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GNO, A Bendy Session and Back to Running…Wknd Recap.

Hello hello! Another work week ahead. I started out my Monday with my 5:45 am spinners. I hadn’t seen them in over a week since I took time off after the marathon so it was good to be back. They worked it out this morning.
Goin’ in on those sprints with one of my favorite tracks.
How was your weekend? Here are a few snapshots from mine…
Back to running after a week off. Easy Saturday morning jaunt in 30 degree weather with a few of the guys from my Luke’s crew. One of them ran the ULTRA 50k last week and still met up with us for an easy run in the ‘hood. It was fun to catch up with him and hear about his experience.
After the run we had breakfast at this joint then I went home for a long hot shower and a nap. Later…painted my nails, got my hair done and took a selfie. Yep, selfies are where it’s at.
Went out with my girls hopping around uptown for pizza, some dancin’ and more pictures.
 Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 8.24.49 AM
More pics on the patio warming it up by the fire.
Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 8.26.32 AM
Sunday morning I was up for a little bendy session at Uptown Yoga in Dallas.
60 minutes in an 85 degree room with the candles lit was just pure bliss.
Overall I loved this place. I bought the 10 days for $10 coupon so I cannot wait to check out more classes. I can’t wait until the day when I am able to hold the crow pose again for longer than 5 seconds without faceplanting it. See exhibit A.
How was your weekend? When is the last time you went to YOGA? 
Do you like to dance?
I love it. Need more dancin’ in my life…

29 thoughts on “GNO, A Bendy Session and Back to Running…Wknd Recap.”

  1. I went to yoga last night. It was awesome. I always feel 1000x better afterwards so I’m really glad I went.Your weekend looks awesome!

  2. looks like a great weekend! I do yoga on my own at home a lot, but because of scheduling it’s been a while since I made it to a class. Hoping to get to one to this week though!

  3. I would love to try hot yoga but I’m nervous that I’ll pass out after hearing a few horror stories. I love the idea of it though, maybe sometime soon I’ll check it out! And you look so pretty out with your ladies 🙂

    1. The room was warm but it really was not hot yoga…as I think the temps in that type of yoga are a tad bit warmer. Great workout though! It’s fun to try something new 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend. I definitely want to try hot yoga one of these days. I do Pilates every Tuesday evening, but it’s definitely not the same as yoga. My weekend was good and filled with lots of movie watching and relaxing, as well as a basketball game, viewed from the VIP suites, and a fun/challenging lower body lifting session.

    By the way, I had to look up “selfie” on Urban Dictionary. You’re too cool for me. 😛

    1. Oh, pilates! I need to try that out too. I bet that is a good compliment to running with the core work 🙂

      It was not hot yoga, it was one of their basic vinyasa flow classes the room was just warm. It felt amazing though.

  5. Mmm is that pizza from Union Bear? YUM YUM YUM.

    I really want to do Bikram here in Dallas, but have been waiting for a good chance to do it where I can go a lot in a week, since I think the first class starts an unlimited-for-one-week deal. Have you tried Bikram at all here?

    1. I have not tried a legit Bikram class but let me know if you go! The pizza is from Sfuzzi’s…but I did see Union Bear have you been there? I need to do more exploring!

      1. I loveeeeeeeeee Union Bear because they have good pizza but ALSO a great beer list 🙂 I tried Bikram in South Carolina in January but haven’t gone to it in Dallas just yet.

  6. Aww, you glow! That is so amazing every time I see your beautiful face – glowing, enjoying, living!
    Also I love yoga. But I find no time doing it. Bad me!!
    As for dancing?… Not the best one, and not the fan – I’m shy you know. But man, I can cheer anyone doing it. Anywhere. 😉

  7. There’s the pizza again. LOL I’m coming out to visit you so we can run, eat, spin, eat, yoga, eat and run again.

    You are looking fab.

      1. I’m holding you to that!!! You’ll have to school me on which marathon out in Dallas is the best to run (as far as course + weather as I’m sure it gets too hot out there).

      2. There’s one in December (the Dallas marathon) that has great weather for that time of year! Winters in TX are often very mild so that’s always the best time of yr to come down here and run. Also the Dallas Rock n Roll half is a good one. Let me know!

      3. When is the Dallas Rock n Roll half?

        I will definitely look into the Dallas Marathon. That one sounds nice and cool and is it flat? LOL

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