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Domination is the only option.

Ok, so I will have to apologize in advance because since I’m 6 days away from running yet another marathon. So it’s highly likely that the topic of running on the beach will be mentioned quite frequently this week!
Galveston beach...get ready for me!
This morning’s run was easy and relaxed. 5 miles at an 8:30 pace. I was feeling good and got some good stretching in afterwards before work. Breakfast was a potent cup of espresso roast, english muffin with PB, and the new passionfruit Chobani with some honey and chia seeds.
The weekend was a busy one for me, per the usual. Saturday was the Luke’s Locker 5k/10k benchmark race for the Beat Goes On spring training. This event is always lots of fun since every Luke’s Locker store in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area gets together to run and then have breakfast afterwards. It was held at the Ft. Worth Stockyards, which is a neat little area that has rodeo shows, shopping, and restaurants. The founder of Luke’s Locker, Don Lucas was there all decked out in his cowboy gear – in true Texas fashion.
Nike was the sponsor again this year, and they came out to showcase some of their newest running shoes and apparel.
I paced my running group for the 10K race. The group that I coach (green group – I like to call them the green machines) averages about a 9 to 9:30 pace…so we tried to stay within that range for the first half of the race. The trails out in Ft. Worth are beautiful, and we got to see the sun rise. It was a mild winter morning, just perfect for a run.
The back half of the race we did a negative split & picked it up a bit. Everyone looked strong and I think overall my group was pleased with their finish times. I was happy I got to share in that with them.
Hanging with green machines Heidi and Jeanette after the race
I logged in a few more miles on my own since this was my last training run. I picked it up a bit and ended up rounding out at about an 8:50 pace, including the miles I paced with my group. Not too shabby!
After the run and some yummy breakfast I went and had some mimosas with some of the other coaches. Always a good time with them.
awesome ladies - love those two.
The rest of the day I made sure to take it easy. Met up with some friends later but nothing too crazy. Was in bed by about 10 pm. Got some much needed sleep.
Sunday morning I did some cross training, went to Danceaton and got some booty shaking in since I’ll be teaching a class on Wednesday. It was nice to be back in class since I hadn’t gone in about a week or so.
That was my weekend in a nutshell! This week I will be focusing on keeping the mind and body strong. Marathon number 4…get ready for total domination.
In the words of my fellow running friend Patton Gleason
Domination is the only option.

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