21 Miles, Feeling Like a Color Change and Pretty Unpredictable…Wknd Recap.

I sometimes look forward to Monday mornings for this very reason…
Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 8.13.20 AM
Well that, and I get to teach a rockin’ cycle class with my clique. It felt good to wake the legs up after a much needed rest day yesterday.
This weekend I got a long run in with the Luke’s crew. We are 3 weeks out from the Dallas Marathon! 21 miler done.
We ran through the lights and saw some holiday décor along the way. Temps were a bit warmer this weekend…highs in the 70s and 80s…and yes we are in November. And yes it was 30 degrees a few days ago. That’s Texas weather for ya…pretty unpredictable. Kinda like me.
It felt good to spike that mileage up though. Legs felt good and strong for most of the way. I was just happy to stay under a 10 minute pace for most of this run. Of course the miles go by much faster when you have fun peeps by your side.
Post run, I went home…got cleaned up and went to visit my hairstylist who I hadn’t seen in a minute. Pretty sure the best way to recover after a long run is to go get pampered and your hair did. Feels so good.
I was feeling like a color change so I went with this burgundy/wine shade for fall. I had been eyeing this color for a while so I’m glad I finally went with it. It’s a semi permanent though so if I get tired of it I can switch it up. But I dig it for now.
Sunday was church and a big grocery haul from Trader Joe’s. Oh and I broke down and bought some cookie butter because they basically never have it when I go there so I was shocked it was even on the shelf. Limit 6 at a time, folks. TJ’s doesn’t play around with rationing out these babies.
I always come out of Trader Joe’s a happier person. I have my sockeye salmon, hummus, tuscan kale and lots more goodies to get me through this week.
How was your weekend? Have you ever colored your hair a crazy color? 
What’s your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s? 

25 thoughts on “21 Miles, Feeling Like a Color Change and Pretty Unpredictable…Wknd Recap.

  1. Your hair looks wonderful! I love the seasonal change up. I once had pink highlights when I had a pixie cut, but since growing it out I’ve vowed not to color it until I start going grey. I bought some of that cookie butter recently only to find out it isn’t gluten-free, guess I should have checked. My fiance is loving it though.

  2. COOOKIE BUTTER!!! The best crack EVER! lol! Good job on the run! I’m loving your hair color! I’m about to switch up my look as well! I’ve had burgundy, two tone red, like RED, red, been itching to go purple for a while, but I’m still on the fence…just gonna visit weave land for a little bit as my hair has been stressing me out and I don’t want to do anything drastic. 😉

  3. hair looks adorbs! i’ve had a raspberry color on the underside of my hair before and totally dug it. wknd was fun, went to SF and got some good jogs in along the water…and then drank a lotta wine. 🙂

  4. You know, I honestly don’t buy much at Trader Joe’s. The closest Trader Joe’s is about 20 minutes away & I just don’t think of it. That one picture of you running up the hill…that looks like a crazy big hill! Great job!

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