TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF!! Hope you have some long weekend fun in store. I am looking forward to some running, some relaxing and kicking it with the boo and friends! Can’t hardly wait.

Let’s get to this weeks faves!

-Butterflies at the end of my route all week long. This one actually kind of posed for the camera. This butterfly is clearly my spirit animal.

-Eating cherries while cooking with bae. Cherries are just oh so good right now.

-Runners, are you a distance running snob? Good read and oh so true.

-These wine glasses. Yes I put cherries in my wine. You know you love it.

That’s all for this week! Have a fabulous weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything wild and crazy or fun?

4 Things to Expect at Trail Races.

I don’t know about you, but as mostly a road racer (so much so that my trail buddies actually call me ‘roadie’) it can be refreshing sometimes to get off the beaten path and do a trail race. Here are just a few things to expect when you are racing in the dirt.

1. Awesome aid stations. Watermelon, pickles and peanut m&ms…oh my! Nowhere else will you find the best snacks all in one spot. The amount of goodies at trail races can be quite overwhelming, honestly. But be sure to try a little bit of everything. Potatoes with salt? LOL, don’t mind if I do.

2. The most down to earth people around. Forget the typical type A, pace obsessed road racer. These people are not only the best at camping (and are always fully prepared) but they are typically very laid back and fun folks to be around.

3. The most CHILL start and finish lines around. Sure, a huge race like the New York or Chicago marathon can be fun with the crazy amount of spectators. But if you are in search of a more intimate experience, trail races may just be your thing. There will be no gun that goes off, either. Just a ‘ready set go!’ from the the director and you are rocking and rolling.

4. Amazing terrain and a great time to immerse yourself into nature. Shake things up a bit with beautiful hill climbs and being surrounded by trees. Just watch your step and stay alert for those rocks and roots. Hey…if you are on the fence about doing a trail race, I say just bite the bullet and sign up for one. You may find out that you just might like it and fall in love! Or, just fall and face plant? LOL. it’s all a part of trail racing.

What are some things you enjoy about getting off the beaten path?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! As always I’ve got some spin jams for ya this week! These are also great songs for running or any high energy workout! Along with a spin cycle workout for you to enjoy.

Check out where I’ll be teaching spin cycle next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ride!

Ching-A-Ling- Missy Elliot: Warm up
Greenlight- Pitbull, Flo Rida: Standing run
Cheerleader (Ricky Blaze Remix)- OMI: Accelerations
Ayo- Chris Brown, Tyga: Rolling hills
Hoohah- Fox Stevenson, Curbi: Tapbacks
California Love- 2Pac, Dr. Dre: Hill climb
Lean On- Major Lazer: Jumps on a hill
Cheap Thrills- Sia, Sean Paul: Seated/standing run
In My Room- DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw: Sprints
Let It Whip- Dazz Band: Active recovery/Tapbacks
Habits (Chainsmokers Remix)- Tove Lo: Rolling hills
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It- Dem Franchize Boyz: Sprints
What You Know- T.I.: Hill climb
Can’t Feel My Face- the Weeknd: Rolling hills
I Will Never Know- Tall Black Guy, Moonchild: Cool down

What songs are you grooving to this week?

Tuesday Thoughts.

So I kind of feel like it has been a while since I’ve done a random Tuesday thoughts/things post, eh? Here are some of my thoughts today in no particular order…

-Snickerdoodle coffee this morning from this place. Yes it is as good as it sounds. Much needed after a 10.21 mile run.

-I’m headed to San Diego oh so soon for a little race-cation. It is funny how after becoming an ultrarunner, marathons seem like really not a big deal now. Oh, BRB just going to go run 26.2 miles. Not like that is some big distance or anything.

-It has been really kind of nice and cool the last few days. I am holding onto somewhat pleasant weather for as long as I can. I want to remember these days because before long it will be 106 degrees out.

-I think it is really rude when women stare at other women in the locker room. Maybe we just can’t help it? Yes, women check out other women sometimes. But I would kind of like my privacy and to turn and see you staring me down makes me want to cover up and I just want to shower and put my clothes on in peace. Ha. Is that bitchy? Rant over.

-I was on a Fiona Apple kick and now I think I am on a Norah Jones one. Some days I just need me some throwbacks. Especially listening to Norah Jones while cooking. Thank you Spotify.

-This channel is also a great one for listening to tunes while cooking. Gypsy Swing.

-While in Cali I definitely plan on going to this spot because it is my favorite coffee shop in the entire universe. Life’s better with a coffee buzz? I can dig it.

What are your random thoughts on this lovely Tuesday?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday! I’m here to recap a bit of running – somehow I was able to get in 72.3 miles total last week! Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

Monday AM- 8.10 lunchtime miles, 8:54 pace in the straight up heat and humidity. Things are really starting to warm up around here but I am loving getting myself acclimated to the temps. Sooner or later we will be in the thick of summer which usually means triple digits down in Texas. So I’ll enjoy the last tiny bit of spring while I can.

Monday PM- 2.21 miles, 7:37 pace. Warming up before teaching a class at the gym. Pretty much all I had time for.

Tuesday AM- 8.25 miles after subbing a 5:15 a.m. spin class. We got kind of lucky with somewhat cooler temps. I definitely needed an extra cup of coffee on this day after getting up so dang early.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles shaking the legs out after a crazy long day.

Wednesday AM- 8.31 lunchtime miles – I think running at lunch is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Breaks up the work day that is for sure.

Wednesday PM- Another 3.01 miles. 8:42 pace. I think temps were in the 90s on this day…I was hydrating like crazy. It felt good to get in another double run day.

Thursday AM- 10.21 miles with the Irving Running Club. Of course I did some miles with them and then finished up on my own.

Friday- 4.08 easy miles with the boyfriend. This was basically just an active recovery day since I wanted to hit 70 something miles for the week. All about those numbers, baby.

Saturday- 16.02 miles solo at White Rock Lake. Just rocking out to my jams.

Later on…treats and eats with the boo at the Grapevine Main Street festival. Craft brews, fun foods and live music. The best.

Sunday– 9.05 Sunday funday runday miles so I could earn some sweet potato waffles. Homemade sweet potato waffles at that. Cheers to life.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday! It is a lovely day in the neighborhood. Hope you have some fun in store for the weekend! I’ve got running, brunching and lots of relaxing on tap!

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-Pretty views along my running route this week. I have to say this entire week has been crazy hot and humid but it helps when you have a nice pretty view.

-More adventures in cooking with the boyfriend. We made these roasted taters, squash and veggies with lots of rosemary and spices and threw them in the oven. Simply fantastic. So fun cooking in the kitchen with a pro. Ha.

-I’m bringing back the Starbucks pink drink post run. So refreshing and not so bad calorie wise. Get you some.

This 75 year Harvard study found the secret to a fulfilling life. I can absolutely dig it.

-Eggwhite soap? Yes, it is a thing. I stumbled upon this at the Sunflower Shoppe and my skin really loves it. Plus, the chamomile flowers in it is pure heaven.

That’s all for this week! Catch you on the flip side.

What are you up to this weekend? Any festivals or fun going on?

4 Ways to Get Back Into Running After a Hiatus.

Hey, it happens to all of us…sickness, job stress, raising a family and having babies etc. Life just happens and for whatever reason we fall off the run wagon! Here are just a few ways to easily get back into the run game after taking some time off.

1. Always taking small baby steps will make a huge difference. I think as runners we have a tendency to go all in after taking time off and really go overboard. Remember to always ease back into any fitness regimen and let your body adjust.

2. Schedule an easy/conversational run with a good friend. Running with someone you actually enjoy running with makes all the difference and you will spend so much time chatting away the miles fly by fast.

3. Run without the data/GPS watch/etc. You do not always have to be a slave to the numbers. Hey, I will call myself out on this. I am guilty of getting caught up in weekly mileage, pace, etc. If you are on social media is hard not to. But especially if you are coming back from an injury or some sort of stressful situation, pace and distance really do not matter. Frankly nobody cares about that stuff more than you. Just go and run for the sake of running. Run because you love it. Feel the wind in your face and your feet hitting the ground. Get back to the simple joy of moving your body and concern yourself with everything else later.

4. Just RUN! Sometimes not thinking so much about it and just going out and doing it is all you need.

Have you taken a run hiatus? How did you ease yourself back into it?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hello there! As usual I’ve got some high energy jams for you today! Not 1 but 2 playlists this week! Perfect for spin class, running or power packed workouts! Hope you enjoy.

And be sure to check out where I’m teaching next in the DFW area and find me on Spotify! Username is of course thedancingrunner.

Let’s go for a ride!

Good Times Roll- Big Gigantic: Warm up
23- Mike Will Made It: Standing run
Get Low- Dillon Francis: Rolling hills
Dangerous- Kardinal Offishall: Tapbacks
Express Yourself- Diplo, Nicky Da B: Hill climb
Bangarang- Skrillex: Sprints
One Dance- Drake: Active recovery
Boyz- M.I.A.: Hill climb
That’s What I Like (Remix feat Gucci Mane)- Bruno Mars: Jumps on a hill
Paradise- Benny Benassi, Chris Brown: Tapbacks
Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough- Michael Jackson: Rolling hills
Chained to the Rhythm- Katy Perry: Hill climb
Bad Girl- Usher: Seated/standing run
11- Hitchhiker: Sprints
Day and Night- Majid Jordan: Cool down

Stranger- Chace, Yellow Claw: Warm up
Jumping Jack- Justin Mylo: Jumps
Right Now- Rihanna: Accelerations
Applause- Lady Gaga: Hill climb
Like I Would White Panda Remix)- Zayn: Hill climb
Turn Up the Music- Chris Brown: Sprints
Morenita- JP Candela, Robbie Rivera: Tapbacks
Timber- Pitbull, Kesha: Active recovery
You Don’t Know Me- Jax Jones: Jumps on a hill
Trouble- Offaiah: Sprints
I Got You- Bebe Rexha: Hill climb
Commander- Kelly Rowland: Sprints
Animals- Maroon 5: Rolling hills
Bourbon- Gallant: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

6 Reasons to Sign Up for a Summer Race.

If you’re anything like me, you have to brace yourself every summer for the intensity that is training in the insane crazy heat. We reach triple digits on a consistent basis in the summer time which can definitely make running all the more challenging! However, here are some reasons why you should still hit the roads and sign up for some races during those hot summer months.

1. To keep your fitness going strong. Sure it’s hot, and some days we just don’t want to be out there because of the sun blazing down our backs. But signing up for that local 5k or 10k will definitely keep your engine revved up and keep your fitness level high during the season.

2. Do it for the cold refreshing post race beverages after. Nothing is better after a run or race than an ice cold fruit pop or ice cold water…or hey, a margarita or beer? I am not judging.

3. There are actually some fun races in the summer months. If you are anywhere in the Dallas area, I recommend Too Hot to Handle, the Cobra 5k or the Hottest Half. All are fun races to get some miles in the hot hot heat.

4. To have an excuse to take long post race dip in the pool. Why not, you have earned it. Cool off those legs with a dip in the water.

5. As a benchmark race for those upcoming fall marathons. Testing out your speed in the summer will definitely get you prepped and ready for a fall 26.2.

6. Because when fall and winter roll around, you will feel so speedy! The cooler weather will feel so amazing if you race and/or train in the summer months. Believe it.

Are you signed up for any epic summer runs?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! How was your weekend? Hope you were able to get in some fun in the sun!! I’m here to recap last week’s mileage – 71.7 miles of running last week! This is a bit of a step back in weekly miles lately, but I still managed to get some strong runs in! Let’s review.

Monday AM- 7.11 lunchtime miles in the straight up sunshine. It has been getting super warm lately but there is just something about getting a good run in during the workday. The gym is next door so I pop in the shower real quick after and head back.

Tuesday AM- 10.06 miles with the Irving Running Club crew. Fairly uneventful run and my legs were still tired from the Hachie 50. But I got it in.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles at a 7:45 pace before teaching a class at the gym. Somehow my legs woke up during the day and I had a bit left in the tank.

Wednesday AM- 10.22 morning miles with the bae. He did a shorter run then I did the rest on my own. Love running through the trees out in my ‘hood.

Wednesday PM- 2.21 miles shaking the legs out from the work day. It was hot out and pretty much all I had time for but it felt good to wake the legs up.

Thursday AM- 11.01 miles at the early bird club run. Lots of fun girl talk with the ladies that join us in the morning. Usually the guys just run off when we start gossiping. HA. Love my IRC crew.

Thursday PM- 3.02 miles since I had some time to kill before the gym. Again, pretty uneventful and pretty hot. I did have some amazing tunes to rock out to thanks to Spotify.

Friday- REST DAY. Took a half day to help hottie man friend pick out his new car. Gotta love a fly new ride and that new car smell.

Saturday- 15.02 miles, 8:47 pace. Me and hottie man friend went out to White Rock Lake for a long run. He did a few miles with me and that helped time go by a lot faster. We made it just in time for a little post run yoga.

Post long run eats. Turkey burgers and roasted taters and veggies. Cooking with the bae is the best. I see a spin off blog coming.

Sunday- 10.07 miles before celebrating mama’s day with this beautiful lady!

We did brunch and then jetted off to the Dallas Arboretum.

Awesome day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Any new songs I need to be running to?