Friday, Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

It’s Friday and I’m definitely ready to bust outta this office already and dance. Yes…it’s not even 10 am here. Until then I’ll just dance at my desk. Do dancing gifs ever get old? Most certainly they do not.

Let’s get to my faves this week!

This girl’s rum glazed shrimp and mango. Looks so delicious! Makes me want to get down on the grilling this weekend.

-Did I mention that I’m NOT MOVING after all tomorrow? Yeah it was pushed to next Saturday because my new apartment isn’t quite ready yet. Which is A-OK with me since I have only packed…1 box. Haha…thank you Jesus for more time to procrastinate. But I am glad I don’t have a lot of stuff. Just clothes. And shoes.

-This unicorn name generator. I am a big kid. In love with this…and my name of course.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.45.08 PM

A Love Letter to Long Distance Running. I could not have said it better myself.

-This shirt explains the marathon perfectly. I need this yesterday.


-Man friend’s morning text messages. He’s always sending me words of wisdom. So cute.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.00.44 AM

27 Underrated Things About Being in Your Thirties. Too funny. Yes, yes and yes to a lot of these.

What are you up to this weekend? Have you been cooking up anything on the grill lately?

23 thoughts on “TGIFriday Faves.”

  1. Doing lots of grilling!!! The best part of summer. I love that just about anything can go on the grill a little bit of seasoning and it’s the best meal in the world. Fish, Vegetables, Chicken, burgers, pizza..oh my. Had a packing party last weekend for my move and had a cookout to follow. Today’s friday and I’m still eating the yummy leftovers. I told everyone having another cookout as soon as possible! Weekend plans are up in the air. Mother’s day brunch on Sunday. Stef agreed to do all the cooking for us…love Mom and Aunt V…they miss you!! Tell mom ross Happy Mother’s Day for me–Its been so long since I’ve seen her!! You have the best gifs—the little girl in the background getting it in. Have a good weekend!

    1. Aww yeah brunch! Mama and I are doing that too on Sunday! Woohoo! I still miss the ginger mimosas in PR 😉 I will tell ma you said hello!! Miss ur mama and Aunt V!!! Can’t wait to see them in October! Will call try and ya this weekend.

  2. Happy Friday! That little girl behind the anchor on that gif is hilar. This weekend I have my oldest niece and I have not used the grill. But I plan to!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great Friday!! Okay, I love the Unicorn name generator!! I couldn’t resist, I had to do it!! My name is Starflower Misty Legs! Starflower is always as happy as a clam. She is misty like the blue mountains, and she dances away the thunderstorms. Okay, I’m in LOVE with my name!! Haha!!
    I gotta say, so cool that you cast love spells!! Hehe!

  4. Happy Friday ! I am going to try and climb a Scottish mountain, having a day off running. As ever your Friday faves are fab !

  5. That is my favorite quote of ALL TIME! The dancing girl behind the reporting made me crack up – thanks for the early morning laugh.

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