Spruce it Up and Weds Spin Playlist.

If you’re having a blah day…pretty sure this is one of the best ways to spruce it up. Arm candy…with gold spikes. Well that, and an abundance of iced coffee. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.38.16 AM
Here’s this week’s spin playlist! Lots of fun songs for tonight’s class
Dirty Dancer: Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Lil Wayne- Warm up
Can’t Remember to Forget You: Shakira feat Rihanna- Standing run
Spend It: 2 Chainz- Jumps
Turn Up the Music: Chris Brown- Sprints
Brand New: Pharrell feat Justin Timberlake- Active recovery
Go Get It: T.I.- Climb 7/8/9
You Know I Want Love Celebration (Mashup): Madonna vs Lady Gaga vs Pitbull- Rolling hills
We Own the Night (Chainsmokers Remix): The Wanted- Easy run
One (Your Name): Swedish House Mafia feat Pharrell- Rolling hills
Radio Stereo: Duck Sauce- Accelerations
XO: Beyonce- Recover 1 min, back to Rolling hills
Radioactive: Imagine Dragons feat Kendrick Lamar- Climb 7/8/9/10
Round of Applause: Waka Flocka Flame- Jumps on a hill
Love More: Chris Brown feat Nicki Minaj- Sprints 
Blue Ocean Floor: Justin Timberlake- Cool down
What’s sprucing up your day today? Any new songs I should put on my spin playlist? 

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