Thoughts on the Run, Winter Edition.

-It’s 18 degrees out. Surely you’re not going to run in this weather. It’s far too cold out. Definitely a treadmill day. Nah…nah…you got this. Don’t be a punk, run outside.
-Mile 1- It’s really not that bad. Remember that one time when you ran in the freezing rain? Anything is better than that. It’s all mental…or something like that. 
-Mile 2- Getting in the groove now. Say good morning to your neighbors who think you’re psycho for being out here. 
-Mile 3- Okay, that wind though. My face is frozen. I think I’ll just do an easy 4 today. It’s too cold to be out here too long. 
-Mile 3.5- I can’t feel my face. 
-Mile 4- Is that a snow flurry? Some snow would be nice…we don’t get that in Texas often.Pretty snow. I’m just glad it’s not ice. 
-Mile 4.25- 7 am. I have a little more time before I have to be at work. Think warm thoughts and make it to 5.  
-Mile 5- Can I do 6 today? Yeah let’s do 6. Why not. Crank up the music. Um wait, is that ice? 
-Mile 5.75- My hands are numb and I’m over this.
-Mile 6- Good gracious I’m glad that’s over. Hot shower. Hot coffee. Give me all of the hot things. 
What are some of your thoughts on the run? 

38 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Run, Winter Edition.

  1. I never remember what I’m thinking in the early part of my run. Towards the end of my run I’m wondering when is this going to end and willing myself to keep it together just a little bit longer.

  2. I wasn’t able to finish a single thought during yesterday afternoon’s snow and ice-filled run…every thought was interrupted by a cuss word as I started to slip or fall! Headed for the treadmill for today’s tempo run so I can actually keep a desired pace!

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  4. I hear you! I once ran more miles than it was degrees out. Always takes a mile to warm-up. I know we’re on opposites — I so prefer COLD running over HUMIDITY. The only thing I hate about winter running is ICE, especially BLACK ICE!!!! Great job. XOXOXOXOXO

    • It’s honestly not that humid here. The humid parts of Texas are like Austin, Houston etc. I’m in Dallas. But I hear you! I’m always impressed with your hard work since you have little babes running around!

  5. That sounds exactly how it goes! Haha… Or you can just go somewhere tropical for the month of February. That’s what I did. It was in the single digits at home. Now I’m in 80 degree weather.

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