Bikram Running.

Morning run – 6 steamy miles in the ‘hood while jammin out to some tunes on my phone. I swear these Lulu socks make me go just a bit faster in the heat. Sometimes you need a little bit of colorful motivation to get out there and bust it out.
Loving today’s forecast. Looks like I’m headed to the nearest snow cone stand for lunch…
Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.46.18 AM
Every time I wanted to walk or cut it short this morning I thought about how much stronger I’m going to feel once these temps cool off (and once I head up north for the MARATHON! Hello…woot woot). It is such a rewarding feeling to go out there and brave the summer heat. Not always pleasant when you’re running, but rewarding when it’s over. I’m always drenched and happy afterwards. But I will spare you a post run pic of me all icky and sweaty though – not a cute look on me. (You’re welcome.)
I like to think of it as bikram running. Why hasn’t that term been patented yet? I will have to look into that.
Just a little motivation for your day. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals this week. Get after it!
What makes you run just a little bit faster in the heat?

35 thoughts on “Bikram Running.

  1. Not a darn thing makes me run faster in the heat. Lol. We’ve had crazy temps like you guys have had too. When it gets that hot, my whole goal is just to make it through the run without dying. Once I’m done with the run, if my pace is faster than expected, etc., that’s just an added bonus.

  2. Oh man… I really, really hate running in the heat. I’d much rather run in the cold — you can take off all the layers you want. But I agree, you’re going to be so fast on race day with all the training you’ve accomplished in the heat. Usually, I picture lots and lots of water at the end of any HOT run. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to run in the heat. For the most part, I use my better judgment. OR just try to run very early in the AM when it’s not too hot. Thankfully, the weather has been much cooler and we’re going to get lots of rain in the next few days…Should be clear for the weekend.

    But KUDOS to you for doing that run in the heat. You are such an inspiration!

    • Yeah it’s just a hothothot week and temps are close to the 90s at 6 am so unfortunately I don’t have much of a choice. Lately I have enjoyed running outside much much more than on the treadmill. Just taking it easy and getting my miles in!!

  3. I run for the sweat and afterglow. There’s something about dripping in sweat that makes me feel stronger. Btw, loving Bikram Running. Good luck with the marathon!………..Healthy Journey!

  4. It was 98F at 6AM during my run this morning! Your jokes about it make me look forward to tomorrow’s run! As for sweaty yoga, I can do that for free at home or on my front porch! 🙂 At least we’re saving money!

  5. Love the name…Bikram Running. It combines to of my loves (running and Bikram yoga). I’m originally from Georgia, so I’m familiar with running in the humidity. I’ve traded that for running in dry, Arizona heat of 100+ degrees.

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