26.2 on NYE and On to the Next.

First of all, Happy 2014! I know…I know, I’m slippin’ again this week. Now that the holidays are over I can get back to this blogging thing! Hope you all had fantastic celebrations and what not. Let’s see…where did we leave off?
Oh yeah, I was running a marathon or something like that on New Year’s Eve, right? Right.
 Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.35.25 AM
So this race was all about the fun. The New Year’s Double…you could choose to do back to back marathons, half marathons or a 5K on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A couple of years back I did the back to back half marys and it was super fun! This year the race sold out completely (they cap the race at 1,000 runners each day) but I managed to squeeze in and sign up for the NYE full gusto. I figured I could run it to end the year on a high note! 26.2 style.
So…since I have another 26.2 right around the corner (H.town baby!) I kind of decided this would be a ‘for fun’ race so the legs wouldn’t be too trashed for the next one. Especially since I did no sort of taper (I taught an early morning spin and worked out with my class the day before, which typically I like to put my feet up and actually REST) so I just wanted to kick it and have fun. I literally stopped at every water stop, high fived some friends of mine that were out on the course, and just enjoyed it. The course was 4 loops total…so a little redundant and boring…but I like that sort of thing. I think knowing the course and running repeat loops helps to break up the mileage in my crazy head a little bit better. The 4th loop was a doozy though! I kind of had to talk myself through that one. It sure did help to have this guy cheering me on the whole time though.
Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.47.18 AM
#8 done. 4:35 finish. Not particularly amazing for time but faster than my last one and I hung in there. It was also the LONGEST marathon course I’ve ever done! 26.74 miles. I don’t think I’ve ever even run that far. So, I guess I can call myself an ultra marathoner now. Ha.
Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.46.27 AM
NYE we stayed in and then went to my cousin’s house on New Year’s Day for dinner! She made us black eyed peas for good luck. Yum yum.
And now we run #9 in 2 weeks. H.town baby! On to the next.
How was your New Year’s Eve/Day? Did you go out and celebrate or stay in and watch the ball drop? 
Did you eat your black eyed peas for good luck? 

28 thoughts on “26.2 on NYE and On to the Next.

  1. I knew you would end the year running. What an athlete! Looks like such fun and I love your hair piece. There was a NYE 5k here, but it was to cold for my taste.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014 🙂

  2. I’ve heard of black eyed peas to bring good luck for the New Year, but never fixed them for New Years. I love black eyed peas though, so maybe I should start that tradition. I was BORING on New Years Eve. I was in bed by 9 p.m. Lol. Congrats on your marathon! Sounds like you had fun and you had a great time!

    • Oh I am all about the boring NYE! We usually go out every year so it was quite a treat to stay in. I took a nap and set my alarm for 11:58 just to ring in the new year and kiss my sweetheart before going back to bed! Ha!!

  3. Holy moley you’re a rock star! What an awesome way to start the year! I didn’t eat black eyed peas- in Japanese culture, you’re supposed to eat these nasty black beans for good luck (not yummy tasting like normal black beans). I always swallow them whole like they’re pills haha.

  4. whoop, whoop! look at you! CONGRATS on your run girlfriend. and i’m guessing you’re doing the Chevron Houston Marathon in two weeks then? it’s on my to-do list for 2015! just gonna do the 5k this year. i hope to see you out there and actually meet! that would be awesome. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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