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Houston Marathon Recap.

Well folks, you will have to excuse me while I come down from my runner’s high. Until then I will be knocking out some work here. I actually wore my Houston Marathon finishers shirt to work today. Oh yes I did.
Let’s recap the weekend! It was 26.2 miles of fun in the sun. 
It all started Saturday afternoon at the expo where I went to pick up my packet and swag. I always promise myself that I’m not going to stay at the expo long and I’m not going to spend any money whatsoever. Every time I end up buying a headband, socks, something. Whatever. I guess it’s okay to break the rules every now and again. 
I bought two of my favorite Sweaty Bands and some Hokas for a great deal. I can’t wait to get some serious mileage in these babies. I like to call them my moon shoes because they are super supportive and it kind of feels like you are running on clouds. 
After the expo I was going to have dinner with my dad but then we decided we would link up for brunch instead after the race. I kicked it and waited for my hotel roomie Lori to get in while I ordered room service. I had a pretty carby meal Friday night so Saturday I kept things light. Steamed veggies, shrimp and some garlic bread on top. Everything tastes better with garlic bread.
Race morning! Lori and I were ready to go. She was going to run the full but decided last minute to drop back to the half. 
We were both in Corral A…I actually qualified for this race with my Galveston time of 3:56 so I was super proud to be up there with the speedies. Like our speedy friend Mark who finished the race in 3:24. Rockstar. 
I decided early on I did not want to run this race for time. I have another marathon in 1 month so my main goal is to complete 10 marathons before I turn 30 in April healthy and happy. So I just went along for the ride and enjoyed it. My legs felt strong and I really paced myself well in the first half of the race. Lori and I ran together for about 7 miles and she helped me hold my pace back. Love her for that. I am super awesome at positive splitting by the way (starting off fast and bonking only to finish slower than you started)…at the NYE full marathon my first few miles were in the 8:30s. This time I was much smarter and hung around the 9 min pace range. 
I even had time to take pics…belly dancers at around mile 15…how fun is that?
 Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.32.57 AM
The spectators were phenomenal. I don’t think there was one dead spot where someone wasn’t cheering for you…water stops were every mile and a half or so and the volunteers were so sweet and encouraging. Texas hospitality at its finest. I definitely recommend this race for a first time full marathoner or a bucket list race.
Towards the end I didn’t feel like I hit a wall, but I did walk through water stops. I also had 1 bathroom stop early on! I have NEVER stopped to use the bathroom during a full marathon. But boy, did I feel so much lighter and I was so glad that I made the pit stop.
I picked it up at the finish line and finished strong. A whole 12 minutes faster than my last race and my time was actually faster than my last 2 marathons. One of them I ran 3 weeks ago by the way. Um hello, awesomeness.
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.35.16 AM
Out of this I learned I can push my body to its limits and I can do things I thought I’d never be able to do. I have always played it safe with full marathons and until now have only done 2 MAX a year. I have never run marathons back to back like that. And I’ve always thought people that did so were cray cray. (Yes, I know I’m now a part of that club) I’m so proud of my body for being able to push and recover fast from the distance. It just goes to show you can do so much more than you think you are capable of provided you treat your body right, and rest and recover right. I love the distance and will always be both mentally and physically challenged by 26.2. 
Another notch on the rack. I actually think I need another rack…this one’s running out of space and about to fall over.
 Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.39.55 AM
On to the next. 
How was your weekend? Anyone off for MLK today or do you have to rough it out at work like me?

30 thoughts on “Houston Marathon Recap.”

  1. Great job on your marathon!!! I’m really in the mood to train for a marathon, but training for a marathon & a half Ironman at the same time just sounds like too much. Maybe next year.:) Like you, I’m working today.

  2. You’re such a rock star! 9 in the books and #10 on the way!!

    Interested to see how you like the Hoka’s…I’ve always thought they looked gimmicky, but have never even tried them on. Did you wear your Newton’s for the race?

  3. Congratulations! I can’t imagine how good you must feel. You’re turning into a super woman. At quick glance your speedy friend Mark looks a lot like my hubby. Lol.

    1. You are too sweet. Thank you. I do love me some junk miles. haha. Probably after my 10th I will retire from fulls and shoot for a half PR. I say that now but that statement will probably change 😉

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