All About Survival- Jalapeno Half and Wknd Recap.

Monday morning workout- Taught 55 minutes of cycle. Felt good to spin the legs out after Saturday’s race!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good…lots of down time full of rest and catching up cleaning and such around the house.
Oh yeah, and I ran the Jalapeno Half. It lived up to its name.
Let’s back things up.
I was up early Saturday morning around 5 am to make the trek out to Ft. Worth. It’s about a 25-30 minute drive from my house. Mama spent the weekend at my place so she joined me to cheer me on a bit. How awesome is she? I was so excited to have her there. Once we made it out to the race site we took some fun pics.
The sunrise and clouds were beautiful that morning…of course that cloud cover didn’t stay around for long but it was nice to look at while it lasted.
I made a quick trip to the port a potty and then hauled it over to the start line at 7:25. The race itself was pretty small so it was easy to line up, no waves or corrals. The race was SUPPOSED to start at 7:30. We stood around a bit waiting for the announcer to fire the gun.
And waited. And waited. Yes, delayed start. Not so fun when it’s already 85 degrees out.
15 minutes later homeboy announces it’s time to go. We take off into the sun. The course is flat and shaded for about 3 miles and then we hit the sun. At this point despite the heat and humidity that’s quickly climbing I am feeling really fantastic. My pace keeps dropping to 8:45, 8:30 but I keep trying to hold back. Okay, 9…9:30…I am talking to myself at this point to make myself slow down….knowing the back half is going to be hard with the heat continuing to climb. Not sure if I should just bank time anyway since it will be hot or keep holding back. I choose to hold back because I don’t want to have to walk the back half. My pace stays in the 9 minute range for the first half of the race. I take a scenic photo in order just relax and stay in COAST mode.
The race is an out and back so around mile 6.5-7 we make the turn around back. I stop at ALL water stops for gatorade, water and pick up some Advocare gels since I left fuel at home. MAN…these are delicious! They remind me a bit of lemon meringue pie. Note to self…make sure to stock up on these for the future.
Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.07.26 AM
Miles 7, 8…the heat is literally BEATING down on my back. My pace slows to a 9:40, 9:50. I make another water stop where there’s HOT gatorade and lukewarm water. Lovely. Bless the hearts of the volunteers trying their hardest to keep us cool. One youngin’ asks me if he can spray me down with the hose. I decline but grab some water and pour it on my back. Feels good but 15 seconds later I’m hot again. Miles 8 and 9 and I’m seeing the same people who passed me earlier…walking. I allow myself to slow down but NOT walk. That was a victory in itself! It felt so good to pass the walkers. I would speed up and slow down at this point just to keep my momentum. I start running with a girl who’s doing the same two step/shuffle I’m doing. She asks me if it’s my first half marathon. I tell her it’s my 14th. It’s her 2nd. She tells me she’s never doing this again. I reassure her they’re not all like this…this race is not about time. All about survival. 
Miles 10-12 and we are back in the shade. Thank goodness. At this point I’m pretty spent and it’s 90 degrees out. I’m already over the 2 hour mark and I don’t even care. I don’t think I have EVER run a race this hot! Okay, distraction. Turn on some Pitbull. Love this song.
Mile 13 and I see a hill. A hill?! Seriously? I use every bit of energy I have left and get up the last little incline. I see spectators cheering me on and I push it to the finish.
Number 14…dunski!
I was predicting finishing around 2:15. I made it to 2:11 feeling pretty dang good. I took a pic of my watch on Sunday in case you’re wondering why it says yesterday. haha.
Slow as molasses but it was a training run and I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns. Without a doubt earned the best.medal.ever.
21 out of 111 girls in my age group. 204 out of 867 people overall.
After the race mama and I made our way to my favorite spot on that side of town, Pappadeaux. I was craving seafood so I had a nice cup of gumbo and we split the smoked salmon and seafood fondue. Heaven.
The rest of the weekend was chill. Hung out with mama, did a little shopping…she always comes over and cleans everything. My fridge is freaking spotless! I need to invite her over more often.
Oh and I am rocking the racerback tan. Super classy.
Onto the short work week! Have a good one.
How was your weekend? Have you ever run a HOT distance race? 
Do you get a ‘racerback tan’ in the summer? 

41 thoughts on “All About Survival- Jalapeno Half and Wknd Recap.

  1. You are such a rock star for finishing, and not walking the second half! In that heat, you’re absolutely right – it’s not about time…All About Survival. Great job!

  2. Hot races are SO tough. Great job. And when I was in college and lived in Atlanta, Pappadeux was my absolute favorite! Yummmy!

  3. I love the medals. Seriously, that is just too cute. And you did the right thing with this race. Paced yourself, hydrated, just had fun — no matter what time you come in at — it doesn’t matter, you being out there is all that matters!!! And you still did amazing. I hate running/racing in the heat. I’m extremely slow. There may have been one or two races where it was so hot that I’ve seen people faint. Ugh.

    Oh, now i remember. I did run this HOT/HUMID crazy half back in May 2010 (where a guy fainted at mile 9) and I ended up with a TERRIBLE tan. OMG, I wore capris and um, it looked like I was wearing stockings all summer long — did I mention it was two weeks before I got married? HAHAHHAAH

    YAY to short weeks!!!

  4. Congrats on finishing such a tough race! It’s nice that your mom was there to cheer you on as you finished #14. Races in the heat are the worst, and it’s really awful that they delayed the start. Who thought that was a good idea? The finisher medal is really cute, though. (I’m one of those people who would sign up for a race just because I like the finisher medal.) I am desperately trying to avoid the racerback tan this year–even though my wedding is in November, my dress is strapless and I really don’t want to be sporting any crazy tan lines on my back as I walk down the aisle.

    • Yeah tan lines are the worst! Esp the Garmin watch tan line…AHH!! And thank you…I have to say this race was so tough and not that much fun but I definitely got a rockin’ medal out of it! I will for sure be out for revenge on my next race!!

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