Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap.

Well hello there! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I woke up to chilly temps and a little bit of that white stuff (what do they call it, snow?) on my rooftop this morning. Yesterday, it was 70 degrees and humid btw. Really, Texas? It is starting to finally feel like winter time around these parts!
Let’s recap the weekend, shall we?
This weekend was the Dallas half marathon…my 4th half marathon completed this year and my 12th half overall. The 13.1 distance is my absolute favorite so I knew this one would be fun. Saturday morning after subbing a spin class for a friend I went over to the Dallas marathon expo to get all of my swag.
I was very fortunate to be running with the awesome Team VW this year! I wasn’t actually even going to run this race up until I found out about the opportunity and was chosen to run with them. What a privilege.
Along with my Team VW shirt they also gave us free socks, a wristlet you can put your keys in, and a headband with built in headphones! Freaking awesome.
Race morning I got ready and drove down to the Dallas Convention Center near the start line. I met up with all of my friends, some running the half and others rocking the full 26.2 distance. We took our pre race pics as usual.
 Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 10.11.31 AM
Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 10.12.35 AM
Around 7:30 am we went over to line up in the start line corrals. The corrals were crazy packed this year! We were probably thousands of people back from the actual start. When the gun went off at 8:05 am, it literally took us 4 minutes to cross to get to the front of the line! I took that as an opportunity to take more pics of course.
I clicked my Garmin off at 8:09 a.m. and we were off! Confetti flying and smoke in the air. So many people at this race, more than I remember from when I did this race 2 years ago! It was packed and thick for miles but I did my best to weave through the crowds. I tried not to focus at all on my pace, just how I was feeling. Although the weather was seasonably warm with 80% percent humidity I actually felt really good! I had a spring in my step and felt like I had power in my legs. My first few miles were a little speedier than I wanted, close to 8-8:30/min miles. It felt good though so I went with it! I loved the course changes this year, and running over the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge was simply beautiful.
Around mile 6-7 we went into the Turtle Creek part of Dallas. It was a little hilly here so I just tried to hold onto my pace. With the humidity getting a little bit thicker I was starting to feel warm here so I had to drop my Team VW shirt – I had a black tank top on underneath. I was so glad I dropped the shirt because I felt much lighter! The course loops around close to mile 8 and goes back into downtown. This was where the full marathoners split off. I saw a lot of my buddies here so that was really motivating.
I started dipping into 9 minute miles here so I turned up my music for encouragement…I just kept telling myself “what would my homebody Meb do?” He would tell me to DIG DEEP! So that I did. I picked up the pace and kept flying. I loved the downhills and basically just flew down all of them to gain some momentum. Towards mile 11 I was feeling tired but I just went with the flow of my music I was listening to. Every time a fast part of a song came on…I did little bursts of speed. My main goal for this race definitely was to stay under 2 hours and that’s what I did! Not a PR but given the conditions I was thrilled with my finish time.
Next weekend I will be racing the Jog’r Egg Nog’r 5K! I did the 15K last year and had a ball out there. I can’t wait to run this one and work on my speed a bit!
How was your weekend? Did you race/run/do anything fun & active? What do you tell yourself during a race when you are struggling? 

29 thoughts on “Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap.

  1. Congrats on finishing! I was out there for the full. It was humid but better than last year, at least it was dry and there was a lot more spectators out on the course cheering us on.

  2. How is it that you are getting snow in Texas and we have none in Michigan?! Craziness I tell ya!
    Love that you ‘Dug Deep’….Meb sure knows his stuff, so that is excellent advice to follow:-)
    You are a machine! Way to rock #12!

  3. GREAT JOB Chelsea!!!
    VW definitely hooked you up with some sweet goodies!
    I love the name of the upcoming 5k you’re doing!
    I hope you’re legs are feeling healed and happy post-race!

  4. WOO HOO!! Heck yes, all your training paid way off!!

    Glad to see the event goodie bags were a hit too – sometimes they can really be a disappointment.

    I am still in awe of 12 races!!! WOW – that is amazing!

  5. Congrats!!! One day I will finish a 13.1 that is under 2 hours! When I’m in a race and I’m struggling, I read the tattoo that I put on my forearm and it says “I am stronger than this challenge & this challenge is making me even stronger”.

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