Surviving the Storm and Leopard is a Neutral…Wknd Recap.

Back to the grind today…feels good to be out of the house after surviving the Texas Icepocalypse winter storm!
What would a Monday be without leopard?
Definitely. Best quote ever.
I have to say I did make the most of my 3 day weekend…lots of running on the ‘mill since the streets were covered in ice…smashed some NTC workouts…and pretty much ate every item I had in my house…including these yummy strawberries. 1 carton gone in less than 2 days. YUM.
Friday was a rest day, then Saturday morning I was up for 12 miles while catching up on some of my shows.
Also threw some weights in there for good measure. Did lotsa plank rows, sumo squats, and tricep extensions.
Oh and I finally put the Christmas tree up! Love my sassy white tree with the purple accents.
Red wine by the Christmas tree is the best way to go when you are iced/snowed in.
Sunday I was up for 8 miles ending strong with an 8 minute pace. 20 miles total over the weekend.
How was your weekend? Do you like wine…like me? What’s your favorite vino?
Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

23 thoughts on “Surviving the Storm and Leopard is a Neutral…Wknd Recap.

  1. i’ve got friends that live in the Dallas area & they said your snow is REALLY bad. I hope everyone is staying warm & safe. We still haven’t put our tree up. I have school every night this week, so don’t know when we’ll have a chance to put it up. I’m not a HUGE wine fan, but I love me some beer. 🙂 As for leopard print, I TOTALLY agree!!!

    • Yeah it was pretty bad…more ICE than snow and Texans are not used to any of it. Crazy town! Hope you get a chance to put your tree up soon! It literally took me being stuck in my apartment all weekend to do mine. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe Texas has more snow than Toronto! I was contemplating a white tree this year, but stuck with the green. Maybe next year. Wine and tree trimming when it’s snowy out is the perfect combo.

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