Confidence Booster and Mexiquinoa.

I sure have been enjoying my runs this week in the cooler weather! I know it won’t last long. This morning it was a little bit warmer and much like running through a sauna. Close to 80 degrees at 7 am with 70 percent humidity. I was thisclose to getting on the treadmill but decided I enjoyed this view much, much more.
6 miles at just around a 9:30 pace which felt pretty good…that last split was a nice confidence booster. Haha…gotta love lap pace. Maybe I’ll start using lap pace for all of my runs so you guys think I’m super speedy in the heat. Yeah, not so much.
I concocted a tasty recipe to share with you. Say hello to Mexiquinoa. Yep, I made that up. Super easy to make. I had this for dinner last night and it’s definitely leftovers for lunch today.
What you need:
Ground turkey and/or black beans
Taco seasoning
Chopped garlic
1-2 wedges of light Laughing Cow cheese
Cook the quiona, set aside. In separate pan prepare the ground turkey, mix in taco seasoning. Once cooked through add cheese, hot sauce, garlic. Mix in corn. Add quinoa and black beans, cook on medium low about 5-10 minutes. Add more hot sauce if you like it extra hot (like me!) and top with avocado.
What tasty recipes have you made this week? Is the weather cooling off where you are? 
What are you looking forward to this weekend?
My honey is coming in from Houston tomorrow for the weekend so I’m in a super fantastic mood today.

22 thoughts on “Confidence Booster and Mexiquinoa.

  1. I’m looking forward to rest this weekend. I’m fighting with mono at the current moment, and it makes me feel like a little baby. I hope you have a lovely time with your beau! There are absolutely no signs of a cooldown here in FL, so I feel you on the sauna-esque living. 😛

  2. It’s really hot here in Chicago, but I’ve been loving my sweaty morning runs!!! I love quinoa and this recipe! This week I’ve been eating a lot of rice and summer veggies with hummus to keep the nutrients coming, but not overwhelm me with heavy food.

  3. That recipes sounds delicious! I might have to make it. I might have to leave out the hot sauce though because manfriend doesn’t like spicy (What the heck?). Not much going on this weekend. Sunday is a rest day for me & then I start tapering for my next tri.

  4. Oh! Recipe looks good. Must try this week. Stay safe running in this humidity, although I am sure you know what to do. It is just as sticky and hawt, hawt, hawt here!

  5. Thanks for that recipe. I bought quinoa awhile back and still haven’t made anything with it. I’m such a slacker… Bleh. I’ll definitely have to give it a try.

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