Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to you! Today I’ve got a fun playlist perfect for some spin cycling, running and high energy workouts! Let’s get right to it.

If you’re local come check out where I’m teaching next in the Dallas area! And/or find me at thedancingrunner on Spotify- where there’s an entire library full of workout songs.

Let’s go for a ride!

Love it Like That- Pink Panda, Nyanda: Warm up
Bingo Bango (Tom Staar & Kryner Remix)- Basement Jaxx: Accelerations
Level Up- Ciara: Rolling hills
Say My Name- David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, J Balvin: Tapbacks
Nice for What- Drake: Seated/standing run
Delirious- Steve Aoki, Kid Ink: Sprints
Super Bass- Nicki Minaj: Active recovery
Saxo- Thomas Newson: Sprints
Be Somebody- Nicky Romero, Kiiara: Hill climb
Like I Love You- Justin Timberlake: Jumps on a hill
DJ Turn it Up- Yellow Claw: Rolling hills
Campaign- Ty Dolla Sign, Future: Tapbacks
Side Effects (Fedde Le Grand Remix)- The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren: Accelerations
Lunatic- Mercer: Hill climb
The Half- DJ Snack, Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz: Sprints
Clouds- Audio Dope: Cool down

What songs are you loving this week?

Run Streak – The Pros and Cons to Running Everyday.

So I thought we would bring up a topic today that has a lot of opinions – because why not? It will be fun to discuss for those of you who are open minded. Let’s talk about the RUN STREAK! A lot of folks do this at the beginning of the year, during the holidays & what have you to keep their running momentum going. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of getting in the miles all day everyday.

Pro- So, running is just like anything in life. What do you have to do if you want to get BETTER at something? You have to, you must, it is imperative that you do it MORE. This will remain true forever. So, the simple act of run streaking will make you better at it. If you do it with patience and you do it correctly.

Con- You can’t run streak and run fast everyday. Some people don’t have an off switch, when it comes to intensity. These are the types of people, in my opinion, that do not need to run streak. You can’t run tempo everyday and expect to stay injury free. Bottom line. You will hurt yourself. Become a fan of easy running. Let go of the ego. No one cares about how fast you are. Only you. So chill.

Pro- Your body becomes like a machine. If you run everyday, you will learn your body very well and what does and does not work for you. It is a beautiful thing.

Con- Some days you just need rest. And I will be honest, a lot of this may have to do with your lifestyle. Do you like to stay up late and watch your favorite shows? Spouse snores at night? Are you not a morning person? Do you enjoy a happy hour or 5? These things definitely can get in the way of your workouts. All about priorities. BUT…rest days are indeed important and I am absolutely a fan of them. Even when I do a run streak I may do it for say a few weeks at a time and then give myself a Friday or Sunday to do nothing. Or a recovery week.

Pro- You don’t have to run 10 miles everyday. There are days that we call ACTIVE RECOVERY days for a reason. So some days that I need to run less, I will do say 4 or 5 miles. At this point in my running, that feels like a nothing type of day. It may not feel like that for you. On your “day off”, run 1 mile. Run 2. You are still run streaking. Actually. Running 1 mile can be fun because you can push the speed a bit. Try it out.

Con- Burnout can be possible. There are ways to avoid it…add cross training into your schedule. But yes, every runner deals with burn out. Take the time away from running if you need it. It will always be there when you come back, with open arms.

Here’s another great article on run streaking here- The Right Way to a Solid (and Long) Run Streak. 

Any RUN STREAKERS out there? What are some pros and cons to running everyday?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a great weekend. We are recapping some miles from last week today! I was able to get in 70.6 miles total, so training for upcoming ultra races is coming along well! Let’s recap and see how things went down.

Monday- 4.22 miles after teaching a class at gym. Honestly this was more like a rest day for me, as I was coming off of a pretty high mileage week the previous week. So it just felt good to get the legs moving and get something in.
Tuesday AM- 10.11 miles with the early run crew, some of the group ran track so I warmed up there with a few strides and then finished up my run on some hills.
Tuesday PM- Back to double run days! I did a quick 3.05 mile run in the evening, doing some people watching.
Wednesday PM- 6.31 miles on the lake in the morning. Peaceful and quiet solo miles.
Wednesday PM- 4.02 super relaxed miles after work. Funny story I did this run in FLIP FLOPS. Not something I always do but I left my shoes at home and had some sport sandals in the car. Thankfully it was not too chilly out. Haha, it was kind of silly and fun. Maybe I should get me some official Luna Sandals and make it a thing?
Thursday- 10.33 miles of hills back with the run group. It always feels good to get in a strong double digit run before you start the work day.
Friday- 7.12 miles to kick off the weekend. Nice breezy lake miles.
Saturday- 17.11 miles EARLY morning! I had to sub a class at the gym so I had a 4 a.m. wakeup call for this one. But it got done.
Sunday- 8.33 Sunday fun day miles. Ending with some speedy strides at a 7 something pace.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
Caught up on some Netflix. Aside from the running I was pretty lazy but loved every minute of it.

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF to ya! And all that jazz. Hope you have some fun in store for your weekend. I am definitely ready to let loose a bit!! And by “let loose” I mean run, relax and have enough free time to fully clean my apartment. I know, I lead wild lifestyle.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-An insane sky after one of my morning 10 milers this week. See above. Heaven.

How to plan a DIY running retreat. I am actually really digging this idea. Great way to get your favorite running buds together and have a good time.

-Speaking of running buds…here is a great site if you are looking for training groups and/or track clubs! The directory on there is pretty massive and it looks like they have a link to the websites of various clubs. Win win.

30 vegan dinners you can make in less than 30 minutes. I’m actually not vegan but I love exploring different foods and some days will make meatless dinners. These are perfection.

-My fridge magnets and photos. Just because they make me happy. Here is just a snippet. Loved getting me meet Sanya Richards Ross many years ago. Such down to earth lady.

Have a wonderful Friday!

What is on tap for your weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is random thoughts Thursday! I’ve got a few rants/raves/confessions in no particular order. So herrrre we go…

-We will start with running related. I have to get up every morning before my early runs and check the weather before I put clothes on because Texas has been so bipolar weather wise lately. All week long we have gone from almost 80 degrees to like 40 the next day. It is insane. I actually am looking forward to some spring time weather. Maybe not the humidity part, but some sunshine.

I am doing a free trial on Netflix and need some good shows to watch. Particularly funny/light hearted ones. Any suggestions? I wouldn’t mind starting from the beginning with the Office and just watching all of it all over again.

My main problem (if you want to call it that) with trying to be an avid Netflix watcher is that lately I’m never home. If I am not working (at the gym or my career job), I’m running. If I am not running I’m sleeping. That is what happens when you run high mileage. I always end up falling asleep when I get to watch stuff. HA.

I think the main question I’ve been getting lately is how can I wake up so early to run. Why do people ask this question? It’s like, you either like morning running or you don’t. I can’t convince you to do it. I like getting up early. I also enjoy GOING TO BED early. 8 p.m. is my magic hour. I consider that hour a heavenly bed time. Typically I’m in bed between the hours of 7:30 to 9. One of my friends said it best, I go to bed like an infant. Yeah, I don’t have much of a social life either during the week.

And I like it that way. What can I say, I’m in my 30s. Save the fun for the weekend.

Sometimes I will make an exception if I am going on a date or something. In those cases, I will sleep in and go run at 7 a.m. or something.

Speaking of fun…mardi gras is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite holidays. What shall I do? Go to New Orleans? Maybe I will just run a mardi gras themed race. Dash for the Beads– it’s my fave. I hear they do a 10k now. I need a TX mardi gras marathon (or ultra?). Down here in Texas we do a lot of that stuff. They even have a celebration down in Galveston. You know, we want to claim mardi gras I guess since we are so close to Louisiana.

What randomness is on your mind this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there and welcome to another edition of the Weds Spin list! We’ve got some new and old tracks for your workouts this this week. Hope you do enjoy!

And be sure to check out where I’m teaching spin cycle next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Also, let’s be Spotify friends! Find me under thedancingrunner.

Let’s go for a ride!

I Got Love- Don Diablo, Nate Dog: Warm up
Don’t Wake Me Up (Ultra Dance Mix)- Chris Brown: Accelerations
Yella- Smookie Illson: Tapbacks
I Like It- Cardi B: Rolling hills
Get Low- Zedd, Liam Payne: Seated/standing run
Uptown Vibes- Meek Mill, Fabulous: Hill climb
You Don’t Know Me (Dre Skull Remix)- Jax Jones: Jumps on a hill
High On Emotion- Sultan + Shepard: Sprints
Left to Right- Anderson Paak: Active recovery
ILYSM- Steve Aoki: Hill climb/Tapbacks
Taki Taki- DJ Snake, Selena Gomez: Accelerations
Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado: Rolling hills
Up Now- Saweetie, G-Eazy: Jumps
Gang- Merk & Fremont: Sprints
Other Side of the Game- Erykah Badu: Cool down

What songs are on your workout playlists this week?

Ways to Revamp Your Running in the New Year.

Okay…so New Year’s celebrations have come and gone…your holiday hangover has subsided and you are ready to get back out in those streets for some miles. But what are some ways your can revamp and re-energize your running? Here are a few.

Get some social runs on the calendar! Yes, we all like to have our RACE calendar stocked to the brim. But if you are like me you like to save money and budget every now and again. Social runs are a great way to make running fun and if you do your research you will discover there are lots of opportunities to meet up with other runners in your area. FUN runners that like to do FUN things. Don’t hang out with boring runners. You may as well run alone! The first place I would go to? FACEBOOK. There you will find Wednesday happy hour runs. Long runs and brunches over the weekends, hey…even beer yoga! Speaking of which, I need to get back to doing that…

Get your booty on that track. Find a local track in your area. Go online and look up a track workout and just do it for fun if you are not training for anything. Track workouts can be extremely rewarding and motivating.

Make yourself a hot new running playlist on Spotify. Or go to my Spotify and grab one of my many crazy music playlists. Sometimes music is just the thing that will bring you some new energy.

Sign up for a trail race a few months out. Often times trail races have odd distances which is kinda cool and different from your typical humdrum road race. Something different. Be immersed in nature.

What are some other ways your can revamp your running in the new year?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday! I am back to doing my weekly running reports. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Here is a quick recap of last week’s miles – which came out to 83.3 miles of running! I have a couple of ultras on the horizon so we are gearing up for some fun. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- As most of you know last week was the BIG Dallas to Ft. Worth fun run that I do every year! 33.3 miles. Legs actually held up better than I thought they would. If you missed it you can catch the recap here. I love running crazy long with people as crazy as I am.

Tuesday- 3.02 miles in the evening after teaching a spin class. The next day was definitely recovery just to shake the legs out. I really do feel better after runs like that if I can get the legs going and the blood flowing. Even if the run is short, for me it is better than sitting on my couch eating bon bons. (What are bon bons really by the way? Has anyone had one? Do tell me what they are all about.)
Wednesday- 4.22 miles in the cold rain in the evening. I’ve found a great route over by work that I like to run so this worked out well. I am mostly a morning runner you know but it is good sometimes to switch it up.
Thursday- Another COLD, rainy morning but 6.32 miles done. Texas weather is being bipolar again (the high is 70 something degrees today, YAY springtime temps) but yeah I believe that morning it was 30 something. Ice cold rain calls for hot coffee.

Friday- Run streak week! 6.31 miles on the lake. Friday runs are always pretty relaxed before the long run on Saturday. This is typically when I would do a rest day but it has been fun maintaining my sanity and running all week long.
Saturday- 20.02 miles with the run club! I did get a massage on Friday night so that helped revive the legs a bit. But I need to start incorporating some back to back long runs for ultra training. Anyway, mimosas and breakfast tacos were had immediately after.
Sunday- I ended up having a low key Saturday which made room for some Sunday funday miles! 10.13 miles running a new route with my Sunday morning run crew.
Oh, and I tried a new chicken place! Cowboy Chicken. Fitting for Texas, right?

This place was pretty good last minute comfort food type of meal. I hear they also do rotisserie chicken tortilla soup and enchiladas so I have to go back for that.

And there you have it!

How has your running going? Tell me something fun about your weekend!
We celebrated the Cowboys winning on Saturday. Sometimes I like to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday to ya! The sun is shining down in Dallas and I am feeling oh so good!! I hope that you are too. I’ve got some running, Netflix and chillin and other items on the agenda for this weekend! It should be a lovely time.

Let’s get into my faves from this week!!

My adult bevvie of choice this week. Dark cherry cider from Locust Cider (which they now have a tap room in Ft. Worth! Yes). This stuff is dangerously awesome. And hey they say that dark cherries are good for runners so, ya know, that makes this runner girl happy. I’m just saying.

Speaking of Ft. Worth, I love everything about the Japanese Gardens. I went here recently and took a to of pics. Such a peaceful place.

Expressing gratitude can help you run better all year long. I can get behind that.
All of the fun Snapchat filters. How cute are we ringing in the 2019. Love it love it.

And this. Makes me giggle. EXACTLY why I don’t do it. Thanks.

Have a great Friday!

What’s on tap for your weekend? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So today is the day that we talk about the randomest of things- rants, raves and confessions! Some of them are running related and some of them definitely are not! So, without further ado let’s get straight to it!

Yes, grab some tea and sip sip sip. Kenya Moore had her baby by the way if you have been living under a rock. Cutest baby girl ever.

Is it just me or is work just really hard to jump back into this week??! Also, coworkers who think they are your boss- no ma’am. Homie don’t play that and it will not be tolerated in 2019. Ya feel me.
I am not making a ton of resolutions this year. BUT I do have a few- I definitely want to get into more yoga and increase my flexibility. I am forever a fan of yoga on Youtube. It is just way too convenient. Gotta keep it going.
-Running is going well and I have been running ultra distances like it ain’t no thang. Up next is the Cowtown Ultra and then the Hachie 50 miler. I may throw a marathon in there for good measure. But, my race calendar for 2019 is still developing. I kind of like it being loose and relaxed for right now especially after just finishing Brazos Bend 100.
Black Santa is still up in the office and you know what I kind of don’t want to take him down. Should I leave him up another week or so? I think he still wants to make his presence known.
Another thing I want to get back into is food prep. Not for dietary reasons honestly more just to save MONEY. Like it is ridiculous how much money one can spend during the week on Starbucks and such. I do have to have my fix every now and again. But yeah. Dolla dolls bills y’all.
It has been COLD and rainy here in Dallas all week and I cannot wait until this weekend because temps are supposed to reach the high 60s. Hallelujah and thank you JESUS. I need my patio weather temps back. This girl loves some sunshine.

What randomness is on your mind this week?