Weekend in Photos and T-Minus 6 Days.

This morning’s cycle session was just what I needed…55 minutes of rockin’ out to some jams with my some of my favorite early birds. We did some speedy accelerations to the song below. I have to admit there was a little bit of dancing on the bike involved.
I looked a little bit like the girls from that VH1 show Hit the Floor…just kidding…I wish.
Today will be busy and this week is looking to be a little crazy but I will still find some time to check in with you guys! Let’s get a quick recap of the weekend in photos…
Starting off Saturday with a 9 mile run into the sunrise.
And saving the best for last…the most delicious ahi tuna tower I’ve ever had…in life.
I will be leaving out Friday morning for a long 5 day weekend and the marathon is on Sunday! Can’t wait! T minus 6 days!
How was your weekend? Anyone have a race coming up? How is training going? 

28 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos and T-Minus 6 Days.

  1. Totally stealing that Marathon Nutritional label! Love it. I had my 20-miler this Saturday and it felt amazing to have that behind me — and we had amazing weather in NYC. Good luck in these final days before your big race! Mine’s still a month away.

  2. Loving that marathon facts label. Too cute. Was hoping I’d be able to spin tomorrow but nope… I’m out for the week unfortunately. Bleh. I’ll have to spin vicariously through you!! Stoked for your marathon. Yay.

  3. Ah I’m so excited for you and your race! You’re going to rock it! Seriously, you’ve been training so hard and you are so dedicated! I can’t wait to hear your race story! You are such an inspiration and source of motivation for us all!

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