Januarians and Crankin’ it Out.

Cranking out the 5Ks this week…it feels so good to scale back the miles. 3 miles feels like a breeze and I honestly just want to run forever but you would be proud of me because I am holding back due to the taper for this race. This morning was an easy run on the ‘mill while watching the news…
Followed by some deadlifts, tricep dips and shoulder presses with some weights.
Last night I taught a rockin spin class at my gym. I am in love with my Wednesday night class. They always seriously bring it and they are just so much fun. Plus…as you know it’s January…and in January the gym tends to look like this:
I do love teaching this time of year though…it’s so motivating seeing so many people want to work hard and get fit. I try to get all the newbies over to the dark side as quickly as possible.
Post spin class refreshment…Zico natural coconut water. A little secret…I used to hate coconut water but for some reason now I love it? I always get the chocolate one which I love but this one was on sale so I thought I’d try it out…the natural flavor was surprisingly really refreshing.
Is it Friday yet? I am definitely looking forward to this weekend already. Birthday party, my last longish run before the marathon and some other fun stuff. The weekend is so close I can taste it.
Do you like coconut water? What’s your favorite brand/flavor? For my gym rats…how do you feel about the ‘Januarians’ at the gym?

18 thoughts on “Januarians and Crankin’ it Out.

  1. It’s actually been slow at my gym, but I am an AM teacher and trainer so I imagine the evenings are jam-packed! I have seen a boom in my classes though, which is great. Lots of new people to experiment on, hehe 😉

  2. i like coconut water for sure. i’m a fan of O.N.E., and that blue monkey one, and Zico…and a bunch of others. 🙂 i always stick to the regular flavor, however. and Januarians, well… i’m glad they’re making an effort, but i’m never sad to see them leave when they need to go. 🙂

  3. About the coconut water… Like it, don’t love it. Good thing given the price. Don’t remember the brand, but I picked up some at Costco on sale and drank lots on my spin days! Love it when the spin studio is FULL! Enjoy!

  4. I’ve had coconut water once and I wasn’t a big fan of it. It tasted like dirt. 😦 Maybe I need to try a different brand though. As for the Januarians in the gym…I try not to get frustrated about it because at least they’re making an effort, but it’s tough trying to find a treadmill, weight machine, bike, etc. to workout on.

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