running in the heat that switches on my competitive mode. What can I say, I like it rough.

Tuesday PM- Double run day miles. 3.21 miles in the evening after teaching spin Still very hot. We don’t cool down that much in the evenings down in Texas.

Wednesday- 7.12 early morning miles getting it done. I ran with a gal that always pushes the pace a bit which is great. You know those friends that have a way of doing that AND distract you at the same time with conversation so you don’t realize you’re going FASTER? Yeah, those runner friends are the real MVPs.

Thursday- 10.12 miles. A few miles were faster than usual. Felt good to pick up with pace with the heat and humidity.

Friday- Another awesome 10 miler. 10.32 miles felt good and had the day off. Felt good to get it done before a much needed pool day. It was ABOVE 100 degrees on this day too so I felt like I got a little heat training in even at the pool.

Saturday- 14.21 miles done! Last run over 10 miles before Habanero. Thankful for running buds to help me get through it.

Sunday- 5.02 miles on Sunday funday runday. Just hitting my numbers for the week.

Plus went to KITTEN YOGA with some of my fave runner girls. Yes, it is exactly how it sounds! Yoga with the cutest little kittens running around and you could adopt them after! They were absolutely the sweetest.

Such a fun afternoon with these ladies! One of them has a blog also! She is quite awesome. Go check her out.

And there you have it!

How was your week? How are you managing the heat/humidity with your runs?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So I’ve been practicing running during different times of the day (starting to get back into super ultra mode as I ramp up for Loup Garou 100) and to be honest probably one of my favorite times of day to run is when it is 100+ degrees out. I know that sounds totally insane but it is true. I felt so good running through the drier heat the other day. And it made me want push harder.

I also like living on the edge sometimes. Doing things you’re not supposed to do like running when it is 100+ degrees out. haha.

Maybe I’m becoming one of those people who enjoys HOT WEATHER running as opposed to cooler weather? Nah, couldn’t be.

One of my running friends the other day (although he has a few screws loose) told me he thinks my ultra-running tendencies have to do with the fact that I have Kenyan in my genetics. He was dead serious too. I mean, he may not be too far off.

I need to do one of those 23 and me things. Have you done it?? I think I may be surprised at what I might find.

I mean. I know I have German ancestry (grandparents on my mom’s side) then Native American, Black. Some creole. Hmm. Wander what else.

Oh, on Sunday I am going to KITTEN YOGA. Ohmygoodness you guys. I am so very excited. Of course, it is all chicks going. And I’m sure very little yoga will get done that day. Haha. Just saying.

Share some of your random thoughts with me this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! I’ve got some super energizing hot tracks for your workouts today! As well as a spin cycle workout for my fellow instructors out there! Hope you all enjoy. Be sure to follow me on Spotify if you have an account! My name on there is the same as my blog: thedancingrunner.

Also, check to see where I’m teaching spin classes next if you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ride!

1942- G-Eazy, Yo Gotti: Warm up
Latin Lovers- Kim Kaey: Accelerations
Turn Up the Music- Chris Brown: Tapbacks
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Fergie, Q-Tip, GoonRock: Rolling hills
Humble- Kendrick Lamar: Hill climb
One Thing- Mr. Belt & Wezol: Sprints
Space Jam- Audio Push: Active recovery
Do it Well- Jennifer Lopez: Jumps
Party Starter- Laidback Luke, Mark Bale: Accelerations
This Groove- Oliver Heldens, Lenno: Rolling hills
Come Get it Bae- Pharrell: Jumps on a hill
Suge- Da Baby: Hill climb
F**k Love- Iggy Azalea: Sprints
Say What You Wanna- Tujamo: Hill climb
Creepin’- CID: Sprints
Fireball- Pitbull: Seated/standing run
Through My Mind- Firebeatz: Tapbacks
Tints- Andeson Paak: Cool down

What songs are amping up your workouts this week?

Summer Thoughts On the Run.

Another hot, sticky, humid morning. Let’s do this.
The earlier you get this done the better.
Is that really true though? Because honestly I just feel like it’s more humid in the morning.
I’m definitely sweating and I have not even hit 1 mile yet.
Okay 1 mile. Why did that just feel like 5.
Here comes that HILL. Legs don’t fail me now.
Honestly I really like hills. When I’m running downhill.
Sweating buckets already. My shorts are soaked.
My everything is soaked. Sweat is sexy, right?
Someone thinks my sweat is sexy.
Actually I feel really gross right now.
Guzzle down this drink. Anything ice cold tastes so freaking good right now.
Thankful for friends that make me forget that I am doing this.
Okay almost done. 2 more miles that will probably feel like 20.
Fast finish, can I do it?
I’m so about to die.
Okay, the end is near.
Done and done. I need a hot man to bring me an icee.
Or a mimosa. With lots of ice.

What are some of your thoughts during summer runs?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! It is shaping up to be a busy week for me around these parts. I’m also 2 weeks out from the Habanero 50k!!! I’m here to recap some weekly miles. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Monday- REST DAY. Lately I’ve been doing some run streaking off and on- so decided it was finally time to give the body a lil rest break. It was so much needed and I went to go partake in some wonderful Monday night sushi. Heaven.

Tuesday AM- 10.21 miles with hill repeats thrown in. Tuesdays have really been some hard hitting training days for me as of late. It definitely helps to have a run posse at 5 AM to get it all knocked out. Love.

Tuesday PM- 2.31 mile run after teaching a class at the gym. Double run days are my favorite.

Wednesday AM- 7.11 miles to watch the sunrise. I was kind of on the struggle bus getting up early on this morning but still made it happen. Glad I did.

Wednesday PM- 3.01 sunset miles. It was still pretty hot even in the evening on this day (welcome to Texas summers) so took full advantage of that.

Thursday- 8.11 very humid morning miles with rolling hills. Got some faster miles in the middle which felt good. I do have some faster running friends so having them there to push me was quite awesome.

Friday- 5.32 relaxed mile to kick off Friday. Getting the legs ready for Saturday’s long run. And also, I run for hummus. Just saying.

Saturday- 17.22 miles. I get by with a little help from my friends. And it rained off and on the whole time. Glad it is done. The rain did cool things off slightly.

Sunday- REST DAY. Much needed one. Celebrated a friend’s birthday and my mama’s birthday. Fun fun.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happiest of Fridays to you! The sun is shining here and I am feeling pretty good!! Definitely ready for some fun this weekend. Oh, the sunrise was quite lovely too on the run this morning.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

8 new rules of summer hydration It’s really amazing how important electrolytes have been on the run for me lately. I will do an electrolyte drink or even salt tabs and that is just the thing that gets me though these long runs in the heat and humidity.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my summer nails. Honestly I used to be strictly a french manicure gal but changing up my nail color has been a game changer. So fun.

Mismatched bikini tops + bottoms. So fun to mix and match and be colorful.

Getting my monthly mileage game back up. 290.6 miles total of running last month!! Habanero 50k I am so coming for you.

Happy Friday!

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Friend time, run time, fun in the sun.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I have been rather proud of myself lately because I’ve been hitting the super early morning runs rather HARD the last few weeks. And getting pretty solid sleep.

Granted there were a few times I had some evening fun with friends, then had to wager with myself the next morning…BUT…in general…still made it.

I mean, honestly running with friends in the summer specifically IS the way to go. I’m just much more motivated to run hills, faster, etc when I’m with other people. There is just no doubt about that.

There has definitely been stuff in the Texas air lately. Does anyone know of some super potent allergy meds? I am just going to have to break down and get allergy shots or something.

Are you ever in that kind of mood where you literally want to blast your music on your headphones as loud as possible where you hear no one and nothing for hours while you knock out work? Just super zone out mood? That is such a mood for me today. Music is such freaking amazing therapy.

Oh. Also. HAPPY AUGUST. I am so happy to see this month. My 10 year work anniversary is finally here!! Which means I’m about to take mad days off of work. Hello 3 weeks of vacation days. YES. I worked all of July without any days off this year by the way. Brutal.

I will admit…I am starting to officially feel like I’m very ready for super crisp fall air. I do love me some pool time and sunshine…but it just feels like it is kind of time. You know? For pumpkin spice, for scarves, for boots. I know.

Feel free to fight me. And then give me ALL OF THE pumpkin.

What’s on your mind today?