5 Day Weekend and a TILT.

Since I’m jet setting out tomorrow I thought I’d check in with you all before my 5 day weekend! Gotta love all those vacation days I’ve been stashing away. I am flying to Houston Friday morning to visit this hottie…should be fun.
TGIFriday Faves will have to be pushed up a day so I’m doing a TILT – Things I love Thursday!
This week I have been loving…
-A little boost of early bird endorphins to get the day cranked up. This morning’s 6 mile run was no exception.
-I saw my absolute favorite fall candy in the gas station the other day. Brach’s is the best brand of candy corn hands down. I was too excited and had to yank it off the shelf.
-Sporting a brand new Essie shade this week from their fall collection…’For the Twill of It’. It’s a shimmery grey that changes colors in the light like a mood ring. Remember those?
-High low dresses. Loved this one I tried on the other day…so lightweight and comfy.
-Tuscan white bean hummus. I attacked nearly half of this last night after teaching spin class. It’s way too good.
Happy Labor Day weekend! See you all next week.
What do you have planned for the long weekend? 
Visiting my honey in Houston…12 mile run in Memorial Park…bbqing and chillin’ out.

20 thoughts on “5 Day Weekend and a TILT.

  1. candy corn is totally my favorite too! But, I wait to eat it til it feels like fall…just seems to early right now since it’s still in the 90’s!
    Have an awesome long weekend!!

  2. You are so gorgeous girl! I have to agree, candy corn is my absolute weakness! I even buy the christmas colored candy corn in december because I can’t get enough! I hope you ahve a lovely long weekend!

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