Pinky’s Perks – A Quick Forerunner 10 Review.

Morning run – 6 miles followed by a quick abs/arms strength workout. I tell ya, leave your free weights in the living room. They will stare at you and coerce you into using them. So persuasive, those weights.
Plenty of cloud cover to go around. Didn’t help much seeing how thick the humidity was…but I am glad to get it done early. Kinda gloomy out though. Would have loved a little bit of rain to cool things off.
Took my new Pinky for a spin. I’m loving the Forerunner 10 so far! It’s very user friendly and easy to use. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as my 405 but I’m just happy to have a brand new watch. It’s like starting on a clean slate. It has a few fun features on it, like tracking your fastest mile, fastest 5K and longest run.
I also like how sleek and streamlined it is compared to other bulkier watches that feel like you’re lugging around a big computer on your wrist! Plus it comes in some other hot colors – neon green, purple, orange and they do have a black option if you want to keep it simple.
Still learning about all of its perks but I like it thus far. It’s also a fantastic price (mine was $119) and I scored a deal from ebay with free shipping – AND it’s brand spanking new. You can also check amazon for some sales.
Overall I think it’s going to be great to use for racing and daily training runs.
Fastest mile from today. Can’t wait to get more data on here so I can really put it to good use.
What perk do you love on your running watch? Do you keep weights/strength training equipment at home? 

26 thoughts on “Pinky’s Perks – A Quick Forerunner 10 Review.

  1. I think my Nike+ watch has built in sarcasm. At the end of every run it displays a motivational message, from “Great Job!” to “Way to Get Out There!”…after a particularly craptastic run one day, all my watch had to say was “Yay”. No exclamation point even. Sarcastic bugger.

  2. The forerunner 10 is my first running watch. The main reason I bought it was the price! I couldn’t find another watch that does what the forerunner does within the same price range. Yes, it is a more “basic” watch, but it is perfect for me. I love it!

  3. I haven’t really explored too much with my watch. I know I can download my workouts on to the internet, but I lost the owners manual & that has the website & everything I need, so I haven’t bothered. Lol. I don’t do weights at home. I just don’t have any equipment.

  4. Oh, your new watch is super cute!!! Love it. Girl, I don’t take advantage of my watch like I should. There are a ton of features — HAHA. The one thing I love about it though is that it has the ANT so it’ll just log all workouts in as soon as I walk in the house — but you know that because that was the Garmin you had. Is this Garmin equivalent in price range to the 405?

    • Definitely not…my 405 was a lot more expensive. Of course that was over 4 years ago around the time it first came out. Maybe the price has gone down significantly since then. Thankfully it still works so I can utilize those perks until the wheels fall off 🙂

  5. I have the lime green Forerunner 10. Love it! I prefer not to have all the “extras,” so the simplicity is just right. I’ve had mine since April and still haven’t had to clear the data off of it, nor have I had any problems with it. The battery life is pretty stellar too!

  6. This is crazy – I write for iRunner and my next post (already written and scheduled) is about this! I had the bulky 405 too, and well the 10 isn’t as techy it’s absolutely perfect. I share mine with the mans otherwise I’d be pinky with you! Yes!!!

  7. yes, I don’t have a gym membership, so I have weights, treadmill, bike, and mat at home. It’s so nice to be able to do my workout in my pjs lol
    Awe, I love that watch! I think I just finished my christmas list and it has one thing on it! what a great price!

  8. My weights are in the living room too. lol! I also keep a kettle bell and resistance bands in the trunk of my car, just in case I’m in the mood to do some strength training outside in the park next to the trail after my run. I love Garmin. I have the Garmin Forerunner 50. It is the oldest one. They don’t make it anymore, but I love it!!!

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