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The Real Deal, Baby…Wknd Recap.

Ahh Monday…we meet again. New week, clean slate, ready to tackle some work and get my hustle on! I taught a class this morning and we woke up the legs with an amazing cycle workout. Felt good to break a sweat after a lovely rest day yesterday. Just as the good Lord would have it.
How was your weekend? I hope you got to do something fun. I kicked off the party on Saturday morning at the 13.1 Dallas race! My 15th half marathon, and my FIRST time as an official pacer. The real deal, baby.
I paced the 1:55 group along with another member of Team Luke’s. This was my first year actually running this particular series, and the 3rd time they’ve put the race on in Dallas. The past 2 years I have run the Marine Corps Marathon the same weekend so I was never able to run it. So this year, I had an amazing opportunity offered to me to help out and pace the race and I took full advantage of it! What a fun day it was. It was dark and temps were right at 60 at the start with a nice chilly breeze in the air and plenty of overcast. Wonderful conditions to rock this race.
As I told you before I have unofficially paced a race when I ran 1:50 with my friend Ann last year but this was my first time as a true blue pacer. I chose to pace the 1:55 group so I could run fast and help a bunch of folks break 2 hours, some of them for the very first time. We had a nice little posse with us and we were on our way! The course was super flat and fast with a couple of downhills in the first half. My pace partner had run the race before so he gave us a great mental layout of the course. We knew to expect a nice little incline right at the end, but for the most part the course was pancake flat with a few downhill coasts. We took full advantage of this and maintained right around an 8:45 pace for most of the way! I stayed a little ahead of track for the most part as my partner and I drafted each other. To help myself slow down I took a pic of the sun through the trees along the beautiful Katy Trail.
This without a doubt had to be my most favorite sign of the day! Thanks Ryan Gosling for your assistance in the back half.
Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 8.52.26 AM
Once we hit that incline right around mile 12 or so we banked plenty of time so we took our time getting up. Since the course was so flat we were definitely prepared and ready for the challenge! It was pure adrenaline. I was still running with a few people I was pacing at the time so I told them to power up the hill and just take off and finish the race strong! I was so proud, everyone around me looked so mentally and physically THERE. It was so incredibly motivating to see others push themselves and conquer their goals and hit the PRs that they were gunning for.
We finished the race just under 1:55. My partner and I made a GREAT team!
Overall I REALLY enjoyed being a pacer for this race. I would absolutely do it again! It was like one big race party. And of course you know I played my jams the entire way.
After the run I met up with some buddies of mine that were in town for SMUs homecoming game! I’ve known this girl since I was 11 years old. 18 years of friendship still going strong.
Definitely a good time with good people and the celebrating went WELL into the night.
We hopped around Dallas and shared this pretzel that was as big as my head.
And of course we had to toast to our awesomeness.
Cheers to Monday! Have a good one.
How was your weekend? WHO RAN MCM or another crazy fun race?! Tell me how it went! 
Anyone celebrating Halloween this week?

24 thoughts on “The Real Deal, Baby…Wknd Recap.”

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Kudos on doing such an awesome job as a pacer. No race for me this weekend, but I did put in a 20 mile long run on Sunday. Today is a rest day and I plan to take it easy by light stretching, icing and foam rolling.

  2. Great job helping those folks reach their goal! I have volunteered to be a pacer for a women’s half this weekend, hope to find out tonight if I’m doing it…would be fun to be a part of other’s successes.

    And that pretzel?? Nice.

  3. You are amazing girl! You rocked that half marathon and you were the official pacer? You are as real as the streets! You go girl! It looks like you had a blast!

  4. Omg I sweat you!! That is a hard job– being a pacer. And you nailed it. You remember my experience with the 3:45 pace group for shamrock marathon. They were doing 8:18 (or less) at mile 3 and I was like forget it. I’m going to burn out. Great job lady. Can you pace me???

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