Main St. Festival, Love Me an Upgrade and Wknd Recap.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! I taught my hour long spin class this morning and then burned a 5K on the treadmill. It was a nice little sweat session.


The gym was so hot and humid today – felt like a sauna in there. Felt so good to run too since it has been a couple of days. Legs felt nice n fresh. Love when that happens.

How was your weekend? Mine I have to say was equal parts fun and productive! I got to hang out with hottie man friend and I moved into my new, never lived in before casa. I got to break it in so that was exciting. How gorgeous is my kitchen? Beautiful sparkling appliances. I love me an upgrade.


The move was LONG and lasted a majority of the day. Plus it was hot and we were workin out in that sun all afternoon so I got a nice tan. Mama came out and helped and we organized all of the boxes. I have to say we sorted them out pretty well.


The movers were kind of awesome too and even though they arrived late they moved quickly. We threw out my 5 year old couch since mama was so sweet to buy me a new one. I more than enjoyed watching them throw it over the balcony. Bye bye old couch. See you never.

The new couch is a gorgeous neutral color. Can’t wait to buy some more fancy pillows and dress it up.


After the move I met up with man friend and a couple of his friends at the Grapevine Main St Days festival. Live music, drinks, yummy food and entertainment. Good times were had by all.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.46.19 AM


Sunday I did a little bit more unpacking, was fairly lazy around my apartment, and did some grocery shopping at the local farmers market. Bought some food for the work week. I am so excited that I’m closer to this store now. I bought a whole bunch of goodies and got lost in the yummy bulk foods section.


Heaven. I am probably going to live there now that I am only 5 minutes away.

How was your weekend? Anyone go to any fun festivals? Do you have a local farmers market nearby?

27 thoughts on “Main St. Festival, Love Me an Upgrade and Wknd Recap.

  1. congrats on the new digs! hope you love it. my wknd was awesome thanks — ran the Brooklyn Half (along with 30,000 other runners!) and PRd, which felt amazing. 🙂 weather is perfect in NYC these days so just soaking it in!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Farmer’s Market. Our Farmer’s Markets here don’t start up until about June. But there is one literally 1/2 mile from my house. I go & run there in the summer time. Plus, we have a HUGE one in downtown SLC too. My friends actually have a booth at the downtown one & they sell organic hummus. I love your old couch! I love how bright it is. Your new couch is fantastic too. It’ll be fun to see the different accent pillows you get.

    • Yeah they are building a TJ’s close to me now!! There’s one by mamas house but will glad to have one near me! I do prefer the produce over at Sprouts tho but love TJs for eggs and such.

  3. Your new kitchen is beautiful!!
    I miss Grapevine!!! (Did I tell you we lived there years ago? I taught at Colleyville Middle School.)

  4. I’m lovin’ your beautiful new place and couch!! Very cool!! Glad you had a fab weekend, a great 5k, and are getting situated in your new place!! Have a great week!!

  5. YES to that kitchen! And yes to fresh legs. I think my run tomorrow will feel like that – I’ll have had 2 days off and therefore fresh legs! That kitchen is GORG and I’m loving that couch! Neutral is always good! 🙂 Such a sweet mama to help you out!

  6. Omg just realized going through your blog that you literally live in my area! So nice to see another fitness minded person around! I just started Attending Zumba classes at our nearby 24 in valley ranch and I love it!! Gonna try spin tonight! Your blog is so inspirational and motivating!! Keep it up!

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