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A Nice Change of Pace.

This morning’s workout- 55 minutes teaching my early bird spinners…going all in on this remix for some sprint work.
Wednesday’s double day playlist-
Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.15.20 AM
I really never get tired of making playlists for this class. It’s the highlight of my week.
Last night I decided to switch things up since we have an extra hour of sunlight in the evening…I knew I wanted to take advantage of it. My ‘hood has started a new running club not long ago so I went to check out their Tues evening social run. Irving really has some gorgeous trails and roads for both biking and running. Check out this view.
I did a little warm up on my own then joined them for 3 miles to round it out to 5 for the day.
Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.25.34 AM
And of course we took a much needed photo.
Overall a great time! I still have mad love for my morning sunrise runs but this was a nice change of pace. Plus getting to meet new runners and socialize a bit while getting your sweat on is just always a plus. Definitely plan on doing some of these more often.
What is your workout today?
Do you prefer running alone or with friends/a running group?
Honestly…I think there are benefits to both so I enjoy either one!

28 thoughts on “A Nice Change of Pace.”

  1. I’d love to swap spin workouts and see what you’re pairing with your playlists! 🙂 I love morning runs and agree there are benefits to both running alone and with a group- I like to keep an even mix!

      1. Yours too! And I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂 I’ll look forward to it! I’ve been posting my spin workouts on my blog each Monday

  2. My workout today is some sort of cardio for warm-up probably the bike since I have ran the last two days then its Leg day!! I like to run alone and with people it just depends on the day for me!! 🙂

  3. Making playlists for class is a HUGE plus in being certified for group training for me…not even lying. And I think you’ll understand. 🙂 Wish I could take one of your classes because you would kick my BUTT and your playlists would distract me.

  4. I usually run by myself because I don’t know anybody who likes to run. I’m contemplating joining a local running group just so that I can at least meet new people that have my same interest. I just need to find the $$$ to join the group.

    My workout tonight was just swimming. Ended up swimming 2200 yds. I was supposed to run but I’m just starting to get over shin splints, so I’m waiting to run til Saturday.

  5. Well this is refreshing! I’ll say it again but I would LOVE to be in your class. A good soundtrack makes the difference to me. Great playlist.

    And running clubs are amazing, glad you’re enjoying yours. I actually like the idea of running a little before and then joining – great idea!

  6. lalala! I’m in love with your playlists!! I’m using them for my workouts – I hope you don’t mind?
    I did my usual: squats, press, deadlift. But I’m thinking about returning to classes lately – they are so lively, fun and challenging at the same time!

  7. Thanks for sharing your playlists with us! I always find a handful to download for my computer from your recommendations! Loved this particular list!

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