All Over the Place.

My brain is a little all over the place today…so bear with me. Have you ever had one of those days? My mind is just jumping from one thought to the next so allow me to share my randomness with you.
-I have to say marathon recovery is going quite well. When I first started running 26.2s…going down the stairs was quite the chore and I felt about 90 years old for the entire week following the race.
Kinda like this…
Now things are a bit easier. I taught 2 spin classes yesterday and actually did the entire 55 minute workout with my 6 pm class.
-I think pole running on the beach should be a new Olympic sport. My friend Pepsi has it down quite well. She gets the gold medal.
-Nothing is as delicious right now as David’s glitter and gold tea. I mean, tea with edible glitter in it…does it really get better than that? I think I have found my new caffeinated addiction.
-I am having to start a new row for my bling on my medal rack. It’s getting pretty serious. I have a feeling the nails holding this baby up on the wall are holding on for dear life and going to tip over any minute.
-I made spaghetti squash alfredo last night after teaching class. Not sure why but I had an insane craving for it. I did tweak the recipe a bit and used laughing cow cheese instead of the other stuff but it was quite amazing.
-Wishing I could have brought the crisp fall up north weather back to TX. Still 90 degrees here. I really want to bust out the scarves and boots but it’s back to flip flops and sundresses I guess. I hear we may have cooler weather this weekend so I may just be enjoying some lovely fall-ish running come Saturday.
Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 10.42.04 AM
What random thoughts are you having today? Is it chilly where you are or are you still braving summer like temps?

20 thoughts on “All Over the Place.

  1. The weather has been really nice here, cool mornings and evenings, but warmer temps through the day.
    Random thoughts…wondering what to do at the gym for half an hour while the kids are in their swimming lessons.
    2 spin classes after a marathon? #beastmode

  2. It’s extremely hot where I live in Brisbane, Aus (as always). I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you! I’ve got a blog too, by the way. It’s a fantastic little blog about healthy living, it’s particularly for those that are budget conscious. Myself, two other girls and a guy have just started out on our blogging journey (we call ourselves team HealthyU). We would love for you to come by our blog and would really appreciate any feedback

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