Ride It Like You Stole It…Weds Spin Playlist.

This week’s ride has some new and some old! Lots of jumps and rolling hills to keep things interesting. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.14.11 AM
Let’s go for a ride!
I’m Out- Ciara feat Nicki Minaj: Warm up
TKO- Justin Timberlake: Climb 6/7/8
Alright- Pitbull feat Machel Montano: Jumps
Don’t Stop the Music- Rihanna: Sprints
Knock You Down- Keri Hilson feat Kanye West & Neyo: Active recovery
Happy- Pharrell: Jumps on a hill 7/8/9
Forever- Chris Brown: Rolling hills
As Long As You Love Me- Justin Bieber feat Big Sean: Flat road, work back up to 8
Gas Pedal- Sage the Gemini: Accelerations
Gone- Kelly Rowland feat Wiz Khalifa: Rolling hills
Thinking About You- Calvin Harris: Climb 8/9/10
Dark Horse- Katy Perry feat Juicy J: Jumps on a hill 9/10/11
Grove St. Party (Clean)- Waka Flocka Flame: Team sprints
Midnight Scrubs (Mashup)- TLC vs M83: Rolling hills
Climax (Figgy Remix)- Usher: Cool down 
A lot of the mashups and remixes can be found on YouTube. You can also find some great mashups here and download them for free. 
What new songs have you heard lately?

10 thoughts on “Ride It Like You Stole It…Weds Spin Playlist.

  1. Can you believe Ciara is pregnant? Well, not that it’s important news. I just saw her name on your playlist. Did I tell you the sad news about the spin classes at flywheel? I think I mentioned it in the post — but they got rid of the Tues./Thurs. lunch spin. I ended up emailing the Manager — but I guess basically there weren’t enough people taking the class. So sad.

    • Oh no! Yeah the Flywheel class I went to one time had about 4 people in it…in a room full of probably 30 bikes. This was at 6 am though. I think the evening classes are easier to fill. At least for me they are.That is probably a tough time slot for people to make. Sorry to hear though. Hopefully you find another class!

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