Change of Pace and My Go-Go Juice.

Started things out this morning with strength training in my apartment gym. I really do love this gym because they have all the bells and whistles – great weight equipment and machines that are always working, plus the treadmills each have their own tvs on them. Who doesn’t love that.


I did some work on my abs, arms, and some overhead squats before hopping on the treadmill to get my run on for the day.
Loving the little break from the outdoor heat and humidity. We all need a change of pace every once in a while, be it change in the ground you’re running on, or just a different type of workout. Gotta shake things up a bit and keep it spicy. It was a good run/strength session and I was strapped for time so I had to pick up the pace towards the end. I always love speeding it up on the treadmill though. It feels good just to burn rubber and fly while you’re rocking out to your favorite song. Especially if there’s someone next to you.
Made myself some tuna egg salad for lunch and now I’m off to work it. Oh and I made some more frozen PB bites for the week. Love having a couple of these with a nice hot cuppa joe. Love these benefits of drinking coffee…it’s my go-go juice.
Do you drink coffee? What’s your favorite type of coffee or flavor?

28 thoughts on “Change of Pace and My Go-Go Juice.

  1. I love the little picture of “If you’re running on the treadmill next to me, yes we’re racing”. That makes me laugh every time. That’s how it is in the pool for me as well. If someone is lap swimming in the lane next to me, they might not know it, but in my mind, I’m racing them. Haha!! I LOVE coffee!!! It wakes me up & gets me going in the morning. We have 3 coffee machines at work & they stock Folgers. It’s pretty tasty. I’m a simple girl, I like Maxwell House too. Every once in a while, I’ll treat myself to a chocolate chip frappe from McDonald’s. Bad, I know.

  2. If I’m buying coffee in the tin, I always go with President’s Choice West Coast Dark Roast (Canadian brand)…it is a great full flavour that you don’t often get from a tin.
    And an underrated reason to drink coffee is celebrated in your pic…using your favourite mug! Ya Ya!!

  3. I must be a freak or something, but I never ever drink coffee. Once in a great while I will have a cafe mocha, but that’s not even once a month. I basically don’t consume any caffeine, and at this point in my life I feel like I’ve made it so far without it that I should just continue to avoid it. That’s a solid apartment gym!

  4. I recently got a free Tassimo from Tim Hortons! I don’t usually drink a lot of coffee, maybe 3-5 a month, and the tassimo hasn’t changed that- but it definitely is handy. I do enjoy a coffee on sat/sun am sometimes. And I love using my fav mug! Thanks for the post!

  5. I love your apt. gym too and that ecard. HAHA. One time I was running with a friend on the treadmill and at first we started walking (this was my pre-running hardcore days) and then I told her I was gonna start running so I started and then I waved to her, “bye, see you in a bit!” even though we were right next to each other. Oh god, she worked out at this meat market gym. HATE THOSE GYMS. And one of my old guy friends from high school was working out (same day as me being on the treadmill with a friend) and he comes up talking to me — I’m like, huffing and puffing. Seriously? I can’t talk right now.

    I still drink coffee — HA. I just have a cup in the morning and I never ever finish it… very rarely do I finish it. My OB says I could have a cup.

  6. Coffee kicks starts my day. Couldn’t imagine going without it. I have a single cup at home and it’s the best gift I ever received. I think Hazelnut and Nona Italan blend are my faves.

  7. this summer, i’ve been entirely hooked on 7Eleven’s unsweetened. iced coffee. haha even caught me by surprise, but after i run, i head right there. so good.

  8. That treadmill racing picture is hilarious!
    I use the treadmill on rainy days and I’ve learned to use older shoes. I literally burned rubber by shaving off some important tread on some new asics. Not a happy camper but another excuse to get more shoes.

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