Runner’s High On the Rocks.

Easy breezy morning over here. My usual 5 mile out and back…no Garmin…no music…just the sound of my feet on the concrete, birds singing, and wind chimes jingling in the breeze on patios. It was much needed.
Thank you mother nature for cooling things off a bit. With the rain the past few days brought a little ‘cold front’ so temps were in the low 70s this morning. Loved it. Haven’t had temps like that in a while.
Ran in some shoes by dad bought for me for my birthday a few months back…Asics Gel Cumulus…still trying to debate on whether I like them or not but they felt a little bit like running on clouds.
I meditated and talked with God for a bit. Said ‘good morning’ to a few of my neighbors.
Collected a few rocks along the way. Runner’s high on the rocks…I like the way that sounds. Can you imagine taking the ‘runner’s high’ and making it into a cocktail? That would be some pretty lethal stuff. Ha.
Already looking forward to another power hour of yoga tonight at Karmany with my favorite instructor to round out this blissful Tuesday.
Have a good one! Don’t forget to take time for yourself today…and smile.

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