Shake It Shake It, Karaoke and Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend…or if you have a long weekend are still enjoying it. My morning started early teaching a power packed spin class. 55 minutes of jumps, bumps and climbs. Post workout I had an insane craving for eggs so I ventured on over to Starbucks (my Monday tradition) for their spinach egg white feta wrap. 
My weekend started off with a bang. I did my long run Friday so I could play a little bit Friday night. Of course the start of every weekend should begin with chocolate. My sweetest coworkers put these on my desk.
Friday night I went to a girlfriend’s Zumba class to shake it shake it. So much fun. Plans fell through with another girlfriend of mine but then a friend called me and invited me back out to karaoke. We went last weekend so it’s quickly becoming a tradition. They also have a fun dance floor and disco lights. Did you know they have a LINE DANCE to Blurred Lines? I had no idea. They did it Friday night and it’s super hard. I went cross eyed trying to pick up on the moves. I will have to learn it. 
The next morning I had to get up and sub a 9:30 spin class over at the Irving gym.
Post spin eats…Frankie’s for mimosas and veggie tamales with the fam.
We even had time to go to the cutest boutique next door where I saw the most colorful chandelier. I need about 4 of these in my apartment.
Have you ever heard of a Dammit Doll? Apparently these are great if you’re mad at someone or something you just take it out on the doll and beat it against the wall. Too funny. I really like the leopard one.
How was your weekend? 
What’s your favorite line dance?
The wobble never gets old…neither does the cupid shuffle. 

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