Good Day for the Randomness.

The lovely Cat was so sweet to nominate me for a Sunshine Award not too long ago. Thanks chica! I figured today was a good day for the randomness. She asked me to post 10 random facts about myself. So here they are…in no particular order!


-I have an intense obsession with GT’s kombucha. I think I have bought Cosmic Cranberry from the natural foods store at least three times this week. Something about fermented tea and probiotics in my system just makes me happy. It’s kind of inspiring me to brew my own. I know this makes me sound kind of like a hippie. It’s all good.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.45.17 AM

-Speaking of hippie, I love driving barefoot in the car. Not sure why, it’s just relaxing to me. That, and dancing in the car. Of course.

-When I’m not creating playlists for the spin classes that I teach, I love listening to jazz. John Coltrane is my favorite. And Charlie Parker. I’m an old soul at heart.

-Spin class is really my side hustle. I work full time in television writing/producing promos. It’s not something I talk about a lot on the blog but I do love my career. It’s fun seeing what goes on behind the camera.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.45.03 AM

-My dream travel destination has always been Barcelona, Spain. Watching the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona officially made me want to travel and see everything that city has to offer.



-I eat eggs almost every morning for breakfast.

-Pink is without a doubt my favorite color. It used to be purple but lately (especially while running) I have been real fond of pink. I know, typical girlie girl.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.03.30 AM

-I love wine and visiting wineries. I worked at a gourmet wine shop in college and we hosted wine tastings and dinners…which is where I really learned about the culture and education of vino. I really miss me some La Bodega! It was probably one of my favorite jobs to date.


-Most nights during the work week, I’m in bed by 10 pm. Grandma central.

-I love candles. I light them any and everywhere in my house. I just found this one at the grocery store for $4.99 and it was like finding gold. Take that, Bath and Body Works.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.51.30 AM

Here are my nominees for this award! Really I would nominate all of you if I could. If you accept the nomination…post 10 random facts about yourself. I LOVE learning about all of my blogging buds.
Stamped With a Heart

MissFit Mixed Chick

Eclectic Space

Running From Thirty

Trex to Tigress
What’s your dream travel destination? Do you have a bedtime during the week or just go to bed whenever?

28 thoughts on “Good Day for the Randomness.

  1. My dream travel destination is Sweden. I would LOVE to go there one day. Maybe when I’m rich & famous. Lol. My bedtime is super early. I’m usually in bed by 8:30-9:00 pm. The kids go to bed at 8:30 pm and I’m following right behind them.

  2. Thanks for the nomination!!! I will post randomness about myself. 😉 BTW the clip of dancing in the car has me laughing loud in the office…Opps. My dream travel destination is different depending on what I’m traveling for. For excitement- I’ve always wanted to do Aruba or Hawaii and I don’t know why. For relaxation my dream is Fiji…never been but the pics I’ve seen are always peaceful just looking at them. For culture I’ve wanted to do Japan. To meet the people Germany. I went to the German embassy back when I was an intern for a tour and fell in love!!! Lastly, to meet my future husband England. My new bed time is 8pm so I can be fresh in the morning for the gym. But busy weeks likes this week and last week, I’ve been lucky to make it in bed by midnight.

    • 8 pm huh? Interesting. Okay so if I see you on Pinterest at 9:05 can I leave a comment and tell you to GO TO BED?! 🙂 😉 mmmhmm. hahaha. Love you bestie! Good for you for making the gym a priority in the mornings! I love my morning workouts! They are a great jump start to the day!!

      • LOL…hahaha! Yes, you may. Sadly…or maybe not pinterest is apart of my nightly routine 🙂 Yes, I’m so glad I do it in the mornings. The evenings can get crazy

  3. Ok, so having been to Barcelona several times (lucky me!), I can say that you HAVE to go someday. Your instincts are right on–it is an amazing, vibrant, totally yummy city! When we lived in Switzerland, we did a ton of traveling through Europe and the Middle East, but Barcelona was the only city where my teenage son said he wanted to live someday (I was thrilled!)

  4. Ok you definitely need to visit Barcelona. The markets alone make it worth the trip! They’re BEAUTIFUL! plus the beach of course 🙂 Your job sounds like a ball! Very cool. I always wonder how people get into their careers. I also love driving barefoot in the summer but I just can’t stomach kombucha. Sadly I’m just not hippy enough haha

    • haha. I definitely am going to put Barcelona on the travel list! and I’ll take your kombucha 😉 It’s definitely an acquired taste but I’m one of those weirdos that loves it.

  5. Honestly?? I love to travel anywhere and everywhere! If I am travelling, I am a happy lady! My bed time during the week is usually between 10 and 11. I love all those random facts about you. It sounds like we have alot in common 🙂

  6. I’ll round out the 3 Cheap Commenters…

    First of all, I also love ditching the shoes while driving, especially long distances. But shhh…it’s technically against the law 😉

    My dream vacation could be so many places…I’d love to see Rio, Hawaii WILL happen, and one day I would love to do an off-road trek across Northern Africa in a Land Rover. Plus like all of Europe. I guess I have a lot of dreams 🙂

  7. Awwww, XOXO, thank you so much Chelsea!!! You’re so sweet!! I love your facts, too!! I love driving barefoot as well and candles are my favorite, and of course PINK!!! XOXO!! Have a great rest of the day!!

  8. Chelsea your blog is so great! I loved reading about your top 10. The dancing video is fantastic! “The floor is on fire!”😉 Spain is wonderful! Of course I’m unbiased 😉 What is this about a race in a winery? That’s one I need to sign up for! Jay loves his big Walmart candles and surprisingly they smell pretty yummy! Wine tasting soon please! Keep rockin & doin you my beautiful chica! Love you!❤

    • aww man wish you were avail last wknd….I just ran one at a winery in Grapevine! Next year for sure! Jay has good taste with the Walmart candles!! Let’s plan our memorial day fun time!!! Love you too!

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