Gettin’ it In and Keepin’ it Classy…Wknd Recap.

Monday workout…taught 55 minutes of cycle – gettin’ it in with my crazy dedicated morning crew.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was mixed with some rest, lots of running, and some yummy eats! Saturday morning my training plan called for 13 miles. I was up and at it at 5:30 am. 79 degrees….crazy humidity and about 20 mph winds.
Slow as molasses but got it done.
Quick outfit change then I had to hit the streets to sub a spin class for a friend at 8:30. Wild fun joyride.
After a nap I met up with a friend for brunch, and ran some errands. Helped my mom out with my boy Brady who got his shots then a haircut. He told me to take his photo so he could show you guys his dapper new look! I love how he poses for the camera.
Sunday morning I was up for an hour long bendy session in the park! It felt more like hot yoga. Great stretch though and it was fun doing it outdoors with the music and the scenery.
I also did a little running on Sunday too…quick 5 mile loop to shake out the legs from my long run.
Sunday for dinner I made some shrimp lettuce wraps with cilantro lime quinoa and avocado. Just something I made up. They reminded me a little bit of shrimp tacos.
All while drinking Barefoot pinot grigio wine and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. Keepin’ it classy.
What did you do this weekend? Do you do yoga? What’s your favorite yoga pose?

39 thoughts on “Gettin’ it In and Keepin’ it Classy…Wknd Recap.

  1. I am slightly envious of all your workouts this past weekend. I am missing LRs like crazy, but I don’t think I can do anything over 6 miles… Especially with the heat and humidity. I’m even going to split up my runs today. I’m not going to complain though. I have a sweet bundle of joy just running inside of me.

    I’ll just come here for some motivation!!!! HAHA Have a wonderful week.

  2. Brady is so handsome! His puppy picture looks like my family’s dog, Molly. I had a pretty busy weekend that went by way too fast. I intended to spin on Saturday, but was running late to the class so opted to hit the elliptical for the first time post-injury. It felt great! Thinking about getting some spin in tonight! Have a great Monday!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I wish I could enjoy yoga, but it’s just not for me. 😦 The boyfriend and I went to this cool little diner in a small town about 1 1/2 hrs away…I should blog about it!

  4. The real housewives from NJ are definitely the most entertaining, in my opinion. Followed by the OC housewives. I am impressed by your constant movement over the weekend – yoga, spin, run, girl you do it all!

  5. Looks like such a great spring-ish/summer weekend. I use to do outdoor yoga in nyc every wednesday in the park…loved it! need to find that in Denver!
    Way to tackle that run despite the elements too!!

  6. Sounds like a great and extremely productive weekend! 🙂 I love yoga but haven’t made it to a class in a while…I wanna get a really good yoga dvd for home. I have 2 but they are super beginner dvds, and I’m already over it. Lol, smh.

  7. Love back bends. So energising. And headstand. I always feel so grounded afterwards.
    I had a go at peppers stuffed with quinoa, onion, lemon zest, olives, tomatoes, put lentils and feta crumbled on top tonight. Very nice. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Your weekend sounds like it was perfect. The Yoga in the park looks like a blast! I need to inquire about one out here. Oh and RHNJ is one of my favorite Housewife shows. YES!

  9. More great food porn here!
    Triangle pose is a favorite. It’s been too long since my last yoga session. I was thinking about getting formal training and adding it to a Spin class for a nice combo class 30 minutes of Spin, followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. Have a great week!

    • Seriously so easy! Just mix cooked quinoa w/ fresh cilantro, squeeze some lime, salt/pepper and garlic powder then put in the lettuce wrap with some sauteed shrimp, top w/ avocado or whatever your fancy! So many things you can do with lettuce wraps!

  10. sounds like you had a great weekend! favorite yoga pose – frog. i can just feel my tight muscles starting to stretch out.

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