Tuesday Running Survey.

Well folks, today is definitely a survey kind of day. I found this fun one from Carrots n Cake and decided to put my own spin to it! Enjoy!
Best Run Ever
This is a hard one for me honestly…because I have SO.MANY running memories! I have to say the one that takes the cake is the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011. I was just so mentally IN THE GAME plus the course is amazing…marines cheering you on the entire way. Plus well…it doesn’t hurt that I finished with a shiny PR. You can read the recap here
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.12.11 AM
Three Words that Describe My Running
Liberating, exhilarating, therapeutic. 
My Go To Running Outfit
Running tights, pink dri fit top, running shoes, watch. Emphasis on the pink.

Quirky Habit While Running
Probably running with my phone in my hand while I play my music out loud. I’ve got a tough grip on that baby I tell ya.
Morning, Mid Day or Evening
Morning. There’s nothing more exhilarating to me than a morning run and starting the day fresh. 
I Won’t Run Outside When It’s
Snowing…especially when there’s ice on the ground. Honestly I can deal with snow but the ice is a deal breaker for me. I would definitely much prefer to rough it out on the treadmill. 
Worst Injury and How I Got Over It
I had an angry hip a couple of years ago and I got over it just from rest and rehab. Mostly rest. And lots of cross training. Which is why I SWEAR by yoga now. It’s a game changer for runners. Take the time to STRETCH those tight muscles! 
I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When 
I was an official pacer for the Dallas 13.1 marathon! I got my own stick and everything. It was amazing helping others accomplish their goals, and many in my pace group PR’d. 
Potential Running Goal for 2014
Run my 10 marathons before I turn 30 (in April). This will also qualify me for the Marathon Maniacs. 3 full marathons in 90 days, baby. I’m coming for you! 
Next Race Is
The Houston Marathon. #9-  now less than a week away! 
Questions for you:

When is your next race?

What’s your quirky running habit?

What’s your best run ever?

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Running Survey.

  1. Hmm, not sure when my next race will be…MAYBE this weekend 🙂
    Quirky habit…air guitar/air drums/throwing punches (if I’m listening to Ke$ha)
    Best run ever is tough, but probably the 10K that I PR’d & won…best isn’t always most memorable though!

  2. I can totally tell that the best race pic is really your best race. You only know when you actually look that good at the finish line. HA. I can’t wait to break 4. I hope in the next year or two. I don’t know if I really have the discipline right now to train for a sub 4. Not with three kids (yes, I could my husband as a child!).

    Funny, I am currently looking for and finalizing some upcoming races. Well, it won’t be finalized until (1) pay day and (2) P approves. LOL

  3. you really do that with your music??? that is so funny, I can’t imagine carrying my phone the whole way around. I kind of dig this survey, I may steal it for tomorrow if that is ok. I need to get thinking on my weird quirk.

  4. Good luck joining the ranks of the Marathon Maniacs! Are you a Half Fanatic already? I got in and then immediately injured myself, so I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back out there and represent 🙂 That’s awesome that you paced the 1:55’ers. I feel like that would be the most rewarding group with all those runners chasing a sub 2 half.

  5. The three words you described running is exactly what i would say too. 10 marathons before 30? I wish I could do that, maybe I’ll do 10 halfs. . . When i run I have to stretch my arm every so often and it looks odd haha

  6. Way to go! Great goals! I’m considering going for Marathon Maniac status. I’m within the 90 day window right now after finishing CIM in December and the Disney Goofy Challenge this past weekend. I just need to find one more within the next six weeks to qualify.

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