Strength Shots.

I was up just after 7 this morning to squeeze in 3 miles around the block. I came back home with just enough time to do a little strength set in my living room. I am loving all of the sportskool workouts on my On Demand because they are tough and you get a strength blast in if you are strapped for time. Story of my life.
I did a quick session on there called Strength Shot…nonstop bodyweight conditioning exercises, 1 minute each, as many rounds as possible. I love these kind of AMRAP workouts because they are challenging and keep you moving!
Here’s another one I’ve done before if you want to try it out…I will definitely be doing it this week! Burpees…I love to hate you.
Overall I loved my post run shot…I may just have another shot again tonight. I know, living on the edge.
Are you getting your shot of strength today? Have you ever tried an AMRAP workout? 

25 thoughts on “Strength Shots.

  1. I love strength workouts. I didn’t do it this morning though. I’ll see if I have energy after work (doubt it though!). I’ll definitely get in tomorrow!!! I’ll have to do that one post-pregnancy. I get a little sketchy with whether I can do push-ups right now… Not sure if that’s good or not for the baby. Push-ups are great though.

  2. I’ve never tried an AMRAP workout, but I think I might wait until a cutback week in my training or something to try it…I think I’d be sore afterward! My strength training comes from my yoga classes–lots of holding lunges, chair pose, etc. and chaturangas to work those muscles!

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