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Strides and a Busy Workday Recipe.

This morning’s run – 4 miles on the ‘mill with a few strides sprinkled in there. Sometimes the treadmill can be useful.


I definitely love the treadmill for some strides and just speedwork in general. These are great if you want to work on getting faster and definitely make a huge difference when you are racing. It is like my racing secret weapon.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.36.46 AM


Plus when you get to look outside and see this view, I admit it is kind of awesome.


After the run I was drenched but I did a some strength training – lots of arm moves and some sumo squats to fire up the glutes.

Post run yummies – fresh strawberries and bananas…the strawbs have been on sale at my local farmers market and I am taking full advantage of it.


One way to quickly throw together lunch for a busy workday – grab some cooked quinoa, chicken sausage, and arugula. Throw it in a bowl. Maybe sprinkle some goat cheese on top. Heaven. I was going to give you the recipe but that’s basically it. I call this arugula quinoa salad with chicken sausage. Enjoy.


What’s a lunch you like to quickly throw together? Favorite way to get in speedwork- treadmill, track, pavement? 

24 thoughts on “Strides and a Busy Workday Recipe.”

  1. You are running awesome!! Always adventurous! I run speed workouts on a track and yum, I love quinoa and arugula!! Definitely a tasty combo! Have a great day!!!

  2. i try to avoid a treadmill at all costs, unless it’s pouring rain or dark in the morning (aka winter). which means i hardly do speed workouts — which i should do more of — which would put me back on a treadmill…. 🙂

  3. Woo for the 4 miles! I’ve been interval training for 3 or 4 miles lately, and it’s way harder than most people think it will be. It’s a completely different pace and the quick sprints/normal run really get your heart pumping! I’ve been doing my intervals outside, but I love the treadmill for days I want to wear ratty clothes and avoid seeing people 🙂

    1. haha…yeah the treadmill can be good for that! I mostly run outside but like to change it up sometimes and give the runner’s joints a break from constant pavement pounding!

  4. That pool looks so modern and relaxing. I even told my Mom about it from when you first posted it. Nothing like a nice dip after a long run. I love the water just as much as running.

  5. Yum that lunch looks awesome!!!
    I haven’t been to the grocery store since returning from NYC which means that my lunches have been created from what I have in the freezer right now….I call them quinoa bowls but it is basically veggies, quinoa, a mashed veggie burger, hummus, and olive oil. Pretty tasty considering the lack of planning and effort : )

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