14 Miles and Celebrity Sighting…Wknd Recap.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start. I am still adjusting to the time change just a bit…
Haha…umm I wish. My day started bright and early teaching my 5:45 am spin class before work. I treated myself to some ‘bucks after. On the rocks…so good. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.52.48 AM
Let’s back it on up to the weekend. Saturday morning I got the day cranked up with an early morning run. Back to the double digits. I am getting my mileage back up for some upcoming races so decided I’d spend a couple of hours pounding the pavement. 
I figured I’d do about 10-12 miles but it just felt too good so I kept going. Running has been so therapeutic for me lately. It’s great time for me to have to myself to just THINK and get away from it all. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.37.38 AM
After the run I went out with friends later on that night. We hopped around and ended the night at our favorite karaoke/dance spot. I learned a new line dance! The Bikers Shuffle. I am becoming a pro at this whole line dancing thing now…haha I’ll have to take a video next time.
Sunday afternoon I met up with mama at our favorite mall. I could spend a few days in here…there are so many stores. Carrie Bradshaw was in town showing off her new shoe line. I’m sorry I will not refer to her as SJP. Her name will always be Carrie from Sex and the City. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.37.29 AM
I loved all of her beautiful shoes! They were a little pricey but excellent quality. I had my eyes on a pair of peep toed heels but I have to probably teach a few more spin classes during the week if I want to buy them. Ha.
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.44.27 AM
We ended the day with brunch at the lovely La Duni where I had a orange mojito and rice salad with shrimp and plantains. 
Freaking delicious.
How was your weekend? When’s the last time you had a celebrity sighting? 

27 thoughts on “14 Miles and Celebrity Sighting…Wknd Recap.

  1. OMG! That is an awesome celeb sighting! Way to go on the long miles. I love the feeling of getting in a 10+ mile run. I just feel so bad ass! I’m super impressed with the early morning workout. I would have needed the Bux treat too! I just started going to a 6am spin class (I’ve been twice) and am super impressed by the instructor who is there every morning! Especially after day light savings when I slept in until 9 : )

  2. Wow, so cool!!! I love her and her shoes are beautiful!!
    My last celebrity sighting was in August in Wilmington, NC. I was on vacation with my husband (at the beach) and they were shooting the movie Christmas in Conway in the neighborhood right by the ymca where I’d swim in the morning. I saw Mandy Moore, Andy Garcia, and some other cool celebrities on set.
    Also, you sound like the best spin teacher!! I’m sure everyone loves your class and wow, over 14 miles!! That’s fantastic!! You’re so dedicated!! 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. That’s so cool that you saw Carrie Bradshaw! Those are some very pretty shoes! I had the opportunity to work up in Park City, UT during the Sundance Film Festival one year & got to see LOTS of celebrity sightings. I saw Minnie Driver, spoke with Montel Williams, Alec Baldwin, etc.

  4. I love SJP! So awesome that you got to see her. The last celeb sighting I had was Owen Wilson in DC. It’s funny because you see a celeb and you automatically feel like you know him/her!

  5. I love Carrie Bradshaw. So cool you saw her. And I love, love, love shoes… but I try not to spend too much money. Eek. I could always use a new pair, but I’d rather spend it on new running shoes. HAHAHA.

    Hmm.. celebrity sightings — Well, I met Ray Liota – but that’s because he went to my high school. He was stoned, we’re all sure. And not really a nice guy. Let me see. Does Snookie count? Seen her at the Jersey Shore a few times. LOL lame I know.

  6. I think I would have slightly freaked out seeing SJP/Carrie/SJP. Definitely add extra spin classes to your schedule! She had a great interview in Instyle last month about them. Does she ever age?!

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