Oven Dried Strawberries.

I had a sweets craving that just wouldn’t stop last night so I decided to make some oven dried strawberries. I found a recipe on Pinterest that claimed they tasted like Twizzlers? So I figured…what the heck. Let’s try ‘em. They’re extremely easy, yet…very time consuming to make.
I sliced them up, put them on some foil and popped ‘em in the oven on 200 degrees for about 3 hours while I watched my Monday night shows. Did anyone see part 1 of the RHOBH reunion last night? I really do think they’re all ganging up on Lisa. Team Vanderpump all the way. 
I’ve got your back, girl.
The strawberries came out ok. I recommend you keep them on the lowest temp possible while you are drying them out, and every 30-45 minutes check on them and open the oven to let a little bit of air in. Leave them in as long as you can. I think this might be a better project for the weekend. But they are a sweet treat with some tartness to them! I would, however say that they do NOT taste like Twizzlers. They have a flavor that’s all their own. I will put them in 2nd place after my honey cinnamon bananas. Now those are the best. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.49.21 AM
Have you ever tried oven dried strawberries or any other kind of oven dried fruit? 

24 thoughts on “Oven Dried Strawberries.

  1. The recipe does sound delicious — I will definitely have to try that out soon. We love strawberries!!!! I also love Pinterest and trying out new things. I’ve had some recipes that failed. I hate when that happens.

  2. I laughed when they were all baggin’ on Calabasis. I screamed out loud to the TV “WTF snobs!? The Kardashians live in Calabasis!” And then Kyle said the same thing. Ryan looked up at me like I was a freak. Whatever. I’m clutch on a trivia team.

  3. You crack me up…I got your back girl! Love Team Vanderpump! Miss my Chelsea❤ Weekend plans? I’ll text you😉

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