22 Miles, Poolside and Karaoke…Wknd Recap.

Hello hello beautiful people! How was your weekend? Hope you had a little fun this weekend. My morning started at dark thirty with my breakfast club cycle crew as always. 55 minutes of attacking those rolling hills. If that won’t wake you up I don’t know what will.
My weekend was crazy busy as usual! Wouldn’t have it any other way though.
Saturday started off with my longest run of the training season. It’s almost MARATHON time!!
It was hot, humid, sticky as per usual. 85 degrees, a million percent humidity…heat index 3,837. 4 mile warm up on my own, then 14 miles with my running group including some hill repeats. Did the last 4 miles on my own and finished strong. Β Overall pace was slow and easy but I picked it up at just under a 9 minute mile to finish things off. Overall this was a GOOD run and I felt the best I’ve felt on a long run in a few weeks. I was happy about that.
I was definitely spent at the end but I went home and got some amazing yoga stretching in. Hydrated and decided to take a last minute ice bath.
If I could give you any advice on this I would say to take an ice bath with a glass of wine. So relaxing! Well that and get in the tub first with cold water before dumping a bunch of ice in there. I stayed in there for about 10 minutes to cool the muscles off. These really do make all the difference and I honestly don’t love them but they really are an important part of long run recovery.
I laid down for a bit then my friend was having a little daytime pool party so I decided to drop in. Love these ladies.
Had a quick bite with them then went home to relax a bit longer and meet up for some more fun with my homies. I can’t get enough of these 3. We’ve known each other since middle school so every time we link up we like to reminicise about old days. Did a little karaoke fun and stayed out til mad crazy late.
Sunday I slept in and it felt lovely. Went to the 11 am church service and did basically nothing all day. Got a massage, ordered a margherita pizza from this place and watched the VMAs. Did anyone see it? Loved JT’s performance.
How was your weekend? Do you like karaoke? What was your favorite part of the VMAs?Β 

32 thoughts on “22 Miles, Poolside and Karaoke…Wknd Recap.

  1. Your marathon is going to be such a breeze after training in that heat! And wine while taking n ice bath sounds pretty genius! I saw JT’s performance, and he killed it, as expected. Was he crying at the end when Jimmy Fallon was giving him the moon man? It looked like it to me.

  2. Ice baths are a necessary evil. When I’m marathon training or training for a 1/2 Ironman, I tend to take alot of ice baths. I dump a 20 lb bag of ice in to the bath tab, run cold water & hop in with a hot cup of coffee for about 20 min. I didn’t watch the VMA’s. 😦 This weekend was hectic. I should blog about it.

  3. WOO HOO with the 22-miles. You did GREAT!!! I’m so excited for you and the marathon. You’re so READY!!!! πŸ™‚

    I did not watch the VMAs but youtubed a few of them after I read some comments on FB. LOL

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  5. Congrats on the double deuce! And can I just say, based on your ice bath photo, I wish you were our trainer in high school. The ice baths we had to take were more ice than water and he kept the temp just above freezing. If the temp started to warm up to 35 degrees for example, he’d dump another cooler of ice in. It was torture, but felt great afterwards. We definitely couldn’t relax enough to enjoy a nice beverage…Too busy shivering!

  6. Hi! So, if I may ask, how do you do that broken-up long run? How long between the 4-miler, 14-miler and last 4-miler? Do you eat or shower or anything in between? I like the idea of not doing it all at once, but am wondering how the pros (that’s you, baby!) do it.

    • I actually did the 4 mile warm up before I left my house, did not shower (ew!) went straight to where my running group meets up at, ran 14 with them, then they turned and went back home and I finished up the last 4 solo. Hope that answers your question.

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