TGIFriday Faves.

Last night I took a walk (or should I say run) on the wild side and switched my usual Thursday run to night time. I did an easy 3 miles around the lake after teaching spin class around 8 pm.
There were still lots of folks out and about getting their night time strolls in and just enjoying the evening. I enjoyed switching things up a bit.
Let’s move on to my faves this week!
-Bitstrips! It’s an app where you can create a cartoon/comic strip of yourself and your friends on facebook. It’s fun to play around with. I did this one with me and the BF…
25 Things Non Runners Don’t Get About Runners. Of course we need an abundance of running shoes. I need to raid this person’s closet.
-Shake downs. Loving this little snack pack of carrots with different types of seasonings. You just shake the seasonings in and go. This ranch one was awesome but I’m digging the chili lime. The zestier the better.
 Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 8.58.23 AM
-My new H&M leopard scarf. I’ve worn it at least twice this week. In case you didn’t know leopard goes good with everything. And that’s a photo of me with no makeup on. You’re welcome.
-11 Life Lessons From Ellen Degeneres. Gotta love this lady.
Ellen DeGeneres Life Lessons_thumb[3]
-Um…these silicone wine glasses. Seriously…need I say more? If you want a chance to win some of these go enter this giveaway!! – and don’t tell too many people so you can win and I can come have a glass of wine at your house 😉
Cheers and have a fabulous weekend! 

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