Running, Cool Yoga Poses and Birthday Fun…Wknd Recap.

Morning workout – taught a 55 minute spin class with my early bird crew. All my school teachers were back in the saddle this morning so class was a little more packed than usual. Can you believe it’s already time for school to start already? This summer is really flying by fast. Fine by me…bring on fall, crisp cool weather and BOOTS!
This past week was a recovery week for me in terms of running. I scaled the miles back on Saturday and had an easy 12 on tap with my running group. I did 3 on my own and 9 with the group. We had a little bit of a cold front come in so temps were in the 60s for most of the run! I can’t tell you how much Ioved the cooler weather. A little humidity action but nothing I couldn’t handle.
Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.13.07 AM
Nothing like a negative split to finish off a long run.
Everyone was over the moon with the nice weather change. We all did a little stretching and of course had to take a group photo.
Coach Chris and I showed off our cool yoga poses. I rocked the crow but he stole my thunder a little bit with his handstand.
Later in the evening I celebrated my friend Alisa’s b-day! We met up for drinks and dinner at the Social House. How adorbs are her and her hubby? They win the contest for cutest couple ever.
Took a few more pics because that’s just what we do.
We have been friends since we were in middle school writing each other letters with colored pencils. Love this girl.
The next day I slept in, went to church, came home and made Sunday dinner. I think I’m slowly becoming obsessed with brussels sprouts again. These were so yummy with a bit of red crushed pepper on top. Lemon pepper salmon on the side for good measure. Wild caught salmon on sale at the grocery store. Get some.
How was your weekend? Is the weather cooling down where you are? What’s your favorite season?

26 thoughts on “Running, Cool Yoga Poses and Birthday Fun…Wknd Recap.

  1. I would never run if I had the kind of heat and humidity you have. It hasn’t started cooling down here yet, we’ve had nice high 80’s, but not until 2 p.m. and while last week we had three or four humid yucky days, that’s NOT the norm. 🙂 It’s never warmer than 60 in the morning and any day now its going to change drastically and not get above 45 in the morning, and then yeah, it will start raining. No complaints though — I’ll take it over humid being the regular. Have a wonderful week! So impressed with your Crow pose — I’m so far from that!

  2. I’m a broussel sprout lover as well…they are really good if you…rince them off…cut them in 1/2…toss them is 1tsp olive oil…put facedown on a baking sheet…sprinkle with pepper…place in the oven for like 10min at 350…so yummy

  3. I’m with you there. Can’t wait for FALL! I love dressing up in FALL season! Not too hot, too cold. Just ok! 🙂 It’s actually my favorite season! 🙂 Love love the colors and foliage. 🙂
    Awesome job with the Crow’s pose! I struggle on that pose. LOL!

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