TGIFriday Faves.

I got out of my normal Starbucks bubble this morning and decided to try the gas station coffee while making a quick stop. They had a PUMPKIN SPICE flavor so I was curious.
Pretty strong and tasty! I have to do this more often. No shame in my coffee game.
Happy Friday! Its been a great week but I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend!
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 9.00.08 AM
I have 12 miles on tap with my running group tomorrow morning, followed by LOTS of maxin’ and relaxin’! After a busy week working and teaching wall to wall spin classes (5 of them this week) Lord knows I definitely need the down time.
Let’s get on to my faves!
-I’m all about the dancing this week. First of all…how awesome would it be to see someone bust it out like this at a party? I think we should bring some of these moves back. I’m going to have a dancing party and you are all invited.
If Karen From ‘Mean Girls’ had Instagram…oh I would definitely be following her. Top notch entertainment.
-Metallic mani colors. Give me all of them.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 8.46.38 AM
-Fall squash. I plan on buying all of these next week…kabocha is at the top of my list but I want to experiment with the others.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 9.07.56 AM
-2 for $22 candles are back at Bath and Body Works. Right now Cider Lane is rocking my world but I want to try Sweater Weather.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 8.49.30 AM
-Needing some new cycle shoes. I think I may go for these pink ones.
-How adorable is this little girl with her dancing mama? I totally am going to have a kid like this if I have a little one. Too cute.
What are you up to this weekend? Anyone going to a fall festival or something Halloween-ish? Do you have a favorite candle?

21 thoughts on “TGIFriday Faves.

  1. love love love that you included a Mean Girls gif here! kinda sorta majorly obsessed w/ that movie — even used it as a focal reference for my last grad program final paper. 🙂 have a great wknd, girl!

  2. those pink shoes are amazing…i had pink running shoes a couple pairs ago. I also have an air freshner in my classroom from bath & body works…they have the best scents…you know those kids are stinky!

  3. Hey! I am in love with those cycling shoes! I am a cycling instructor and I was wondering if you know the website or location that has them!?!

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