Remix Ride- Weds Spin Playlist.

This week’s cycle class is filled with some intense intervals, bumps & jumps, and powerful hill climbs! I threw on some new tracks and hot remixes to keep us goin’.
Let’s go for a REMIX ride!
Right Round- Flo Rida: Steady climb to level 7 resistance, out of the saddle for a standing run
Absolutely Flawless- The Ones: Easy run in/out of saddle
Take Me Home- Cash Cash: Climb 7/8/9. Keep up with the intensity of the song
Yeah (Remix)- Usher: 30 sec spin ups (fast, faster, fastest sprint you can handle w/ resistance in the saddle)
Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)- Lana Del Rey: Rolling hills, powering up each climb
Down- Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne: Hill climb, all the way to level 10. Coast downhill last minute of song
Skyfall (Shahaf Moran Remix)- Adele: Last big climb of the day! Back up to 10.
Get Up: Bingo Players ft Far East Movement- Jumps, last 30 secs of song, crank that resistance up and sprint to the finish
What remixes are you loving right now?

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