Kombucha at my Desk and Dougie on the Bike.

It has been a busy week at the office but I’m finally getting some down time…sipping on some kombucha at my desk.
…with my cute new flats on that I got from Plato’s Closet….talk about a steal! Not ashamed to say I love me some bargains.They were about $5.
I am in love with this cherry chia kombucha flavor…black chia is in first place but this one is the runner up.
Did you know chia seeds were considered a ‘runner’s food’? No wonder I feel so amazing when I eat them.
Tonight I’m teaching my last spin class of the week (numero quatro) over at the Irving gym. You are all invited but you have to get there early to grab a bike. I wish I could do a skype class with all of you that live far away…how awesome would that be?
My Irving class is more into hip hop so I try to incorporate more crunkness into the playlist. I am thinking of throwing some T-Pain on there for jumps on a hill. That one makes me dance at my desk.
Speaking of crunkness, the BF sent me a hilarious spin video earlier today on facebook and then I found another one that pretty much made my day via youtube. Not saying I’d ever do this but it just made me giggle. I present to you the dougie on the bike.
Have you ever tried chia seeds? Or kombucha? What’s the last bargain/steal you’ve bought?
Do you know how to dougie?
Teach me how…

19 thoughts on “Kombucha at my Desk and Dougie on the Bike.

  1. My favorite Kombucha is Gingerade 🙂 It is amazing and my go to when all I really want is a glass of wine but I know I have to run the next morning!

  2. I love how your $5 bargain shoes are in a picture with a Michael Kors bag! My kinda girl!
    I have tried Chai seeds-so far, I don’t love them but they might grow on me because I know they are good for me.
    I don’t know how to Dougie but that is a funny video. Have a great day!

  3. Please have your class dougie on their spin bikes! And, of course, if you do, you have to take a video. That’s too funny!

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