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Get Pumped Up and 5 Days.

This morning’s run…3.5 mile loop sans the Garmin with my running buddy in the park. I never get tired of this view.
It was so nice not running with my watch this morning. Since I am tapering for the race this weekend I just plan to do some relaxed, data free runs this week in preparation for 26.2.
I am also tossing around ideas in my head for an outfit to wear…looking at the forecast for the weekend I am thinking this skirt might make the cut.
Possibilities for lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s…should be some fun in store for me come Sunday.
Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 8.43.26 AM
In the meantime I may have to watch this movie a few times to get pumped up…never gets old.
And I am loving these quotes that get dropped in my email inbox daily…keep ’em coming RW.
Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 8.28.24 AM
5 days til #6.
What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Do you ever run without your Garmin/running watch? 
How much importance do you place on tapering/recovery?
Check out this post on all of my favorite ways to get some running R & R.

29 thoughts on “Get Pumped Up and 5 Days.”

  1. Gorgeous photo from this morning’s run! It’s cold and windy here, so I’m thinking today will be a treadmill day. I only run without my Garmin if I’m running on the treadmill and can get my time and distance that way…I’m so addicted to numbers. Tapering is so important if you want to PR–you have to make sure that you have fresh legs and that all of your glycogen stores are full, especially for a full marathon. Good luck with the rest of your taper week!

    1. Yeah I totally understand being a slave to the numbers because I am the same way, so every once in a while you have to remind yourself that you can run without all of the data. It really is refreshing. 🙂

  2. WOW! 5-days already??? I remember when you just signed up for this marathon. How quickly time flies. I think the running skirt is PERFECT for the weather you’ll be getting on Sunday. YAY!!!

    Do you have nerves? You’re going to kick butt.

  3. Whoop! The final countdown. Enjoy the taper, you’ve earned it.

    I run with my Garmin once a week to check my pace, but typically I try to listen to my body. Unless I’m doing intervals, then obviously you need it.

    Great vid!

  4. Enjoy your taper! Even though I don’t plan on doing a marathon for a few years, I love watching Spirit of the Marathon. It’s so inspiring. I usually watch it on Hulu when I don’t feel like running.

  5. I have had enough of the cold weather in this neck of the woods. Taper is always so hard for me mentally. Hang onto it and stay true to the plan because it will pay off so well if you do it right!

  6. I am already getting pumped to read your recap – they always inspire me!
    The first Spirit of the Marathon is one of my all time favorite movies….I just love to watch people chase down their dreams. I am SO, SO excited that they are making a squeal. I can’t wait!

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