Whirlwind Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! Guess we had better get caught up since I’m a bad weekend blogger. I guess I have to go live life sometime so I can come back and write about it, right? Right.
This weekend was a whirlwind of busy things, starting with my Saturday long run. Mother nature was sweet to us this weekend and cooled things down a little bit in Texas. 12 miles, temps in the 70s. It was so pleasant and I enjoyed the conversation with my running group as the miles went by. Felt great at the end, again like I could probably do a little bit more but this was a recovery week for me after last week’s 16 miles. So I was happy with it!
After the run I grabbed one of the new Starbucks Cool Lime Refreshers. It tasted a little bit like a caffeinated margarita! I think this may be my new Saturday morning go to after a long run. Paradise on ice. And not so bad on the calories.
Saturday night I went to the Danceaton flashmob! I really have to do better at recording some of these dancing events. Since I didn’t get footage you will just have to go on youtube and look at an old one. Anyways, it was really fun.
Me and fellow instructor Sharanda represented for all of the other peeps who couldn’t make it. She is prego with a little dancing bundle of joy!
After a little bit of booty shakin’ Natalie and I partied on the rooftop of a fancy high dollar restaurant. Actually we parked on the top of a parking garage and took a photo before going to eat.
We went to RA sushi for dinner which is one of my favorite sushi spots! I ordered a tuna roll and some salmon sushi.
I made it an early night because I had to get up early to volunteer at the Hottest Half and 10K on Sunday! My friend Jessi and I got out to White Rock Lake close to 8 am. The race had already started so we helped unpack the medals while waiting for the speedy runners to make their way in for the 10K.
Look at all of these good looking volunteers!
I have to say that I really enjoyed volunteering for this race. I had originally planned on running the half marathon but decided to save a little bit of cash and help out instead. Just seeing all of the runners coming in, for some of them it was their first 10K or half marathon, was so rewarding! I loved cheering them on and handing them shiny medals. I enjoyed being on the other side of the finish line and definitely plan on doing this more often!!
I was so proud of Team Luke’s for racking up some age group wins in the 10K!

From left – age group winners Lori, Bob and Shirley

We took lots of photos because that’s what runners (and volunteers) are best at.
Overall it was a fun filled weekend! I also had time to make a few tasty foods…I made a cucumber and tomato summer salad and topped it with some goat cheese! It was delish.
I also made the chocolate chip cookie dough fro yo I told you about…I didn’t add the regular sugar because I felt like it didn’t need it…instead I used just a bit of brown sugar and vanilla chobani. It wasn’t something I would make often but it was a tasty little homemade frozen treat! I definitely recommend experimenting and making it sometime.
How was your weekend? Did you make any tasty healthy eats? Have you ever volunteered for a race (if not you definitely should!) What is your favorite Starbucks drink? 

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