Breakfast On the Go: Chai Green Smoothie.

Happy Thursday! I hope you all had a marvelous holiday. Mine was nice and long, and filled with some running, some rest and spending time with the fam! I am back to the grind at work today. It’s a short week though thankfully…I’ll be working today and tomorrow and then a 4 day weekend for New Years! This morning I needed a jolt of energy to get things started so I made myself a delicious smoothie on the go. I adopted it from this recipe but I added my own spin to it. Here’s what you will need.
Chai Green Wake Up Smoothie
1 packet of Chai Green Tea
1 cup of frozen mangoes
1 serving of Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt (or your favorite kind of vanilla yogurt)
Honey or sweetener to taste
Put the tea packet in hot water and let it sit for a few minutes (I let it sit while I went to get ready for work). Once the tea is cooled off a bit pour it in the blender. Add yogurt, top with frozen mangoes, honey and ice. Blend. Voila! A delicious smoothie with a nice little burst of energy.
Today will be a little crazy on my end but I am looking forward to subbing some spin classes tonight! Join me if you are in the area – at the Irving 24 Hour Fitness at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM. 
How was your Christmas? What are your favorite ‘Breakfast On the Go’ meals or smoothies? 

15 thoughts on “Breakfast On the Go: Chai Green Smoothie.

  1. I love Chai, but I’ve never tried it in smoothie form. My boyfriend and I always split a smoothie and a banana pb & j on the way to the mountains to snowboard on the weekends. It’s the perfect amount of food and great for energy.

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