Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there! It was a beautiful morning in the neighborhood for a run! You simply cannot beat this blissful sky.

Without further ado I’ve got some spin jams for your eardrums today! These are also great workout tracks in general, great also for running or any high intensity workout.

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Let’s go for a ride!

Rattle (Sexy Lady)- Bingo Players: Warm up
I’m Good- Blaque: Accelerations
Move Shake Drop Remix- Dj Laz: Tapbacks
All Hands On Deck Remix- Tinashe: Rolling hills
I Can’t Stop- Flux Pavilion: Seated/standing run
Magalenha- Simon Fava: Sprints
Get Up- Ciara: Hill climb
Alright- Kendrick Lamar: Jumps on a hill
Slide- Young Futura: Hill climb
Hustle Hard- Ace Hood: Accelerations
Momentum- Don Diablo: Active recovery
2 Step- Lydell Lucky: Standing run
Reverse- Sage the Gemini: Rolling hills
Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO: Tapbacks
Drop That Low- Tujamo: Sprints
More Than You Know- Axwell Ingrosso: Hill climb
Electric Relaxation- A Tribe Called Quest: Cool down

What songs are you loving this week?

5 Ways to Energize Your Early Morning Runs.

Early morning runs. They sometimes can be a necessary evil. For those of us that have busy careers and hectic work weeks they are often times the only way you can get it in. So, how do you wake up fresh faced and ready to run? It is sometimes easier said than done. Here are a few ways you can get a JOLT of energy into those early miles.

1. Grab a banana or some quick carbs pre run. I am actually terrible at eating before a run especially if it is really early. But if you are running for longer than an hour you really need to put some gas in the tank. So go to bed early (I’m in bed by 9 p.m. most nights) and get up and grab a quick bite. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged breakfast, even a piece of toast with a bit of almond butter will work.

2. Wear a headlamp or some sort of reflective lights if it is dark out. I try to be sure I run with friends and in a lit up neighborhood but having those lights sometimes can make all the difference. It even makes me feel a little bit more awake.

3. Get you some cool jams. Get you a killer early morning run playlist, like ‘crunk in the A.M.’. Yes, Spotify can be very helpful for rocking it out on the run.

4. Find some hills on your route. I get really bored if my early morning run is flat, so a lot of times I will go out of my way to find some hills or slight inclines. It mixes it up and makes things more fun. Mounds of opportunity.

5. Finish your run at or near a local coffee shop. Knowing that cup of java is waiting for you post run can sometimes make all the difference.

What are some ways your like to energize your early morning runs?

Weekly Running Report.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start so far. Last week was a solid week of ultra training mileage!! I was able to get in a grand whopping total of 80.3 miles last week. Let’s do a recap!

Monday- 8.2 miles of sunrise. The humidity has been off the charts high as of late but I got this run in before the busy hectic day.

Tuesday AM- 13.21 miles solo. Work has been super busy so I opted to just get up and run on my own on this day. Typically I do my Tuesday runs with the run club but I just needed the miles and solitude, you feel me? Running sometimes really is cheaper than therapy. It felt so good to knock this one out.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 evening miles after teaching a class at the gym. Blowing some more steam off from the day.

Wednesday- 8.11 miles to the tune of a lovely sunrise. The sunrise that morning I have to say did not by any means disappoint.

Thursday AM- Back with the run club. I got a bit of a head start before the group and was able to get some extra miles in. 12.25 miles total before 7 a.m.

Thursday PM- 4.05 miles, back on my double run day game. Feels good to be feeling good after a 100 mile week last week. I am so ready for September and the 100k will be here before you know it!

Friday- REST DAY. Glorious rest day, I do love you so. Sometimes. Ha.

Saturday- 21.32 miles of straight up hills and humidity. I found a golf course nearby with some nice rolling hills which is just perfect for my longer runs. Love it.

Sunday- 10.11 late morning miles after sleeping in, fun night out with friends on Saturday. Hashtag so worth it!

And there you have it!

How’s your Monday so far? Tell me what’s making you smile today.
An amazing 10 mile run this morning after the rain with a nice cool breeze! Still humid but I enjoyed a drop in temps before it heats up again this week.

Confessions, Things I’m Loving and Such.

I have a slight obsession at the moment with sparkling water. Passionfruit and cucumber melon have to top the list of the 2 faves. Not sure why but drinking bubbles in the summer time just makes me happy.

I subbed an early morning spin class this week and it made me feel pretty nostalgic. When I first started teaching I taught on Mondays early in the mornings and did so for about 3 years. Now I just teach 3 nights a week and really love my cycle party happy hours. But the morning folks are so sweet it made me miss it a little bit. For now I think I’ll just stick to my morning runs and just teach at the gym at night.

I am really thankful that I’ve fallen in love with trail running. After being a devout road runner for so many years (which I still love) it is fun to get off the beaten path sometimes. Especially when you are putting in so much mileage training for ultras. Sometimes you just need a change of pace.

Our family dog Brady is absolutely the cutest is he not? He just got a haircut for the summer. I love his little random white paw with the black paw. Such a cutie pie.

I’m sorry in advance for those of you that sell Lipsense but that ish is seriously overrated. I mean why am I paying so much for lipgloss, because it stays on!? Sometimes I don’t want my gloss to stay on that long. Also, I feel like I have alcohol on my lips it stains them so much. No thank you. And I have a tube I never used so I gave it away. You can keep it.

Lately I have been loving the sunsets almost more than the sunrises. Not sure why that is. I will always and forever be a morning runner but there is just something about the sunset and evening runs (of course on double run days) that I am feeling lately.

Hammocks on balconies are kind of a thing now in my ‘hood. I swear everyone has one and now I want one. How fun would it be to kick it outside on your balcony in a hammock and read a book? I need to make this happen.


I have Friday completely off this week and it is definitely much needed. I plan on getting in as much pool time as possible on my long weekend.

What are some confessions, random rants, or things you’re loving today?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there! It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood!! I’ve got some spin cycle tracks for you to move and groove to today! I know you will enjoy!

The sunrise was lovely for this morning’s run after I taught early bird spin. Gotta love it.

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Let’s go for a ride!

Havana- Camila Cabello, Young Thug: Warm up
Reminder (Remix)- The Weekend: Rolling hills
Fool- Fitz and The Tantrums: Tapbacks
Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix)- Justin Bieber: Sprints
Attitude- Leikeli: Seated/standing run
Swag Surfin’ (Remix)- DJ Bake: Accelerations
Kissing Strangers- DNCE, Nicki Minaj: Active recovery
Turn Up the Music- Chris Brown: Sprints
Okay- Nivea: Jumps
Wipe Me Down- Boosie, Webbie: Hill climb
Candy- Dillon Francis: Rolling hills
Party- Beyonce: Jumps on a hill
The Rhythm- MNEK: Standing run
Work- Ciara, Missy: Accelerations
Rude Boy- Rihanna: Hill climb
Knuck if You Buck- Crime Mob: Sprints
Human Nature- SWV: Cool down

What songs are you moving and grooving to this week?

Running and How to Fit it All In.

So we all know sometimes it is hard to get those miles in…especially during a busy week when the work schedule is so demanding. Between work, family duties, social time and just trying to take care of yourself…it can be easy for running to fall by the wayside. So here are a few ways you can fit running in during a hectic week or crazy schedule.

Find a window of time (even if it’s short) before the busy day. The earlier you can get the running in and out of the way the better. I know a lot of mama runners that simply have no choice but to get up at 4 or 5 in the morning because they have to take the kids to school and etc. Hopefully if you have a spouse they are understanding and know that you need your run time and your little time of peace before the crazy day.

Prioritize sleep…lights off, tv off, social media off. I know it is easier said than done and for a lot of us our down time is staring into the screens of our phones. But I definitely have a time of day where I simply turn it all off because I know I want to get up early and knock the miles out.

Shower at the gym if you have to. A lot of times I will do group runs early in the morning and I will bring my gym bag with my work clothes in it so I can head straight to the showers after. I have to tell you it has saved me SO MUCH TIME in the mornings. It’s crazy how much time I was wasting going back home after a run. Now when I run with the group I’m usually at work early since the gym is right next door. Not everyone is that fortunate but definitely having access to a shower when you’re on the go helps.

Know if you miss a run is it not the end of the world. Just pick up where you left off the next day. Some days are just crazy and you have to know your run is always going to be there waiting for you with open arms. I can’t tell you the incredible amount of stress relief running has been for me in the last few weeks. It has made my hectic days much smoother and my head so much clearer. So thank you, running.

How do you fit your running in on hectic days?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope your day is going fantastic so far. I am here to recap a wild week of running last week. Yet another great week in the ultra training world. My 100k race will be here before you know it. Buckle up and get ready for the recap!

Monday AM- 12.16 miles. I had the day off from work last Monday so I took full advantage and got all of my miles in. The sun was shining bright at 10 a.m. but it felt good to sleep in a bit and then get some heat training in.

Monday PM- 2.21 miles after I had to teach a class real quick at the gym.

Tuesday AM- 10.05 miles with the run club. It’s never real easy to get up so early after a long weekend staycation but I got it done.

Tuesday PM- 4.11 mile sunset run. It was crazy humid out but kinda nice and breezy.

Wednesday- 10.12 mile solo miles just enjoying the morning before the heatwave. It rained off and on last week so the humidity mixed with the heat was a real killer. So really the earlier the better was the way to go.

Thursday- 11.23 miles with IRC. I kinda broke off from the group and did the back half of this run on my own. Kinda was feeling tired and anti social. LOL. Just got it done and knocked it out.

Friday- Work was crazy stressful last week, with a conference and hitting all kinds of deadlines I was working on. So this was a therapy run kind of day. 8.31 early miles done before Friday mayhem.

Saturday AM- 18.02 miles SO SUPER EARLY but I so super kind of love it. It’s so quiet and peaceful and then by the time you’re awake the run is like halfway done. Love my early Saturday mornings. Then I can go home and make myself protein pancakes and take a nice long nap.

Saturday PM- 16.02 trail miles with the Dallas Dirt Runners at their vampire sunset/night run. I brought a disco ball because it was basically like one big trail party.

Love this crazy crew. We did a bunch of loops on the trail, had great convo and adult beverages after.

Sunday- I was SO DANG CLOSE to hitting 100 for the week so you know your girl had to get in just 1 more 8 mile run for good measure. 8.12 miles done. Oh heck yes. It feels so good to hit that 100 mile mark and live to tell the story. Fun fun.

And then we celebrated mama’s birthday with prickly pear margaritas! Cheers.

And there you have it! Crazy big mileage week for me.

How was your weekend? Anyone else training for an ultra? Or a marathon? Did you do anything else fun?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to you! This week has been just about the craziest but I’m here with some Friday faves! Im definitely ready to let my hair down, relax and get my run on. Love it love it.

Let’s get to this weeks faves!

-A stunning Friday run this morning. Miles for breakfast are my favorite.

Running the Spiritual Path. Definitely need to read this book. Someone recommended it on a forum somewhere and I’m intrigued. Gotta check it out.

Blueberry arugula salad. So making that this weekend.

-Hello crispy tuna sushi from Nick & Sam’s Grill. I really love you.

THERE IS NO FINISH LINE. I wholeheartedly agree.

What is on tap for your weekend? Tell me about some delicious summer eats you’ve had lately!!

5 Hydrating Post Run Foods.

Hello there! In case you didn’t know – today is a special day. It is national watermelon day! I hope you get to celebrate by indulging in this sweet treat.

In honor of this day I thought I’d share some of my favorite post run foods to leave you feeling fully hydrated and satisfied! In no particular order…

1. Cucumbers & tomatoes. Preferably in a salad. I will slice up some cucumbers, throw some grape tomatoes in there and maybe sprinkle a little goat cheese on top and maybe a squeeze of lemon. So light and refreshing. Perfect snack to bring by the pool.

2. Post run smoothies. I have a plethora of delicious smoothie recipes too – here, here and here to name a few. Sometimes I will throw in a little plant based protein. Not only are these satisfying but they leave me feeling hydrated and I can sneak in random fruits and veggies. Spinach is definitely one of my favorite smoothie add ons.

3. Bell peppers. Love the baby ones…or slice ‘em up and serve with hummus. So yummy, crispy and colorful.

4. Strawberries/blueberries/blackberries. I will throw these in yogurt or just pop ‘em in my mouth and go. I just bought a ton of blackberries that were on sale, they are simply delicious.

5. Watermelon. Of course, how could we forget this amazing summer fruit. I could probably eat one whole. Love it especially as a salad with some feta and mint. Or with a squeeze of lime. YUM.

What are some of your favorite hydrating post run foods?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Busy day but thought I’d check in with some playlists for your eardrums! Hope you enjoy.

You can find me on Spotify under thedancingrunner where I post updated songs on a weekly basis.

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Let’s go for a ride!

Lover- Tommy Trash, A-Trak, Jesse Boykins III: Warm up
Yella- Smookie Illson: Accelerations
Want to Want Me- Jason Derulo: Standing run
Time of Our Lives- Pitbull, Neyo: Tapbacks
Don’t Stop the Party- Black Eyed Peas: Rolling hills
Fine China- Chris Brown: Jumps
Freak- R3hab: Hill climb
Light the Sky- Dannic: Sprints
I Like How it Feels- Enrique Iglesias: Tapbacks
Donk- Soulja Boy: Jumps on a hill
Now and Later (Henry Fong Remix)- Sage the Gemini: Seated/standing run
One on One- Tujamo: Hill climb
No Letting Go- Wayne Wonder: Active recovery
Nobody Else But You (Ricky Blaze Remix)- Trey Songz: Hill climb
4 Real- Destructo: Sprints
Bomb A Drop- Garmiani: Hill climb
Summer Madness- Kool & The Gang: Cool down

I Get Around- 2Pac: Warm up
Gimme Dat- Ciara: Rolling hills
Pretty Brown Eyes (Jersey Club Mix)- DJ Smallz: Standing sprints
The Way You Move- Outkast: Hill climb
Work It- Missy Elliot: Jumps on a hill
I’m a Hustla- Cassidy: Rolling hills
Culo- Pitbull, Lil Jon: Accelerations
Love Lockdown- Kanye West: Active recovery
Fergalicious- Fergie: Hill climb
6 Foot 7 Foot- Lil Wayne: Jumps
Hard- Rihanna, Jay-Z: Hill climb
Livin’ It Up- Ja Rule: Rolling hills
The Motto- Drake: Sprints
Didn’t Cha Know- Erykah Badu: Cool down

What songs are you loving this week?