Major Motivation Factor and Taper Madness.

Not gonna lie…this was a major motivation factor for my run this morning.
My beloved pumpkin spice iced coffee is back. Be prepared to hear about nothing but pumpkin related things for the next couple of months. Just bear with me. I promise I have nothing but good intentions.
Started my day with some sanity miles followed by abs + arms w/ weights in my living room. 4 miles at an easy 9 minute pace. Running really is cheaper than therapy. So is this sunrise.
It may be September and almost fall but the TX heat is not letting up. 80 degrees just before 7 am.
Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 9.40.01 AM
It’s taper time around these parts! TAPER MADNESS has officially begun. That means I’m currently scaling back the miles in preparation for this 26.2. Getting so close! 1.5 weeks away.
I think this explains things perfectly…
In the mean time I will just have to distract myself with some tunes. I am bringing this song back to the spin playlist. I will warn you it will get stuck in your head if you watch.
What’s your favorite fall food/drink? Is the weather cooling down where you are? 

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