Summer List.

Since summer solstice is just around the corner…I figured I’d make a list of a few things I’m looking forward to. Idea stolen from this lovely lady. I pretty much stalk all of her lists and delicious looking goodies.

I hope to make some sweet memories this summer…and log lots of miles…and get really tan. Like toasted mocha.

And now to the summer list.

Eating/Fresh fruits, cold smoothies and green juice. An abundance of salads, greek style with olives and feta.
Drinking/ Crisp white wine. And water like it’s going out of style. Wait…I already do that.
Practicing/lots of yummy yoga. With my fancy green mat.


Mastering/ The art of time maintenance.
Learning/More Spanish. I picked it up in high school and college but have lost most of it.
Trying/ A new fitness endeavor. Pole dancing class, anyone?
Playing/ With some of my favorite girlfriends. Lots of folks to go visit this year and spend time with here at home.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.20.10 AM

Finishing/ My routine and getting it down so I can audition to become a PiYo instructor. Looking forward to adding a new skill to my teaching belt.
Reading/ The Coldest Winter Ever. It’s one of my favorite books and I kind of want to crack it open and read it again.
Remembering/ To take my vitamins. And stretch. And strength train lots while I’m training for this marathon.
Wearing/ Cute shorts and rompers. Like this one…


Cooking/ While drinking wine.
Working/ Lots less.
Traveling/ A heck of a lot more.
Wanting/ To stop and silence my mind. And just enjoy every moment. Enjoy being in the present.


What are you looking forward to this summer?

23 thoughts on “Summer List.

  1. I agree with the summer fruits! I am so spoiled right now but the copious amounts of amazing fruit that’s in season right now! I’m online shopping right now for some clothes, and I have a few rompers in my cart! I agree with you, they are SO cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are such a beauty!!!! I love your list!!! I love salads with feta and olives!! Yum, reading that really made me hungry!! I need to drink more water and make sure I take my vitamins everyday! Something that I’ll work on this summer! Enjoying being in the present is definitely something I’ve been working on!! Sometimes it’s hard, but brings happiness!! XOXO!!

    My summer list? Lots of yummy salads and smoothies; swimming everyday; stressing less while coaching my summer league team; being adventurous (I’m planning to go horseback riding and hiking)

    Have a great Friday!!!

  3. I keep seeing the cute little rompers but have passed on them because (you might not already know this) – I’m old!!!
    I don’t have a summer list but think I should – otherwise I’m afraid the summer will pass me by and I won’t have taken advantage of it.

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