Building the Miles Back Up and Weekend Recap.

Hope you all had a spunky weekend! I was up early this morning to teach an hour long spin session with my Monday crew. We did some speedy accelerations to this crazy song. It always reminds me of playing Mario on Nintendo when I was little…too much fun.
A little post spin class breakfast…some Starbucks oats with blueberries and nuts. There’s nothing like a warm breakfast on a chilly morning to get the day cranked up.
Let’s backtrack to the weekend! Saturday I slept in…it was wonderful…until about 9 am and set out for a 10 mile run through my ‘hood – waking people up with my Lil Jon radio blasting through the streets. It was an easy, slow run building the miles back up for Cowtown (#10 in 3 weeks baby!!)…just what I needed. 
All of these back to back marathons…I tell you what…after number 10 I just might retire. We’ll see. I always say that and then for some reason that never happens…
After the run I got cleaned up and went brunchin with my girl Natalie. I am so thankful for good girlfriends in my life. You know those keep it real friends that you seriously don’t miss a beat when you see each other? We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months since the craziness of the holidays so it was nice to just catch up and have some girl talk. Love this girl.
Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.38.56 AM
Saturday night I met up to catch up with one of my besties Ann at Taverna Rossa. I am loving this place- they had live music and a really fun bar/patio area. We shared some pizza and grilled artichokes – delicioso! The photo doesn’t do it much justice but trust me it was yummy.
We were too caught up in conversation so sorry no more pictures there…I guess I need to do better. Sometimes the best nights are when you don’t take any pictures and just enjoy the moment.
Sunday I was back out on the roads for another 10 miles. In a little bit of rain.
20 miles total this weekend and the first back to back long runs I’ve done since I ran the Houston marathon 2 weeks ago. I guess I was feeling sassy or something. I just really enjoyed the alone time being out on the roads and hashing out all of my thoughts. That’s where I do some of my best thinking. 
That night was low key since I had to get ready for a 5 am wake up call to teach spin. I watched a little bit of the Super Bowl and made some vegetarian taco soup in my crockpot. 
I have to say I really enjoyed the halftime show…Bruno Mars was entertaining and of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked it. Just goes to show songs like that never get old.
How was your weekend? Did you watch the halftime show? Did you make or partake in any Super Bowl yummies? 

18 thoughts on “Building the Miles Back Up and Weekend Recap.

  1. Awesome runs this weekend! I am so jealous that you can do all of those back-to-back marathons. I can’t even manage two a year. I do my best thinking on my long runs, too. It’s nice to get home and have accomplished both a long run and sorted through some things in your head. Have a great week!

  2. I need to find myself some half marathons to run. Time to get my butt in gear after the NYC marathon…I’m itching to get out there but it’s been so cold.

    I was really good this year and didn’t go crazy with Super Bowl food. Testing out a few thugs with my eating so we’ll see how that goes. You can be sure to read about it on my blog in a month 🙂

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