TGIFriday Faves.

Well the weekend is finally upon us! This has been a bananas week for me…long days at the 9 to 5, taught 6 (yes, 6 you read that right) spin classes this week, and ran around my ‘hood in the mornings like a crazy woman! But I survived!! Somehow I managed to get some sleep somewhere in there. (This is one of those moments where I’m thankful I don’t have kids. PROPS to you out there who do and still manage to cram all that working out, rockstar running and what not with a little one hanging off of you. For real. Teach me your ways.) Every night it was a love fest with my couch and some good TV. Some weeks I love being busy like that because when I come home I am ready to hardcore CHILL. I tell you one thing though…It felt SO good to get up this morning without having somewhere to go at 5 am! Thank God for REST DAYS!
Tomorrow morning I’m doing my long run, followed by lotsa recovery/chill time, maybe a little bit of Saturday night church, and YOGA on Sunday! I don’t have tons of plans this weekend, and I kinda like the idea of doing absolutely NOTHING. When I say that though, something always pops up. Meh. Go figure…
On to this week’s faves!
-Loving reading this guy’s post on The One True Secret of Endless Motivation. These words in particular really stuck out.
Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 2.07.07 PM
That could not be more TRUE. Consistency is what has kept me running and has gotten me to where I am today. Just clawing at my passion and loving every minute of it. The good, bad, ugly. Riding the roller coaster that is RUNNING.
-Almond milk cheese. Did not even know this existed until I saw it in the store the other day and made an impulse buy. Truly delicious! I don’t even miss the cow.
-Really digging Lana Del Rey’s music all of a sudden. I was not digging her before but now I’m putting this one on repeat.
-Sequin skirt with a basic top…casual look that snazzes things up a bit.
-New Essie color for fall – Wicked. Perfecto.
-Black chia kombucha. My little weekday zen elixir. Man I love this stuff.
What’s on tap for your weekend? Anyone running a fall marathon?

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