Five Things Friday.

#1. I do not have President’s Day off. I am slightly envious of those of you that have a 3 day weekend. Oh, the joys of working in a job that never sleeps.
#2. So excited that Mardi Gras is just around the corner! I love celebrating this silly holiday. This weekend I will be going to a Mardi Gras parade at the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. Me and the boyfriend went last year and it is so much fun. Beads, wacky colors, crazy masks. I love it all.
Here are some fun photos from last year’s parade:

Too cool for school.

#3. This rose is currently blooming at my desk in the office. I think blooming roses are so beautiful.
#4. Confession: I have a thing for cake frosting. So much that I didn’t ice the entire cake I made the boo for Valentine’s Day, just so I could eat the remaining frosting out of the jar. Pathetic, right?
#5. I got a lot of joy from reading The Accidental Athlete’s blog post this morning about “You Might Be a Runner If”. So funny. Go check it out, it’s all true. I also enjoyed finding this and pinning it on my running board on Pinterest.
What do you prefer, the cake or the frosting?
What are some of the odd things you think runners do or say? 

4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday.

  1. I actually prefer the cake to the frosting–when I was a kid, my mom used to have to leave a corner of my birthday cake unfrosted so that I could have a piece of my own cake!

    Also, thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed my “You Might Be a Runner If…” post!

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