New Favorite Move and You Need This Corn Salsa in Your Life.

6 miles this morning with my homegirl Elyse…running among the beautiful turning leaves. Enjoying the view.
Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 9.46.42 AM
I love running with this girl because she pushes me when I need a little motivation. She recently BQ’d her marathon time in a major way with a 3:26 PR. She’s also one of the most humble, down to earth chicas I’ve ever met.  I kind of want to steal her speedy mojo.
I’m still feelin’ those plank walks from the other day but…before our run I did a little work on the tushy with this 15 minute blast. I kind of enjoyed doing those split jumps a little bit too much. It might be my new favorite move. Repeat the set 3X. Oh and use weights…cuz they’re good for ya.
Dinner last night was lemon pepper sockeye salmon with a brown rice medley on the side…so simple to make.
First of all you need this corn salsa in your life. So good.
Mix it in with basmati brown rice, black beans and you’re good to go.
Favorite kind of salsa…give me a recipe! Do you like it hot or mild?

14 thoughts on “New Favorite Move and You Need This Corn Salsa in Your Life.

  1. that salsa is awesome. sometimes i wonder what i did before TJs…and then i remember that i don’t even have time to grocery shop anymore and wish TJs delivered. a girl can dream.

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