Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you are having a great day so far. I am here to recap some weekly miles with ya! I was able to get in 72.1 miles last week. Let’s recap a bit, yes?!

Monday- 7.12 miles exploring a new route after teaching a class at the gym. It was quite dark out in the evening but I’m enjoying practicing my night miles a bit.
Tuesday AM- 8.20 miles in the ‘hood. Another Dora the Explorer type of run. I found some new hills! Always fun.
Tuesday PM- 2.23 miles – a little cool down on the lake with some faster strides thrown in while people watching. 7 and 8 minute miles.
Wednesday AM- 8.24 miles in the morning with the run club. Relaxed miles and convo.
Wednesday PM- 4.52 miles at lunch. 8:38 pace. Just getting my double run day in.
Thursday- 10.22 miles back with the run club. Starting out with the group and finishing on my own.
Friday- 5.37 miles. Keeping it short and sweet on a Fri-yay.
Saturday- 16.02 miles with the co-op. Long running and mimosas. Nuff said.
Sunday- 10.22 miles before some MARDI GRAS celebrating! We had crawfish which was amazing and then more good grub and a photoshoot.

Love my run buds.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Any fun runs or races coming up?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there happy Friday! Hope you have some fun in store for your weekend. I am looking forward to getting some running in and fun with friends!! Plus the weather will actually be decent this weekend. This morning’s run was pure perfection! I love the sneak peek of springtime temperatures. THANK YOU, Texas. You are there real MVP.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Bringing the curls back this week. The weather has been so pleasant that I just couldn’t help myself. Actually it was funny the other day cuz I was all set on wearing my hair straight but my hair was all rebellious on some “nah Imma do me” type of situation. So I just let it do its thing. Wild and free.

Runners – How to find your perfect training strategy. Yes to all of this.

I am digging the new Cardi/Bruno track?! Sorry not sorry. It is a BOP.

RHOBH is back! And I am here for all of it. Beverly Hills is probably my favorite of all of the housewives just because I feel like they are truly housewives! That and I just love all of the fashions and ritzy things. A girl can dream.

And there you have it! Have a wonderful Friday.

What’s your weekend looking like? Any fun in store?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I love running in different neighborhoods in the mornings simply so I can get a feel of how friendly each area is towards runners. It’s funny because over in Dallas by White Rock Lake (an area that is pretty much “runner mecca”) people in general are SO friendly. Then you go to a place like where I live and people act like they are too boujee to even say good morning (those snooty millennials).

The best neighborhoods are where the cute senior citizens live. You end up feeling like a track star because they are just oh so impressed with you. And they ALWAYS have a little word of encouragement. haha. Always guaranteed a good time.

I like getting to work early before everyone on my floor gets here. This morning it was so peaceful and quiet before the hustle and bustle of the morning. I work in television so when all of the producers and creative people get here as you can imagine it is quite rowdy. But in a good way.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?! I actually have about 30 Valentines tonight. I am teaching spin cycle happy hour and we are going to all wear pink and red, sweat our hineys off and eat chocolate to our hearts content. YAASSS.

It is going to be in the high 70s TODAY and TOMORROW! Yayyy my favorite weather is back. Lets all grab a hammock and straight kick it.

Tell me something random about your day today! 

Love Ride- Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy Valentine’s week, y’all! Since today is quite a busy day on the work front I figured I would post the collection of my most favorite V-DAY playlists for your lovely workouts! And especially for my fellow spin cycle instructors. Enjoy the jams!!

And while you’re at it check out my spin cycle schedule to see where I’m teaching next! You can also follow me on Spotify at thedancingrunner.

Let’s go for a LOVE ride!

Runrise and Valentine’s Spin Playlist.

Locked Out of Heaven- Bruno Mars: Warm up
We Found Love- Rihanna: Standing run
Green Light- John Legend: Rolling hills
Love More- Chris Brown feat Nicki Minaj: Sprints
Summer Love/Move Your Body (Mashup)- Justin Timberlake vs Beyonce: Jumps on a hill
Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz: Hill climb
Body Language- Kid Ink: Hill climb
Habits (Chainsmokers Remix)- Tove Lo: Accelerations
Forever- Chris Brown: Active recovery
Don’t Tell ‘Em- Jeremih feat YG: Jumps/Tap backs
Good Kisser- Usher: Hill climb
The Heart Wants What it Wants (Kue Remix)- Selena Gomez: Standing run
I Need Your Love- Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding: Sprints
Kiss From a Rose- Seal: Cool down

Valentine’s Day Spin Playlist.

Happy Valentine’s Day- Outkast: Warm up
In Common (Kaskade Remix)- Alicia Keys: Standing run
Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix)- Justin Bieber: Sprints
I Think of You- Chris Brown/Jeremih: Jumps
Deeper Love- Jauz: Rolling hills
Worth it- Fifth Harmony: Tapbacks
I Got You- Bebe Rexha: Hill climb
Melody- Oliver Heldens: Accelerations
Feelings- Maroon 5: Active recovery
Tonight Belongs to U!- Jeremih: Hill climb
Kiss it Better (Feenixpawl Remix)- Rihanna: Hill climb
Too Good- Drake: Seated/standing run
Make My Love Go- Jay Sean: Hill climb
Get Me Bodied- Beyonce: Accelerations
New Flame- Chris Brown: Cool down

Valentine’s Day Ride- Weds Spin Playlist.

What Lovers Do (Jersey Club Mix)- Maroon 5 feat SZA: Warm up
L.A. LOVE- Fergie, YG: Jumps
Sweet Nothing- Diplo + Grandtheft Remix: Accelerations
The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson: Rolling hills
Crazy in Love- Beyonce: Tapbacks
Na Na- Trey Songz: Rolling hills
Sweetheart- Jermaine Dupri, Mariah Carey: Sprints
Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo: Active recovery
Happy Valentine’s Day- Outkast: Tapbacks
Beautiful- Snoop Dogg: Hill climb
Kiss Kiss- Chris Brown, T-Pain: Standing run
How Deep is Your Love- Calvin Harris, Disciples: Jumps on a hill
Love On Me- Gallants, Hook N Sling: Sprints
Unforgettable- French Montana: Hill climb
Boo’d Up- Ella Mai: Cool down


What LOVE songs (or hey, anti-love I don’t discriminate!) are your favorites to workout to?

Natural Ways to Fuel On the Run.

Ever since I started doing trail races a few years ago, I’ve loved exploring more all natural ways to fuel my runs. There are so many great options for energy sources that come straight from the earth! So today I thought I would share a few with you. So you can take a break from the GU! Here we go.

Medjool dates- These bad boys are probably my most favorite snack on the run or even pre run. They are sweet and almost taste like candy! It is nature’s candy of sorts. Grab a snack baggie and pop a few in there to bring on the run. You will be glad you did. You can even get ‘em on Amazon.

Nut butters. For my keto friendly runners (that I am not but more power to ya) Justin’s nut butter snack packs are quite awesome to bring on the run as well. I just love the almond butter ones! I could just eat it straight out of the package. Or you could even make you some keto almond butter cups.

Dried cherries. They are tart and easy on the tummy. I’ve definitely had them while running on trails and such.

Sliced pickles. Great for muscle aches and cramps…these are a runners go to when it comes to getting a little shot of salt. I’ve actually had serious leg cramps and the only thing that cured it was a shot of pure pickle juice. But these are fun to snack on while on the long run.

What are some of your favorite natural ways to fuel your running?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I am here to recap my week of running!! I was able to get in a glorious 70.7 miles last week. So pumped for ultras and some spring races coming up oh so soon. Let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday- 7.21 miles after teaching a class at the gym. I have found a new Monday route so I’m kind of in love.
Tuesday AM- 8.31 miles running a few hills with the early morning crew.
Tuesday PM- Double run day miles. 5.03 miles in the evening…a lot of my runs last week were pretty dark so I had all of the lights flashing. I don’t know how people run early mornings or at night without lights. They must have pretty good night vision! That I do not. I learned pretty quickly especially doing trail ultras that headlamps are my BFF.
Wednesday- 7.21 miles with some early morning rain. But a peaceful run doing some brainstorming on a few projects going on.
Thursday AM- 8.36 miles with my pink hydration vest in the ‘hood. I’ve been wearing my hydration packs a lot lately especially when it rains because I stash my phone and keys and things in there. Check this one out if you are in need of one BTW.
Thursday PM- 3.02 miles after the gym. People watching and enjoying the night air.
Friday- Running on rest day. 5.22 easy breezy miles. Just keeping the legs moving and the momentum going.
Saturday- Long run Saturday! 18.03 miles with the WRRC crew. With some faster miles thrown in the middle. Confession I fueled this run with a snickers bar and nothing else except water + electrolytes. Haha it was everything.
Sunday- 8.31 lunch time miles while listening to a podcast. HEY my Bravo fans they have Watch What Happens live as a podcast now. Thank you, Andy Cohen.

And there you have it!

How was your week! Any fun races coming up?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. I was able to get up and get in a rather CHILLY run!! It was 25 degrees out, y’all! Yes, in TEXAS! Talk about a cold snap. If you’ve been reading you know we have some serious up and down temperatures lately! Just wow. Nice sunrise this morning though while I listened to a podcast.

Let’s get into this week’s faves!

The best gloves to wear while running. I definitely could have used some of these for this morning’s run. Especially the ones with wind protection.
Wine walk night with my ladies!! We had so much fun and it was a nice little break from the hustle and bustle of the work week. Basically you pay $10 for a glass and they give you checklist of stores on the block to go into and you shop while you sip. And it happens once a month. Love love.

This OPI color – “It’s Sheer Luck”. Very natural yet shimmery and girly. Love.

Run safe in the dark – LED beanies!! Now that I can get behind.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a marvelous weekend.

What are some of your faves this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Seriously Texas weather has gone insane. No lie it was 80 degrees a few days ago and this morning it was in the 30s?! BANANAS.
It made for quite the windy chilly run this morning. But I kind of loved it. I’ve been loving my runs this week – I am back to wearing my pink girly hydration vest in the mornings and it has all of the pockets. Pockets while running make me happy.
I am also back on a little bit of a Chipotle kick. I need to recreate the tofu bowl at home. With the corn salsa?! YUM.
I actually really like tofu. Mostly because it just kind of takes on the taste of whatever you create with it. I could possibly be a vegetarian but the problem is I do like a nice medium steak every once in a while. Spoken like a true Texan.
And as I type this, I’m listening to country music on the headphones at work. SUCH A TEXAN.
-Listening to country music is probably something I would consider to be a guilty pleasure.
I really need to figure out what to do with my nails. I love the classic french manicure look but it is getting pricey to always be getting my nails done. I would do them myself but I like the way they look when someone else does them. Also, two of my nails broke this week. Sigh. The things girls do for beauty.
I like this pic of myself with my curls. I think I will wear my hair curly this weekend. Hmmmm.

Tell me something RANDOM about your week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there! It is spin cycle playlist day!! This is the day where I share the latest and greatest in workout tracks with you. Plus a playlist for my fellow fitness instructors! Hope you enjoy.

Follow me on Spotify where I post playlists on a weekly basis (I have over 100+ playlists on there now!) plus see where I’m teaching classes next in the DFW area.

Let’s go for a ride!!


You Should See Me in a Crown- Billie Ellish: Warm up
Freak- Joe Stone Edit: Accelerations
Finesse (Pink Panda Remix)- Bruno Mars, Cardi B: Hill climb
Fire in My Soul- Oliver Heldens: Jumps
I’m the Ish- DJ Class: Tapbacks
7/11- Beyonce: Rolling hills
Run This Town- Offaiah: Sprints
Show Me- Tiesto: Rolling hills
7 Rings- Ariana Grande: Seated/standing run
5 More Hours- Deorro, Chris Brown: Tapbacks
The Mack- Nevada: Hill climb
Joy- R3HAB: Accelerations
WTF- Missy Elliot, Pharrell: Active recovery
Can’t Stop Playing- Dr. Kucho: Rolling hills
Chun Li- Nicki Minaj/West End Tricks Remix: Accelerations
House Work (Carnival VIP Mix)- Jax Jones: Hill climb
Look Alive- Drake: Jumps on a hill
Crown- Camila Cabello: Sprints
R.O.D.- PT: Cool down

What songs are you loving this week?

Thoughts on the Run, Hill Repeats Edition.

-Okay…legs are a bit tired from yesterday’s workout. But I should be able to manage this.
-They are not hills actually. They are mounds of opportunity.
-At least that’s what I like to tell myself.
-Hill repeats are definitely more fun with friends.
-And music.
-Actually you know what would be great? If there was a live band out here at 5 AM. Kind of like those Rock n Roll races, to cheer me to the top.
-Well that, and pizza.
-Starting off downhill…wheeee! Always fun.
-I kind of wish my body liked downhill races. Great for a half, but a full marathon bombing down a canyon at 9,000 feet of elevation!? Rough.
-Big Cottonwood flashbacks.
-Alright, time to turn around and head back up.
-Oh…body don’t fail me now.
-Pump those arms. Pump pump pump.
-Focus on the top.
-Ugh, feeling slow. Okay pick up those feet. Quick feet.
-Crank up the tunes, you’ve got this.
-Good thing I’m both a fitness instructor and an only child. I’m pretty good at talking to myself and pumping myself up.
-Okay, there is my friend in the distance. Catch up to her. Race up the hill.
-Ahhh…the top. This view is the best place to be.
-And time to do it all over again. A few times.
-Coffee sounds good. Mmm…that RUNrise.

What are some of your thoughts on the run…when you’re running HILLS?