Back to the Basics and Something to Marinate On.

This morning I slept in a bit (til about 7:15, yes in my world during the work week that is considered sleeping in) and tried to convince myself to skip my run and just do it this evening. Then I looked at the weather forecast for the day and decided not to run in 90 degree temps. Yeah, smart move.
Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 9.51.34 AM
I was out the door at about 7:30 for my usual 6 mile loop around the ‘hood. Plenty of cloud cover and breeze to go around.
I actually did this run ‘naked’ – yes sans the Garmin/Map My Run which was really nice. Get your mind outta the gutter, I didn’t meanΒ that kind of naked. Although in this heat and humidity, actually running with no clothes on doesn’t sound half bad. Just sayin’. Anyway, I think we runners tend to get so caught up in the data, analyzing every mile split, pace etc. and need to take things back to the basics every once in a while. It was nice to do it for this little recovery run just to shake the legs out from my long run.
So if you are one of those type A runners (like me) who is always overanalyzing EVERY flippin’ run, I encourage you to try a naked run every now and again. The last mile I turned my music off and just enjoyed the breeze, listened to my feet hit the pavement, and said some prayers for the day. Just me, God, and my running shoes.
A little something to marinate on for today.
Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.11.31 AM
Would you prefer to run with music or without? Do you ever run ‘naked’?Β 
What do you love the most about running?Β 

25 thoughts on “Back to the Basics and Something to Marinate On.

  1. I always thought that I needed music to run, and then one day I realized I had paid any attention to it anyway. I love that moment when you feel like you’re in your grove. The strides don’t feel as difficult. and breathing starts to feel natural. And there you are just moving through space. Those are my favorite moments.

  2. I sometimes like to just hear my feet on the pavement and my breaths. Sometimes that is therapeutic. Music is a lovely way to put a soundtrack to your life, but sometimes, silence is amazing.

  3. If you asked me a year ago, if I ran naked or would I ever, I would’ve been sure to give you a confident “no!”. Thankfully, I have learned to enjoy running for what it is and how I feel and back off the data. So now, yes, I run naked about once a week and love it. πŸ™‚ The freedom it brings is incredible.

  4. If I’m alone, I am listening to music. When I run with others, I like to chat πŸ™‚
    I think next week when this killer race is over I will go for a nice little ‘naked’ run too…sounds fabulous!

  5. Congrats on being mentally strong enough to ditch the watch! I just can’t bring myself to run totally naked–I need my GPS time/distance/splits! Overanalyze should my middle name, and I really love numbers and finding patterns in data (hello, science nerd), so I always run with my GPS. I do every outdoor run that’s not a race without music, though.

    • Yeah I never run w/ music when I’m running with others because we’re usually caught up in convo…unless I’m playing it out loud on my phone! And then we get crunk together πŸ™‚

  6. I’m not sophisticated enough to over analyze my runs. I guess I’m still in the amateur stages. I just tie up the runners and go. Love the humid weather. Everyone is complaining except me.

    • Nothing wrong with that stage! I think as you get more into running you tend to forget how and why you started running in the first place. Those beginning stages are some of my best memories of running πŸ™‚

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