Not a Big Fan and Another Race I’ve Signed Up For.

Fun fun cycle class this morning. We woke the legs up with this playlist.
Love doing sprints to this track. Never gets old.
This morning’s class consisted mostly of me coaching off of the bike since I had to fast and take a blood test at work this morning for the wellness program…ugh…not a big fan of the needles AT ALL.
Always leaves me a little bit lightheaded but now I’ve had some eggs for breakfast so I’m feeling a little bit better.
I have to tell you about yet another race I’ve signed up for in November…
This one’s always lots of fun. I did one of these earlier in the year and now both my cousin and neighbor want to run it. They’re both somewhat newbies to running so it will just be an easy 5K fun run (not timed) and getting sprayed with lotsa fun colors.
If you live in Dallas you can sign up too with this Living Social deal while it lasts.
Have you ever done a COLOR RUN? 
Are you a wimp at getting your blood drawn like me?
Please say yes and make me feel better.

10 thoughts on “Not a Big Fan and Another Race I’ve Signed Up For.

  1. I used to give blood at the clinic because I thought it was a good thing to do and I felt guilty whenever they would call me…but I am now on Canadian Blood Services permanent deferral list. Something to do with me passing out (multiple times!) while attempting to give blood. So ya, I guess I’m a wimp too 🙂

  2. I can’t share your dislike of needles (this makes me sound like a drug addict or something), but I do share your excitement over the Color Run! I went through a period that lasted a few years where I was being stuck with needles almost on a daily basis, due to illness, to the point where my veins collapsed. So, now, needles are no big deal.

    But, oh, that Color Run – that race looks like so much fun, and I feel like it’s popping up all over the blog world. You’ll have a blast, no doubt. 🙂

    • haha no you do not sound like a drug addict! That made me laugh out loud at my desk 😉 I wish I was less of a wimp. Yeah the Color Run will be lots of fun…I think my newbie runner friends will enjoy it too!! Hope you are doing well my friend!!

  3. I did the Color Run last August with Lili in the jogger. It was so much fun. She fell asleep halfway through but that was because we left at 4:45 am. What a chaotic race. Craziness. Fun but don’t know if I would do it again.

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